Alcatrazz - The Witchwood Lyrics

Underneath the winter moon
There is a fire burning
Waiting for the prince to come
They stand alone
Love could burning them warm out in the cold
This love why do they wait, we'll never know

Idle black and mystic night
After the moon's dying
Dancing in a wheel of fire
Until the sunrise
Sweet virginal child
Naked and cold
This love cuts like a knife
That takes his blood

Ride his heart, child of the night
Take his hand, to be born, this devil's love

Sweet virgin this child
Standing alone
This sweet wine drink as it bleeds
Right out the cut

Ride his star, child of the night
Take his hand, to be done, this devil's blood
Ride this star, child of the night
Take his hand, to be born, this devil's hand

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Alcatrazz The Witchwood Comments
  1. Marcelo Lazaro

    Até choro cara perfeita música!!!

  2. Victor Slaughter III

    This song blows me away every time Timeless and a Masterpiece!!!!!

  3. Dirk Weag

    awesome romantic hard rock ballad...

  4. Benoit Vanhees

    There are some people that want bands to make 25 same style albums, that might capture somehow their youth in vinyl or CDs. But bands themselves often like to thread new paths (were angels fear to go). It's Always a delicate balance between keeping old fans satisfied, making new fans, integrate new members, maintaining sufficient job satisfaction etc.This third Alcatrazz record tries to do all that. I didn't mind at all the somewhat more poppy approach, Bonnet's (studio) vocals compensating :)

  5. wumpscut1

    I am sure Graham liked this album in which he didn't have to power over the guitars and he was able to sing more naturally---it contrasts the other albums great, just my opinion

  6. wumpscut1

    hey my comment from 2 years ago \m/

  7. Salvatore La Grasta

    The poppy production of this album never gave a chance to show Danny Johnson's exellent guitar work.......its a pity as this album had potential if it was heavier.

  8. Baniyo4591 Baniyo111


  9. Kivanc Ayvalioglu

    this song was from my childhood time..thanx for uploading...

  10. Charlie Salvato

    @GoodGuitarSolos...meant as a good thing...pure gold type

  11. Velimir Krunic


  12. Charlie Salvato

    thats some pure shit

  13. wumpscut1

    even on ballads Bonnet is amazing, had this on tape 20 years got the CD finally, played it a month straight -- Thanks for uploading