Alcatrazz - Sons And Lovers Lyrics

One more hotel it's 12 o'clock we're checking out
Still confused and slow to move to get on the bus
The driver keeps that Memphis smile for his good old boys
He's loaded them up and heads them out in the void

We drive.. pass those trailers and trucks
We'll make good time with some kind of luck

Another victory, for sons and lovers
You gave us the power, you gave the power

It's not just one more show we know it's gotta be right
We work the songs then kiss the road a warm good night

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Alcatrazz Sons And Lovers Comments
  1. Lawson Russell

    Alcatrazz live with Yngwie has the worst vocals i heard in a lot time, but this concert is vocally almost perfect. Great Graham!!!

  2. CrosbyStillsNashYoun

    Damn, Graham Sounds Great!!!

  3. Mike Flynn

    @TheLostTruckDriver Yeah so just how long HAVE you been lost???

  4. Moreno A. Hassem

    @Leo2000 It needs obeying orders and listening to whatever crap Zappa played.

  5. Charlie Salvato

    no... thats Jim Carry

  6. Wolfen .Reloaded

    Yngwie`s a rock star but Steve is an artist.
    Malmsteen would have never made it into Frank Zappas Band. It needs more than speed to make it there.

  7. VanPanza

    muy floja la actuacion de vai. ha metido mas onda

  8. guyfred666

    i love yngwie and steve, and this song is just great!!!

  9. M antic

    maybe that's because the song is boring...
    it's more like a well done radio song...
    but singing and playing are still great