Alcatrazz - Painted Lover Lyrics

Street wise, smooth thighs, dress for your pleasure
Your old man says, "Young man, stand and deliver"
She just wants that hard stash, hot from your pocket
She don't need your credit card
So shove it, if you've got it

Sailing on her waterbed
Side by side and head to head

Painted love, painted love, painted lover
Painted love, painted love, painted lover

Pin striped city tyke has a soft underbelly
He's transfixed by the heel clicks
And he ducks down the alley
Silken legs stiletto spurred
Pulls you in to make you hers

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Alcatrazz Painted Lover Comments
  1. Олег Горбунов

    great band! guys really rock!

  2. Jonty Piper

    I didn't know Steve Vai was so big.

  3. Jim Pittman

    is this in drop D?

    conner stines

    D standard.

  4. Joe Bandung

    WHY VAI USE *big* GUTAR..?

  5. Jack Vai

    bonnet is in good form

  6. Andres Meow

    Vh little guitars

  7. professorellisaki

    Hey DJJ ! Thx for sharing this vid ! (**)

  8. professorellisaki

    I've contracted the dreaded Mini- Guitar Madness ! Now I guess I'll has ta go get meself a perscripotion of them there minis ! (**)

  9. Darrin Ros

    I have never heard this band. I am 53 and a guitar player of 40 years. I know Malmsteen played for them orginally. Vai is is just fucking amazing. Vocals are killer. who is it>

    Jacob Zirkin

    Darrin Ros Vocalist is Graham Bonnet


    I see JZ answered the V ? you had . I checked Alcatrazz out in the Summer of '84 ( if me memory remembers right ) in Houston, TX. with my cuz; Nealsteen ! We met Vai after the show & he talked with us ( both are guitarists ) about the tour , his gear & life in general for a good while which to this day is what I remember as being most special . I am like you in age - just turned 58 & playing about 40 years now - love it now more than I did even when I played in cover bands ( bars & parties ) back in the late 70s - mid 80s ! (**)

  10. hirawstra8edge

    I told steve the day before this show " do not put your guitar in a high tempture wash " but he did he listen ? NO, he thought he knew better & now look what happened,


    lol. at least he didnt throw a red cap in with it


    lol awesome & yes he must of got wise, but then he's steve vai so makes sense :D

  11. Glenn Ellerbe

    This sounds remarkably like something Vai and David Lee Roth would have done a few years later.

  12. Adrian Lee

    No Parole For Rock And Roll...that was such an awesome amazing album!!!

  13. Don Kiddick

    Vai's got a little one...!

  14. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    Really great

  15. David TH

    this singer is "pitchy" to say the least.

    Christopher Dow

    REALLY? lets hear you try to do this live

  16. Flappo Spammo

    that guy can sing

  17. Leeroy Kincaid

    Not a big fan of Vai, but this is a great tune, and so was Alcatrazz even without Yngwie, as was later without Vai. Bonnet's the king!


    Hanna CQFD
    Way better than sucessful 80s hair metal bands

  18. PickettMusic

    Can't believe Vai can keep that thing in tune!

  19. Cel111

    Great song - Awesome Vai!

  20. no google plus

    Vai owned on that mini guitar!

  21. William Larkin

    Well this rocks just fine !!

  22. hendrikibanez

    little guitar!! just like eddie hahahaha...nice, want one

  23. Rafa Del Carpio

    @wannabenj he's not underrated, good music is underrated

  24. Tom Nicholson

    Steve Vai is rocks most underrated guitarist

    Rory Cunningham

    Tom Nicholson Steve Vai underated..ha.Where have you been the last 30 years sleeping under a rock.I would say overated.