Alcatrazz - Only One Woman Lyrics

Ten little Indians
Stand in a row
Of me there are many
So how would I know

That she was only one woman
Only one woman
And I've got a picture
Of the woman I love

Who sees my lonely face?
Who sees my shame
Nobody in the place
Could tell me her name

'Cause she was only one woman
Only one woman
And I've got a picture
Of the woman I love

Ten little Indians
Now there are none
Of me there are many
And love still goes on

'Cause she was only one woman
Only one woman
And I've got a picture
Of the woman I love

Well, she was only one woman
Only one woman
And I've got a picture
Of the woman I love

She's that woman, I love her so
Don't let it die, don't let it die
I've been lovin' you, been a lovin' you just a little too long
I love her
Oh God, don't go, don't go, oh please...

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Alcatrazz Only One Woman Comments
  1. Paul Fenton

    Listen to Nigel Olson doing it sometime....very good..

  2. Joseph charles Worby

    Only one person can truly sing this song and it's Graham Bonnet the marbles the power in his voice is exceptional

  3. Yoki Skeleton

    he sacrificed his throat for the soul of music. not many people love this style today. how amazing he is!!!

  4. Kevin Mcnamara

    Saw this tour w rough cutt in philly . Met graham coming out of the shitter. He was such a nice guy! You could tell he was tired but man they put on a great show

  5. Alain Laspeyres


  6. Budy Sutansyah

    great, powerfull it !

  7. Dinger Bell

    Such an underrated vocalist, Got to see him a few times with Rainbow. Could cut it live too which a lot of so called singers can't do!!

  8. Anti-theist

    Excellent version.

  9. Guilherme Ribeiro

    I prefer the version of Alien. Got more feeling in the voice.

  10. Fred and Patty Chandler

    Oh yes, no Blackmore either.

  11. bartalinigibb

    One great version to the Bee Gees song.

    Dragan Milenkovic

    +bartalinigibb Why did the Bee Gees never record a version of their song?I ve read somewhere that it was recorded for the album Main Course,but was never released,neither performed...


    @Dragan Milenkovic The Bee Gees made this song at the time of the Idea. They participated in (Barry, Maurice and Collin), the original recording of the MARBLES in 1968.
    It's a song with a very high tune to sing.
    On the website of Joseph Brennan he asks why the Bee Gees made a version for this song. It may have been just to rehearse, or try to view the result.

    Dragan Milenkovic


    Davy Blackburn

    and of course the Marbles had same lead singer, so reallyis his song...even though he never wrote it :)

  12. Fred and Patty Chandler

    No Yngway, no Vai. But still one hellova great singer. Love Graham Bonnett.

    Chad Johnson

    +Fred and Patty Chandler Danny Johnson is far better.

    Jeremy Stillwell

    Johnson is pretty good

  13. Tom Hopkins

    Great gut-wrenching vocals from the heart.

  14. usa4everandever1

    One of the best singers in the history of rock!

  15. Michael Seymour

    that is a bad LP cover ...bonnet is tops though.

    Jeremy Stillwell

    It's a great cover lol a panther and zebra couch

    Jan Uvena

    The Album Covers were never Bonnet focused. When I auditioned for the band to fill the drummer spot, no one told me I was auditioning for Graham Bonnet. In fact it was Ingwie who threw the gauntlet down to hire me along with Jimmy and Gary, over many choices. Graham himself in many interviews at the time said he wanted a band and not to be a solo artist.

  16. nazzare79

    I prefer his first cover due the arrangments...


    Adam Lambert can,t sing this.

  18. Philippe Prétot

    so great song...!!!

  19. Jons01

    Beautiful song by the Gibb Brothers, beautifully performed.

  20. mm040462

    Great vocals, wonderful

  21. Giovanni Novello

    Great Job,Boys!!!

  22. Andre Sihotang

    Graham Bonnet is sooo underrated..
    He is in my Top 5 the best vocalist in the world

  23. baran demirok

    happy to know someone remembers this wonderful piece

  24. TheThunderHurricane

    i have been looking forward to this

  25. Zolleriux

    @YngtchieMusic You're welcome! =)