Alcatrazz - Island In The Sun Lyrics

They named it "The rock", land of the living dead
A repose for the rich and famous
And all the infamous would tell each other's lies
Why did they want to tell the truth?

(Sail away now...)
On an island in the sun
Cool Pacific winds blow

Most were poets and they wrote in basic prose
On the walls of their sunset Blvd.
In their nine by five rooms, whose became inspired
By the silence in sight of the city

(Sail away now...)
On the island in the sun
Cool Pacific winds blow

(Sail away now...)
Just across the bay
Battered by the waves

(Sail away now...)
On the island in the sun
Cool Pacific winds blow

(Sail away now...)
Just across the bay
Battered by the waves

(Sail away now...)
(Sail away now...)
(Sail away now...)
(Sail away now...)
On an island in the sun
Cool Pacific winds blow...

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Alcatrazz Island In The Sun Comments
  1. Lena Austin

    Does anyone see the Scott Weiland resemblance is uncanny

  2. Renzo Carlos Arroyo Garnica

    At beginning when i listened to bonnet in rainbow i didnt like him voice but now i like it

  3. Bram Janssen-Ros

    O man. They do not make them like that anymore. Wow. I always loved the record but never seen the video until now. Yngwie only 19/20 here.... what a god!

  4. Yatcheet

    This a sample from queen free

  5. abels121

    hip hip

  6. NAC

    Graham's voice is fuckin' rad!! \m/

  7. Hercules Brofister

    i was trolling Yahoo answers back in the day, i had VH1 classic on in the background. solo comes on, i'm like "this guitarist is amazing, sounds a lot like malmsteen". this is the video that was one when i turned around.

    that moment when a guitarist has such a distinct sound they can be picked out blindly by sound.

  8. David Ward

    Oh the days when MTV was important.

    Cosmic Soul

    Yeah now MTV is rubbish!

  9. ManinPyjamas

    Horrible music

  10. WOOLgum

    Omg this made me happy! Wow!

  11. Tom G

    The backing chorus really makes this song in my opinion.

  12. Мирослав Николов

    Clip its to stuped :))))))))))))

  13. Fernando BG

    Yngwie in the best shape ever

  14. 梅沢幸司


  15. Paul Stettler

    This is the most commercial song ive ever seen Yngwie do...

  16. itkojecockot

    Graham Bonnet + Malmsteen...... what a gem !!!!!!!!!!!!! 80's will never stop kickin ass

  17. Allan

    Just to see Malmsteen with a Flyng V is worth the video XD


    It's an Aria. He had a sponsor deal with them. Never used them for recording.

    steel steel

    I have it! (^.^)

  18. Brent Alan Adam Landgrave

    Bonnett always sucked. Always. What was Yngwie thinking??

  19. Yamamoto Hiroshi


  20. TheScunion

    I so miss actual musical skill in pop

  21. daniele vitelli

    esta rola es d mis favoritas d mi lista d heavy rock d todos mis tiempos y fue la mejor epoca d alcatrazz

  22. vern white

    Gram bonnet great singer

  23. vern white

    Love this guy bonnet great singer 2 great bands he sang for

  24. marc1967


  25. Tru metalhead on Maui ey

    My favorite Alcatrazz song is General Hospital, a metal radio favorite.

  26. Victor Lagos Viñas

    Clint Eastwood es el cantante ?😉

  27. BerlinFan82

    Graham looks like Jerry Reed's Cletus from Smokey And The Bandit.

  28. D D

    i will stick with "he sucks". no range...just always yelling...and not in a good way. reminds me of the singer from The Offspring.

  29. BadRonald1

    Love it, great chorus.

  30. MT Rich

    I wonder how they got Yngwie Malmsteen to play Ariel Pro V instead of a Stratocaster?

    Phil Wright

    MT Rich $$$

  31. Ricardo Grande

    They should create a lot of new prisons like Brazil, there's a lot of space for that, we should create one inside the Forest (Amazônica). Anyway, this band with Yngwie was fantastic.

  32. 김빌리

    80's melody metal good!!

    Dunkel heit

    이용선 ㅇㅈ

  33. Deana Bobina

    Saw this [email protected] Kabuki Theater in SF!

  34. Deana Bobina


  35. Cris' Kn

    Kazuhira Miller


    what took you so long?

  36. AudiophileTubes

    Back when vocalists could really sing and musicians actually played their instruments with aplomb...

    Jay Oluck

    AudiophileTubes you forgot ‘and when videos didn’t worry about a disgusting #metoo manhunt

  37. TMac66

    Was Beavis modeled after Graham

    chris barber

    Hell no. That's Dale Gribble from King of the Hill minus the baseball cap lmao

  38. stratstan

    Beautiful solo! Yngwie is absolutely smokin' on this!

  39. Felipe Mellizzo

    Rick Astley ♥

  40. Juan Ramon

    ver video promo dj perlita de la trinitat en vimeo. muy bueno!

  41. DoktorSick

    damn !!! GB can sing his ass off !!!!!

  42. warner kurt

    I love how Yngwie appears in front of the priest at 0:44 : already guilty as charged !!

    cbmmcnh Rodriguez Jr

    warner kurt LMAO very true!

    vernon Rob Brodie19

    Yeah considering he is Protestant 😸

  43. Joe N.

    I bet Graham Bonnet got tons of pussy in his day

    Richard Hewlett

    More than you.

    Joe N.

    That's a given!

  44. Vadim Avtukhov

    БЛЕСК !!!!!!

  45. ZN6うっちー


  46. Lil Briick

    These girls are total skanks ................. I love it

  47. nadesico81

    They don't make music videos like this any more.

  48. 大好き女子グラハムボネット

    I ❤ Graham bonnet

  49. Donnie Garrison

    So I remember this video. Don't remember the other one for this song.

  50. rusty lee

    Graham bonnet almost looks like frank Morris

  51. zillagod soft white under belly

    my all time favorite singer

  52. Alessio Glorioso

    albert wesker xD

    Victor Rodrigues Barbosa

    +Alessio Glorioso looooooooooool


    Gracias Alcatrazz tu fuistes la primera banda que me influencio a los 5 años de edad y ahoa que tengo 33 me siento joven al escucharte


    HECTHOR ARCE estamos muy contentos de que nuestra musica te haya motivado a ser un buen ser humano gracias a ti por confiar en nuestro trabajo.

    Iván Carrizales

    no se dice fuistes, se dice fuiste :P

  54. Guardmn 7315

    Like the Album says,No Parole From Rock And Roll.And that's just the way I like it,

  55. Sven kiss 3

    mann was für Zeiten waren die 80 er richtig cool

  56. D D


    David Topchiev


    D D


    David Topchiev

    +DDD D He's the best thing to happen to Metal!

    D D

    ha! that is funny. that is fuckin hilarious! judas priest and iron maiden did much more...and ad much more talent. back to original statement...bonnet sucks. Yngwie would probably say the same

    The Internet

    DDD D Bonnet doesn't suck. He's not as good as Halford or Dickinson, but he doesn't suck. You know who really sucks, John Bush from Armored Saint. That was just... Very bad.

  57. Mt. RR

    Graham Bonnetを思い出した。


    @Mt. RR 遅レスすいませんノンビブラートの切り裂く様な突き刺さる歌声は近いものがありますね。なかなか日本では・・世界もかな?痺れる様な美しくカッコがいいノンビブラートのvoっていないですよね。

  58. Rafy Rivera

    I saw them in San Juan in 1983. My first concert!

    Rafy Rivera

    @Noel Perez I was also 13th I went with my older cousin and some friends.

    Noel Perez

    Cool! \m/

    Scotty J.

    Yngwie was a youngster. Was this after his stint with Steeler? He was already turning heads with his elaborate style. Great guitarist. Not a real good song here's very "radio friendly" I guess??      sj~13


    @Scotty J. Yes, it was after he left Steeler. 

    Scotty J.

    @DefLeppardVanHalen Thanks 4 the info my friend. Rock On!!              

  59. Jose e Isabel Quintero

    Alcatrazz opened for Scorpions in 1983 in San Juan. Awesome concert, even better than Zebra and Night Ranger in 82. Sad note: A pair of twins got killed after the concert crossing the crazy FD Roosevelt avenue right on front of the stadium. 

  60. Cory Munroe

    Awful song.

  61. as mongol

    Graham simply was/is GENTLEMAN of rock

  62. drummerkid71

    Cheesy as FACK!!! But actually a pretty damn cool song!

  63. blurginouliz

    lmao at yngwie playing the ukelele in the cell =p

  64. thewasponator

    doo doo and they say warrant killed of metal

  65. thanksfernuthin

    That short hair is one reason Bonnet is/was great. Part of rock and roll is nonconformity. And when EVERYBODY else has long hair he had the balls to say "Fuck you! I like my hair short!" And his voice is so awesome no body minded.

    Cosmic Soul

    Not many could match that voice, if any..

    Hellraiser Gordon

    @Cosmic Soul For sure. One of the best singers to come from the 80's.

    Lena Austin

    The definitive persona

  66. metalman111

    Yngwie playing a Flying V? Must have been a one time thing.

  67. HEXACO

    Kurt Russell sings pretty good ,\,,/

  68. saigunso


  69. FreakinSweet86

    Malmsteen FTW

  70. yasuharu saitoh


  71. thkoby

    Weezer did one radical cover...

  72. Petar Ristic

    cant believe it's malmsteen playing xD

  73. Jerryrgorzianali

    This band had a killer line up....bad video vox should had left his hair long. Ymalsien the guitar solo is beyond cool.He was too good for this bee bop style. Alcatraz had some bad ass songs. this one is cheezzzee but fxcking beautiful man he was so great when he was young. JerryGordn ty

  74. Ktulu Call of


  75. batlizard37

    This sucks.

  76. Diego Plaza Ardila

    uff ke klasiko

  77. Ygor Nimoy

    I think it is an Aria guitar.

  78. underdose9325

    yasushi yokoyama..

  79. luis emilio mecato uribe

    de no ser por los grupos en que participo y por los musicos con que se rodeo, graham bonnet no existiria, cero actitud, y una voz en vivo deplorable.........

  80. SnuffleZeTruffle

    @Kenjifly Not sure, but looks like a early 80's ARIA pro..the did a Explorer type as well.

  81. hchc


  82. INDONESIA0727


  83. housemix2001


  84. samboy1288

    such a good song! a bit sad how much graham bonnet looks like huey lewis, but damn if he doesn't have a voice made for rockin' hard, then i just don't know who does!

  85. SilverTounge85

    Great band, funny video. :)