Alcatrazz - Double Man Lyrics

Sitting down in my chair tuning in with the TV
Nothing new just the news
And it doesn't concern me
So I went to the mirror
And I looked on a stranger, watching me
I felt he knew me so well
He's standing in the corner
A man in black
A dark reflection in the glass

Double man, a double man

Here am I chancin' icy-cold knives
With a shadow
Speakin' words like an echo to my alter-ego
A spirit migrated
And the soul duplicated
This is the dark side of me
Oh he's waiting in the corner
A man in* black
The dark reflection in the glass

Double man, double man, he's the double man
(I am caught in your mirror)
Double man
(I am caught in your mirror)

There can be no escaping that double man
He takes my life and takes my hand, look out!

Double man, double man
(I am caught in your mirror)
He's the double man, he's comin' for me
(I am caught in your mirror)

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Alcatrazz Double Man Comments
  1. psychodad304

    Such a great song...

  2. Alexander Grayson

    Damn that voice. It's so good.

  3. counterfan90

    The best song of the album.

    Alcatrazz was a very underrated band.

  4. Chad Johnson

    Best one of their records from an overall perspective. Johnson is a musician and master guitarist, not just a fret board gymnast.

  5. Massimo Giammaria

    Bellissima canzone

  6. Benoit Vanhees

    To me the best tune of this indeed underrated record. Many people who knew the band just were interested in knowing whether Bonnet had managed to pull a third white rabbit out of his hat that coould play guitar like Paganini played his violin. Since music journalists assured them this wasn't the case, they didn't bother to check this record. It is indeed slighty less good than the first 2, but still contains quite enjoyable tunes once again. Like this one here, with its funny back up vocals.

  7. Salvatore La Grasta

    This is a great album with exellent songs.......its only weak point is the poppy production. New guitarist Danny Johnson had some great shoes to fill and he could but the poppy production put him aside. This is an album that Alcatrazz should re Mr. Bonnet if you happen to read my comment, please give it a thought :)

  8. Lawson Russell

    Strange and underrated album. I think it has great songs.

  9. Zolleriux

    @OpheliaRising I visited his official website and sent him a question about the lyrics a few months ago. I got this reply: "I'll see if I can find them for you, I'll be in touch!", but I haven't got anything yet. Maybe if more people would ask for them? Pretty sure it would be a bigger priority then.

  10. OpheliaRising

    The lyrics seem to be available nowhere on the web. Apparently, it is up to Graham to provide us with them. Surely he knows that Googling them provides no results. If it was my song I would like people to know what I wrote. Hopefully, he will be forthcoming before he gets too old and feeble to remember them.

  11. wumpscut1

    underrated track from that disc, thanks for uploading- Graham Bonnet rocks