Alcatrazz - Dangerous Games Lyrics

She was a queen with a power of soul
And the eyes could stand the angel's face
She walked down the firey road
Into a young man's heart
Once inside she was chained to the wall
Of love's star court

She was playin' dangerous, dangerous games
Dangerous, dangerous games

Bought a ticket to the next world
Got so high she fell through the sky
An angel took her on his back
They flew so hard his wings they cracked
Lost in a lonely field of lovers
She had a knife undercovers
Now she wants her one and only
She looking too long
And the love that was lonely

Dangerous, d-d-d-dangerous
Dangerous games, that's how they play
They were playin' dangerous, d-d-d-dangerous
Dangerous games, you're messin' around with
Dangerous, d-d-d-dangerous
Dangerous games, can't get away
She's playin' dangerous, d-d-d-dangerous
Dangerous games

She fell to a long lost planet
And her lights went out
The eye of the master of darkness said

Dangerous, d-d-d-dangerous, dangerous games
She was playin' dangerous, d-d-d-dangerous
Dangerous games

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Alcatrazz Dangerous Games Comments
  1. Lionel Rosière

    Malmsteen et Vai sont partis en vacances, mais même si ça sent plus le Yngwie album, ça a aussi son charme, un bon album d'AOR comme les années 80 ont su faire, ça change du métal actuel où ça gueule mais où les mecs ne sont plus des Vai.

  2. Glam Americano El Retorno

    Esto es como soft metal plano y aburrido y no tiene dinamismo como bon jovi

    gustavo espinoza

    Jajajajajajajaja que comparacion sabiondo.........................troll.

  3. Fran Bagu

    que discazo

  4. りょうけとしお



    "It's my life" is the remake of The Animal. The band must have missed Malmsteen and Steve Vai. Big time...


    Problem is not Danny Johnson licks the problems is they were too short when it the damn 80's he should of played the damn instrument instead get a damn feeling this is a hired gun or session musician.

  6. Jan Swanson

    Nobody can step into those shoes, this guy used to play with Zappa or Alice Cooper ? just wish he played like Blackmore, you know just that amazing playing of root notes in between power chords.....

  7. crisscat2006

    their best album

  8. xposting


  9. muitimotu


  10. NET5

    If you enjoy playing video games and want to get paid to play them, then this is for YOU ...

  11. Brooklyn Volume

    All hail the Sholz Rockman!

  12. daniele vitelli

    mmm!! me da pena decirlo pero es el peor album d alcatrazz ya sin los malagradecidos d yngwie y vai, graham sabia q ya se acercaba el final d su banda y trato desesperadament x presion d emi comercializarlo para meterse a los charts pero fue un fracaso en ventas😢

    sergio barragan

    daniele vitelli a mi si me gusta


    Si es el peor por que Danny no le dejan gugar a su potencia pero es mi favorito personal porque es el mas 80's disco de los 80's. Y no te olvides los pinches de la record label no le hicieron justicia a promotar la banda.

  13. GreenerHill

    Sounds really melodic, and what a great album cover!





  16. Salvatore La Grasta

    This album has always been the divide and conquer between Alcatrazz fans. IMO this album is great however it suffers with the overblown late 80's keyboard driven style thus when you compare it with the other two previous Alcatrazz albums (No parole from rock n roll and Disturbing the peace) it does sound inferior. I do state that however Dangerous games is a great outhing none the less and its a pity that the band folded after this.

  17. Ward Purcell

    I have always loved this album. Its so different from the first two but still has some amazing tracks and Bonnets performance is stunning. Great memories. Thank you

  18. Lawson Russell

    Who is the guitar player??


    Danny Johnson

  19. Scott Destan

    Contains the best version of It's My Life ever.

  20. Johnny LuckyLad

    A mighty singer!!! i first heard it in 1996, but i liked "Disturbing the Peace" better back then.... Obviously 'cause i was only a teenager ;-) Very nice to hear it again. "No Imagination" and "Double Man" are simply incomparable .

  21. Moe Greene

    The albums with yngwie and steve shit all over this one.

    Johnny LuckyLad

    I love Yngwee's early albums (1984 - 1988) , but i really don't dig "No Parole". So i'd never say it shits over anything )))) ESPECIALLY the other two discs of Alcatrazz. i understand your position though )))) .... I'm just an old Vai's fan. And Bonnet's too. I gladly listen to ANYTHING he has ever released - whether it was with "guitar heroes" or not. Long live Rock'nRoll !!))

    Moe Greene

    The first 2 aren't that different from one another. One sounds like Alcatraz with Yngwie and the other sounds like Alcatraz with Steve. This album, in every possible way minus Grahm Bonnet's voice, doesnt even sound like the same band or genre..........and who the hell is Danny Johnson?? 2 guitar legends like Yngwie Malmsteen, Steven Vai and then.......who?? A run of the mill session musician/touring guitarist?? The production is awful as well. Oh well, to each his own I guess.

    Johnny LuckyLad

    You are quite right. About the first 2. But why saying Danny Johnson's "no one" ? Maybe he just has less ambitions than Y.M. and S.V. Or maybe less luck ..... I'll tell you a different thing. As a singer myself, i'd like to point out that it is awfully difficult for a singer to get along very well with "guitar legends". They begin to tell a singer what he has to do, how and what he has to sing. Bonnet's a LEGEND himself - he did have the right to show both Yngwee and Stevie to the door ))) Should you listen to more Bonnet's albums you'll realize the guy keeps changing ALL THE TIME. Really quite unlike both Stevie and Yngwee )))))))))))

    Moe Greene

    @Johnny LuckyLad Lets be honest here, Bonnet had a huge ego as well. He was in 2 previous projects with Rainbow and Michael Schenker Group and only lasted for one album in both of them. In fact, he only did 3 shows with Schenker then quit the band. lol talking about singers and guitarists not getting along.......Every band that ever had a singer and guitarist who were both 2 of the greatest in the world, with 2 of the biggest egos in the world, with rivaling stage presence, would always eventually implode because of them and the regrouped version would be an inferior product IE Van Hagar or would turn into a solo project with a band name like what Blackmoore and Schenker have.

    Johnny LuckyLad

    yeah. we've reached total agreement here ;-) give Alcatrazz' 1986 a chance. no, really. tracks "It's My Life" (cover for Animals), "No Imagination" and "Double Man" are terrific..... On my behalf, i gladly admit that "Disturbing The Peace" is twice as better..... And i'll also listen to "No Parole" today. i fucking will - now that we been speakin about for a few hours now ;-)

  22. Tommy Gforce

    Great voice.....weak album. Sorry to say, this is tough to listen to from start to finish...I really tried.

    Chad Johnson

    +Tommy Gforce By far their best album.

  23. rockrabbitt

    Musically,this style must fit Bonnet's voice than others with guitar heroes.

    Johnny LuckyLad



    Yes indeed.Why you speak Japanese,sir?

    Johnny LuckyLad

    about 20-25 phrases. more for fun .... i got friends who are translators from Japanese. they DO speak it - i am only toying ))) Sayonara, Rockrabbit-kun ;-)


    see you again somewhere,sir.

    Andrey Korsun

    Johnny LuckyLad /I'm from Kiev.John is my favorite voice of ALL.What you said not surprised me.Ken always says Heep is not Heep without Biron and Thain.But true is that Ken didn't make anything interesting for me without Heep

  24. scott thegreat

    SORRY ALCATRAZZ FANS THIS BAND SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chad Johnson

    +scott thegreat lol, sore vagina Scott? they make meds for that.

    scott thegreat

    +Chad Johnson ,you would surely know  about sore manholes with a name like chad.

    Chad Johnson

    Lol. OK with that you are surely the victor.


    @Scott thegreat: Yeah they sucked so much they introduced the guitar world not one but two of the greastest Guitar Gods that ever lived. SUCKS 2 B U Scott...Scottie go back to ur grunge music son.

  25. Gooseberry DreamTV

    At last, I have listened this album! And I'm surprised. Now it's my favorite Alcatrazz stuff. Very vocally driven,, magic melodies.

  26. Hari Menon

    Thank you my Lady for an often forgotten amazing album.


  27. MegamanZ9000

    Thanks for the upload, madam!

    Marianna theLameGuitarPlayer

    You're welcome, sir :)

  28. 大好き女子グラハムボネット

    I ❤ Graham bonnet

  29. Fremioz


    Eric Jeune


  30. orlando rivera

    Eso si es musica

  31. Nicolás Torrado

    Great album, Great BAND!

  32. sassha

    Wow, what a change from the Yngwie days of this band. I'm one of few people I know that actually like Disturbing The Peace as well, but this one's a little too keyboard heavy for me. I was always steered away from this album back in the 80s & now I can see why. Not the worst thing ever put to vinyl but definitely doesn't hold its' own against the other Alcatrazz releases.

    Kevin Striker

    @sassha Call me crazy, but I actually find myself listening to this album more than Alcatrazz's other two. All of Alcatrazz's albums have unique sounds to them, and this one is by far my favourite, even it doesn't sound as heavy as Disturbing the Peace or uniquely neo-classical as No Parole From Rock 'N Roll.

    Hrh Fish

    @sassha people do like disturbing the peace. I'm one of them.I found Steve Vai before wangy (as i call him lol). I didn't hear Wangy until I got No Parole after I nicked Disturbing the Peace from HMV!! I also nicked the Talas album same day!!!(shoplifting was easier back then I wouldnt recomend it. Its safer to go to pirate bay these days!! ) I am a Zappa fan. I like both versions of the band. Wangy actually recommended Steve as his replacement.


    @sassha: Actually that not true a lot of fans as in Alcatrazz fans n Vai fans n or just shred fans in general do like Disturbing the Peace in fact think VAI even said that was his favorite album he ever worked in his career that saying a lot. Now it not as well received as Yngwie one ok that true cos it was arguably he first album with Neo Classical sweep picking licks in short burst in a mainstream release. I personally love this album just wish it had longer guitar parts N it has arguably the one of he best Album covers ever released.


    @Hrh Fish Agreed N when first got a copy of this album i dug it especially "blue boar"wchich is one my fave songs ever and actually thought the only issue was that the not enuff guitar parts n remmember telling that to the cat who made me copy n was saying why did VAI not let loose on this? N was shocked when he told me that is was not VAI cos he had joined DAVID LEE ROTH solo band n this was some cat who actually coincidentally a good friend of Eddie Van Halen. Hhahahaha

    Bart Mcfartmaster

    @265308 not vai but Danny johnson