Alcatrazz - All Night Long Lyrics

You're walking up with your eyes on me
It's looking good but I just don't know
I need a girl who can keep her head
All night long
You didn't come just to see the show
I guess you know what you wanna see
The way you smile lets me know I can't go wrong

I wanna touch you
I wanna feel you
I wanna make you mine

I wanna love you (all night long)
I wanna be with you (all night long)
I wanna love you (all night long)
I wanna be with you (all night long)

I saw you standing down by the stage
Your black stockings and your see through dress
Your mouth is open but I don't wanna hear you
Say good night

You're sorta young
But you're over age
I don't care 'cause I like your style
Don't know about your brain
But you look all right

Your mind is dirty
But your hands are clean
You show the class
But you're left alone
I know I can't stand another night
(On my own)
Hey girl would you like some wine
What's your name?
Are you by yourself?
Are you the one?
But you say can I take you home

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Alcatrazz All Night Long Comments
  1. Blue Matrix

    The Look of Bonnet do not match his voice and style of Music.... is a mix of Miami Vice, Brian Adams and Scott Weiland

  2. Jackson Teller

    Before all those donuts.

  3. Ermak Freeman


  4. basilio eduardo ponce quintana

    Graham Bonnet, Leyend! of rock!!

  5. Hayrullah Kılıç

    bonnet tried to steal the show from yngwie but he cant

  6. Joe Jimenez

    Live Music Rocks!!

  7. Serg Plotnikov

    Только частенько поёт мимо.

  8. Arema00

    Amazing voice 🙏👍🙏❤️

  9. 지재훈

    와우.jimi Hendrix guital다.내가좋아하는우상기다

  10. Tony Powell

    Fucking tone monster!

  11. Tony Powell

    Shit vocals but guitar on fire as usual.

  12. Please permit me to speak oh great one

    A young Yngwie having a bit of an off night, rare to see.

  13. JKplaysGuitar

    Graham Bonnet sounds dreadful here. It's like Yngwie's dad has decided to have a go on karaoke with the band.

    christian larsson

    Totally agree...I'm a bit perplexed at the comment sections in these old Alcatraz/Yngwie videos, because there are quite a lot of people saying Grahams voice is "great" or "powerful"


    Early Alcatrazz would usually do this song toward the end of the night, so that just tells me he's probably worn out.

  14. Freddy Foxen Nilsen

    At that time, yngwie was nr 1.

    Jonas Hjerpe

    He will forever be one of the very best. Like Mike Tyson. We will forever remember their prime, the peak performance that changed the outlook on what the game is about, what is indeed possible.

  15. Piss Kakk

    aMAZING !

  16. Chris Manzi

    He looks like Blackmore, and he sounds like Blackmore @ 78 speed and lacking the FEEL

  17. paul van Urk

    Malmsteen is brilliant, the singing is very, very painfull. Aweful!

    Chris Manzi

    He was a hell of a lot better with Rainbow here is the first example of what happens to singers from years of R&R abuse

    northbound nova

    paul van Urk yes I agree the vocals are rough around the edges no doubt... I have come around to enjoy live performances for their authenticity and roughness...listening to lost in Hollywood and and since you’ve been gone during the same performance, I think the fact that he has to constantly belt out the lyrics over the band, it probably doesn’t help his voice quality. Also I’m drunk so if this comment gets disregarded I don’t mind

  18. Prisoner Zero

    This was when the Wall Of Marshall was just a little Tyke.

  19. Islam ku syurga ku Syurga ku

    I miss Blackmore and cozy

  20. Kalle-Iivari Mononen

    Is the lefty a Hendrix tribute?

    Kurt McLaughlin

    Ritchie did the same thing... shocking!


    As one of his biggest guitar influences, Yngwie copied a lot of what Blackmore did, the stepping on/throwing of the guitar live, the rubbing/scraping the strings against amps and monitors live, the whole rock'n'roll meets classical (i.e. neoclassical) vibe, etc. Yngwie brought it all to a whole new level though.

  21. Mark Oriend

    singing over that band with out in ears had to be rough !

    Prisoner Zero

    In most cases the bands could carry on a conversation on the stage while jamming.
    For example, the Wall of Marshal is much larger now, yet I think there is a 50 watt and just 2 100 watts that are actually active So you got a top notch monitor system and you mic the amps through the PA and on the stage you are mostly worried about tone, not volume. The volume is in the PA which is in front of the band. So you are actually not affected by the loudness on stage.
    The Soundman has to be on top of it and doesn't get enough credit.
    Van Halen is famous for making an attenuator out of a model train transformer and shutting down the lights in LA, Point being, He is using attenuator so he can crank the tubes and get the tone out of those 100 watt Marshalls.