ALA.NI - Wales Lyrics

Let me dream of love
And wish for love
And hope for love
Love, love

I work on love
I pray for love
I worship love
I mace with love
I'll die for love
I'll rise to love
I'll breathe to love
I'll pray for love

La la, la, la, love
La la, la, la, love
La la, la, la, love
La la, la, la, love

Ride or die
Is it love?
Sweet, sweet love

Tasteful love
Easy love
Simple love
Hopeful love
Only love
Peaceful love
Peace and love
Peace and love
Peace and love

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ALA.NI Wales Comments
  1. Kali Go

    beautiful. <3

  2. Giorgi Cxadadze

    1:11 homer simpson

  3. Rotkephen

    Beautiful shoot, as always

  4. Sanaa

    Un disque ? Ou cd ? Où on achète ??? C'est magnifique

  5. _ esby _

    Wholesome af

  6. Vincent Mouton

    She is majestic.

  7. Rudy Malmquist


  8. Work with a model

    LLLove !

  9. Arraten

    Who else wants to dance now? 😍😍

  10. Dorypowa

    love her so much

  11. Vinylsearch2015 60

    Doo-wop done in French style. Digging it.


    i dont see that at all LOL, not even a similar type of love song

    Vinylsearch2015 60

    Well that is the beauty of music, it is open to individual interpretation.

  12. sari 7u7r