ALA.NI - Roses & Wine Lyrics

You brought roses and wine
Then ran out of time
Where you going to?

Said you'll be back at nine
A comfort to my mind
Am I a fool?

Do you really care, my lover, my friend?
Then stay with me 'til the bitter end
Or is this our last goodbye?
No more roses and wine
With you

Where you going to?
Am I a fool?

Have you made your bed
Sweet lover to friend
Confusing me with your thoughts of her
So until you can decide
No more roses and wine
With you

And where you gonna lead me?
I'm lost, can you find me?
You promised you would save me
So why am I sad and lonely?

Believe me this ain't easy
This tired game of teasing
So please release me
I'm begging you to stop

You returned just after nine
With more roses and wine
And some candy too
Go give them to your wife
Keep her satisfied
Gosh, she loves you
And you love her
And you love me
And I love you

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ALA.NI Roses & Wine Comments
  1. Aki H


  2. heimatschutz

    Thanks to Cosmo Radio, is my discovery of the year! Such wonderfull music! Thank you!

  3. Dee Davis

    She is such a vision

  4. Mark Lawson

    WOW, such a pure voice, right up there with Anon 4 IMHO we found you from "The bookshop" movie and thought you were just the right touch, or may I say TORCH :--) I'd love you to sing in my house, 400 tons of rock, they say it's great. Peace.

  5. Marcelo Maya


  6. Sarah Granado

    Apaixonada 💜👏

    Juninho Santos

    Sarah Granado veio por causa do altas horas ne kkkkkk

    Sarah Granado

    Juninho Santos kkkkkkkk isso mesmo

  7. iSpeakDFW Instruction

    "This tired game of teasing." Two fowls and have been paying ever since. "Cuz I love you." #caf

  8. lovelycars1

    holy shit when I heard this song I thought it was hundreds of years ago but I searched and saw the artist was recent.

  9. pcarebear1

    Thank God for my Starbucks barista's taste in music. I would've never heard of her.

    Vinylsearch2015 60

    pcarebear, she is a new discovery for me also. Find of the century for me.

    Winniny means sweet

    pcarebear1 same here.

    apotalamo apotalamo

    Same here! Starbucks in Börsenplatz, Frankfurt am Main :)

  10. John Karl

    I love your singing! Gorgeous. (Kudos to the guitar player, too!)

  11. alina baykalova


  12. béatrice Razack

    Un ange venu du ciel pour nous envouter !

  13. Brigitte Besses

    Quelle voix limpide et chaude !

  14. Frans van Munster

    What a fantastic singer!

  15. Frans van Munster

    Surely seen I have fallen in love with her.

  16. enrique salazar

    Excelente canción para una gran cantante.

  17. Cyril Pesenti

    Superbe chanson ! Quelqu'un aurait les accords à disposition ?

  18. Rosano Lopes

    Awesome, so beautiful song and sing...

  19. Marcelo Mota


  20. Antony Kein

    A m a z i n g !!!!!!!!!!

  21. Charles Sweeney

    This women is a breath of fresh air ...

  22. Dominic Guebbas

    je l ai. vue sur scene super cool magnifique , super voie !!

  23. Francois Petit

    J'adore. Si quelqu'un peut me transmettre les accords ce serait génial

  24. Jeri Tatajuba

    J'adore son style quand elle chante.