ALA.NI - Circle Lyrics

When you're lost and feeling lonely
Take a breath to ease out the day
For every leaf's got to fall
To give life to the soil

It's a circle that's never the same

Dream of golden riches
Don't quit when rocks graze your hands
For seeds will grow, come sun, rain or snow

It's a circle that's never the same

So just face it, take a stand
Hold your future in your hands
For in springtime you'll be laughing
As you run through fields of gold
To Graceland

So let's start believing in dreaming
Hear what the heart's got to say
For it will guide you through the dark
And relieve all your fears, so
Close your eyes, hold on tight
'Cause you're in for a ride

On the circle that's never the same

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ALA.NI Circle Comments
  1. Kali Go

    girl I love youu!

  2. Louise Elfi Sóley Gade

    Amazing!!! I luuuve you voice! and the song :)

  3. Rosa Vermelha


  4. Charles Aldous

    What amazing acoustics!

  5. LVH