ALA.NI - Cherry Blossom Lyrics

Cast some cherry blossoms by the river
Blowing through the flowing of my heart
If you see me somewhere down the river
Come and stand beside me, it's alright

Come to me
Stay with me
Say you'll be
A friend to me
Love everlasting love
Lives forever and a day so

Cast some cherry blossoms by the river
Blowing through the flowing of my heart
If you see me somewhere down the river
Come and stand beside me, it's alright

Fall for me
Long for me
Always be a friend to me
Love ever enchanted love
Lives forever and a day so

Cast some cherry blossoms
Blowing through the flowing of my heart
I hope to see you somewhere down that river
Come and stand beside me, it's alright
Come and stand beside me, it's alright

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ALA.NI Cherry Blossom Comments
  1. Kleiton Silva


  2. Jessica D

    So relaxing, very great voice💜

  3. EdgarMersh 96

    Thank's Russian Doll.
    You gave me this wonderful song❤

  4. Blue Sera Films

    Russian Doll :)

  5. bitspacemusic

    Vevo hasn't made this available in my country (Sweden). So here I am listening to your bootleg upload. Be careful you don't get a copyright strike. Unbelievable bullshit just keeps on keeping on. This is the first search result on Youtube.

  6. Darkness

    Russian doll this is beautiful song

  7. Canda

    Russian doll!!!! 😚💕💕🎶

  8. andhika chandrasatya

    R U S S I A N D O L L

  9. Ade Badger

    Does anyone know where I can find the remix from Russian Doll?

    dina kaberial

    @Ade Badger cherry blossom meers remix !

    Patrycja Król

    @dina kaberial i can't find it 😓

    Patrycja Król

    Ok I found it!

    dina kaberial

    @Patrycja Król thats good :) have a nice day

    Caiticaiti CAITI

  10. Jenn Alcantara


  11. Ivy 87

    reminds me of 'dream a little dream of me'

  12. Ivy 87

    wow..... Russian Dolls chose the right track

  13. Theophilus Khosa

    Russain Doll!!! such a relaxing song. Beautiful.

  14. Natasha Kardelis

    so beautiful.some day

  15. Alani Keiser

    On my playlist now, with My Brightest Diamond!! Beautiful xx

  16. Bruna Eduarda

    Ahhhh amo de mais ❤❤

  17. claire amer


  18. alina baykalova

    Beautiful... The Heir To Billy...

  19. lisa M.

    This is the magical kind of music I miss in the new Disney Movies :( ♥ sweet childhood memories ♥ I love your Voice

  20. Al Greasey

    geez its been a year.

  21. cmirina1

    Un pur moment de bo heur !Just Love in the air!

  22. Free_Eagle

    Absolument splendide !
    Merci Ala Ni

  23. Kim Littler

    A beautifully refreshing and amazing voice, but her pitch is a little off unfortuantely. :(

  24. Mino Minoti

    féerique !


    I love ur voice 😳😍👌👌

  26. kallio gouma

    Très joli!! ça te berce dans un confort

  27. theritchie971


  28. Rottinghere

    Great song! It's really amazing how far along audio processing and digitized effects have come in recent years. You can make a modern day recording sound like an old 78rpm record from the 1940s if you want to.


    @Rottinghere nope its all real effects. I used a 1930's RCA ribbon mic to capture the feel at source. The studio had large glass windows to reflect the sound naturally so no need for reverb.

    Keith Bate

    @Alani And wonderful you sound. When will you be touring in the UK ? want to see you live !


    cheers for the inside info...really lovely sound, even with youtube's notorious compression. all the best!

  29. Keith Bate

    Lovely voice and new talent. A bit retro - Billie Holliday ? but still wonderful and feel very wistful about all that cherry blossom - love it !

  30. Jeny June

    C'est beau, beau, beau!

  31. MsRosieplum

    Such control

  32. paul green

    This lady is as unique as bjork or Alicia keys in that you immediately stop whatever you are doing and listen when she can be heard. Magical

  33. Suzyhazelwood

    My goodness, what a delightful voice and song, and Cherry Blossom my favourite!!!!!♥

  34. Cool Girl ♥

    On dirait ces chansons que l'on entendait après guerre. Vraiment délicieux pour nos oreilles :)

  35. W & P

    beautiful work. love it.

  36. Antipyj

    Nice video, I love the old school style

  37. mizzyaizzy


  38. MyLifeAsLouis

    Now I know why they call her "dark disney" musician.


    Oh I get it now! Yes that makes sense

  39. dieseldyke '

    This is so beautiful N Reminiscent of Billie Holiday.

  40. Ally Macdonald

    so refreshing in contrast to a lot of todays music, love it

  41. SunOfthoth

    i can't wait to cop this 

  42. Katia Touré

    Et je dirais même plus <3<3<3