Alan Parsons Project, The - Stereotomy Lyrics

Diamond eyes
That burn me and turn me to stone
And freeze me in clear monochrome

Turn me to stone; do anything you want with me
Turn me to stone; do anything you want
We can make it together
Do anything you want with me
Do anything you want

Scarlet minds
Possess me and I feel no shame
Silent knives
Dissect me and I feel no pain

We can make it together
Do anything you want with me
Do anything you want

We can make it forever
Do anything you want with me
Do anything you want

Starlight beams
Project me in red blue and green
Velvet dreams
Protect me when I hit the screen

We can make it together
Do anything you want with me, do anything you want
We can make it forever
It's always the same, it's always the same
Stereotomy, we can make it
We can make it, do anything you want

Turn me to stone
Do anything you want with me
Cover my eyes
There's nothing more they need to see
Turn me to stone
Before there's nothing left of me
Make me a rock
And not what I appear to be
Turn me to stone
Turn me to stone

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Alan Parsons Project, The Stereotomy Comments
  1. AN Feuerstahl

    The clip is outdated. The song is better than ever.

  2. neilbradley

    And to think those little kids in this video are pushing 40 now...

  3. Sandro Dellisanti

    wonderful, i still Love thus Song and Video since i was 17 in 1986, thank you for fhis..

  4. Pat Callahan

    This is why I don't do drugs.

    Drinking is bad enough!

  5. Josep Duran

    I remember when this came out... my friends and I were shocked because this song was heavy... Doc! Hahah. And we always sang "Turn me to stone" right before a test if we hadn't studied for it.

  6. 北斗無双

    I remember 80s MTV !

  7. Mr Spectacals

    I wonder if this video was made using an Amiga. The system has built in genlocks, so I assume they did rotoscoping on the dancer and the film as a passthrough. Still cool tho.

  8. evans haller

    the girl in the miniskirt at 4:01 looks like a super-model

  9. freewilliam93

    I just wish people were wearing cooler clothes. It says something that they made a lame song unshakable and way better than anyone could.

  10. luchadorsordomudo

    Que buena musica la puta madre...un sonido propio sin copiar a nadie..hecha por musicos de primera...sonido tecno adelantado a su epoca, pero con guitarras que se hacian cierto que es medio depre en algunos temas pero la contribucion que hicieron Parsons y Wolfsohn a la musica es indiscutida...

  11. Ark- vila

    ....does anybody have the alternate version?

  12. Доктор Кто

    Качовая песня

  13. Ronnie Lecter

    Canzone strepitosa, ma il video.. Cristo..

  14. Mark Ingoldsby

    Can't believe this hasn't been turned into a meme yet

  15. Astrosjer

    Never knew this single had a video.....first time seeing it all these years later

  16. Music Television Promo Lover

    At 2:03, so this is where Michael Jackson got the idea for the Smooth Criminal video?


    I'm entirely at a loss for words here,, I just can't grasp the video's concept??? and coming from a true brainiac like Alan Parsons,,that's a bitter pill to swallow. Now at 50,,I've seen this video least a 100 times on M-TV from 1986 to now. This video came out early spring of 1986,,and I just can't wrap my head around it even today. You got me on this one Alan. Anybody please enlighten me,,my attention is yours?????? thanks!! EXTIQUE - CLASS OF 1986!!!

  18. Patti Deibert

    you're smart phone has more computing power then the computer that made this video but back in the day this was cutting edge graphics.

  19. CSX Productions

    Alan Parsons Project had officially entered the 1980's.

  20. Madriga L


    Lorric Logging

    Madriga L the correct description is shrimp

  21. puckering1

    Such a fun video

  22. sheri withdog

    Brilliant track

  23. CSX Productions

    Looks like 8mm movie film from 1985.

  24. Dani M.

    Wonderful song...Awful video

  25. Jim Thompson

    Aah, Mil, Novecientos, ochenta y cinco.

  26. Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero

    the soundtrack our lives... rock n roll yeah

    Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero


  27. duckiedale80

    Operation Wang Chung!

    Josep Duran

    Hahah precisely what I thought.

  28. Claudio Manzati

    Funny how this looks exactly like Instagram stories

  29. Marcos Pacheli

    this song is one of my favorite app tunes. and that Chorus... oh man, so powerful

  30. Chris Neufeld

    I guess this is the original video, as opposed to an alternate edit that:
    a) added several backgrounds and transitions besides this
    b) chroma-keyed and colored the flipping/somersaulting guy(s) on those several backgrounds
    c) rhythmically tilted parts of the original video during the choruses!

    Josep Duran

    Yes I remember it, much worse imo.

  31. DJ SCY

    Stereotomy: The technique of cutting solids to specified forms and dimensions.

  32. furrepanther

    All I can say is, the original video choreographer and concept artist were probably looking for work right after this aired, because even for its day ... DAMN.

  33. Toby Dammit

    Am i only the one who noticed the dwarf of Twin Peaks at 0:28?

  34. Set Qesu

    Still a great song in 2017.

  35. McCannon Vaughn

    My first listen to this in 30 years. I had completely forgotten just how good this song is.

  36. Baruch Toráh

    Absolutely underrated song which should be in the top five in all TAPP songs.

  37. Eric Roxburgh

    Video was pulled from mtv, said it saw to stimulating!,

  38. flinx &pip

    This song is awesome

  39. sergio tenorio

    Great song!

  40. Ryu Arisandy

    old boomerang style

  41. TheUnatuber

    This is what happens when a video director has *no clue* what to do with a song.

  42. Barry Mize

    Been rockin the fuck out of this song for 32 years!

  43. Joe Medina

    When i first heafd this song i thought it was Paul Stanley doing a guest vocal. lol imagine that

  44. Lindsey Susdorf

    Text book figures

  45. MichaelRMcCoy

    Parsons went off the beaten path -- and was as prolific and innovative as any "well-known" musician/engineer you could name.
    The song Stereotomy charted well -- but reaching for bizarre, this video hits a new level.
    Music and the visual -- no rhyme or reason.


    MichaelRMcCoy But Eric Woolfson write the song

  46. mariangoldenville

    where is john Miles in the video?


    Don't know if he's in it, or not. Here's what he looks

    CSX Productions

    I guess John Miles sang with app back in the 70's,and they brought him back in 1985 to replace the departed Colin Blunstone.

  47. Patricialyn Veal

    COOL!!! REAL 80s fashion! Movie costume designers ought to see this for their 80s period piece flix


    they were. I was around 20 then , and this was amazing then. what great memories this brings me again. I wish I could only share them with you. simple and so enjoyable times.

  48. Baran

    This was my favorite song in 1985 next to Survivor's The Search Is Over as well. Check out my music my Hit Rock song 'Night Cries Rock Version By Baran' Currently the song is #19 on the Vancouver Rock Charts in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Also, find me at Thanks. Baran



  50. John Bango

    Music is great, video sucks

  51. mana yoon

    guy in green looks like leo sayer!

  52. smooth279bowler

    one of their better songs I think !

  53. kanfor

    The green man is the BOSS!

  54. Darryl Gold

    This looks like a zbigniew rybczynski video.

    Chris Neufeld

    Darryl Gold It is.

  55. DJ SCY

    Haven't seen this Vid in 30 years. Thanks

  56. sherry fitzgerald

    i love all of Alan Parsons music, and i will check out any video that is attached to his name, but will i agree this is the strangest thing i have ever watched. actually i didn't watch it. i started to and then decided to scroll and read the comments, look at the other videos on the right to see what i would watch next. i certainly will not "bookmark" this one.....weird. whew. it has ended. thank god

    Laurence Crisp

    +Sherry Fitzgerald me too

    Доктор Кто

    Плюсую/i agree with you

  57. Nathaniel Glasgow

    This has got to be one of the strangest videos I have ever seen, but it's a great song!

  58. Dan Rung

    one of my favorite

  59. MsFisicoculturismo



    La recuerdo en el coche de mi Padre ;) ahora entiendo que tenía buen gusto vaya si lo tenía jajaja.

  61. Klaus Sgroi

    This has got to be the strangest music video, but the song is great.


    I don't know how old you are, but I was 19 at the time, before tech became infused and dominated our lives. Back then this was magic! I truly miss those days. people interacted with people, and we had imagination. we truly lived!

    Rusty Patriot

    @sochenzie83 There's still creative people out there, it's just since everyone has access to a computer now, it gives more dumb people a voice. At least that's my theory, I don't know.

  62. Matt Rouge

    This video is awesome!

  63. jjclasicas

    2015. This album is absolutely fresh.

    Greg Palmer

    +jjclasicas And it speaks to our times. Except it's so much easier now that the Internet is involved.

    Freedom Marines

    +jjclasicas Now 2016!!

  64. Carlis Edu

    Muito bom.

  65. Foxhack

    I've... had dreams like this.

  66. Robbie Stewart

    Your copyright disclaimer is wrong!! The Alan Parsons Project never recorded for RCA Records!! They recorded this song, as well as all other recordings under the Arista Records label. The only exception was the first album in 1976 "Tales of Mystery and Imagination." That one was recorded under the Phonogram label in the UK and Mercury in the US. How do I know all of this? Real simple. I used to have all of The Alan Parsons Project's albums on Cassette with the red casing that Arista used at the time and each one of them had a copyright disclaimer that said Arista Records.


    @Robbie Stewart " I know that you probably don't understand this but booking recording studio time cost a lot of money, not to mention having to also book a session with a mastering studio to have your recording mastered to proper EQ standards before being sent to a record label's replication plant where millions of copies are then pressed and sold to the general public. It's the record labels and some producers who mostly fund all of these costs.".  
    How is it that you think I don't understand? Production is my job. My hobby is the occasional roadie fun for some of my bands. They have full credit for their art always. I am in this for the love of the art and am a musician myself. Not sure why you want to put me down. All I did was point out that this is APPs channel which results in royalties for the band. I came to the page to listen to this song as my albums are 7000 miles away at the moment.

    Robbie Stewart

    OK that's great. If production is your job, then you know what I'm saying then. And I'm not trying to put you down. It's just there was some history here on APP's recording deals with the labels that you all were not obviously not aware of and I was, which was why I started commenting on here in the first place. WOW. From what you say, it sounds like you haven't yet transferred your albums to your computer yet, which surprises me since you're in music production. I transferred my whole 700 cassette tape and vinyl collections many years ago and maintain it between several hard drives. Much easier then having to haul it around.


    @Robbie Stewart
    Even I've done that and I'm not that techy but that was so important it was like one of my bigger priorities. Now it is starting to annoy me because the it keeps shutting off. Plus I can't use the awesome camera on the phone when the spotify/bluetooth is running.

    I think maybe a generic iPod with bluetooth may be my next purchase. That was a big priority -- get back to my music collection. Some days it keeps me sane!

    Robbie Stewart

    My prior comment wasn't aimed at you. I was replying to @Umihime's message. I did get your e-mail reply and I'll send you the NCH software link sometime tomorrow. Mom gave me a shopping list, so I had to go to the store for her and also answer a service call.


    I did find it again and it seems to be stable. (photoexplosion blew up my 'puter and required a restart and that came with the kodak camera! )
    In fact, I got some 4k videos on it now but have t learn about editing tommorrow as I am just dead tired. But it looks like a very promising program. Lots of options to learn and even the font/skin/colors are so much better than youtube movie maker. Tahnk you very much!

    This is already more progress than I have made with days of the other programs. Very cool!

  67. rpwVideoInstruction

    Funny, you could create this video these days in 30 minutes, but in '85, it was a major accomplishment.

    margus kiis

    Actually with proper video editing machine it wasn`t a huge problem in 1985.

    CSX Productions

    @margus kiis
    They had video-editing machines in 1985?

    margus kiis

    CSX Productions  Of course they had and very good ones. Someway better than nowadays PC-based ones.

    PR Fo

    @CSX Productions Also, Quantel was making computer graphics workstation back in the early 1980s. Many 1980s music videos used them. Yes' 1984 music video for "Leave It" and the music video for DIre Straits "Money For Nothing", for example.

    Mr Spectacals

    @CSX Productions Yes. The most popular ones were the Commodore Amiga and Quantel.

  68. Ricardo Mayorga

    Pure 80s sound!!!

  69. OrbGoblin

    This video is like a series of animated gifs.

    Juan Pablo Rojas W.


  70. Daryl Redwine

    Oh Please perform at Harrahs this year!

  71. MrCzechers

    Thanks for posting! This song has been in my head off & on for years but didn't remember the name or who sang it.

  72. Steve Allsopp

    One of my wife's favorites!  She did some choreography on this vid and danced in it.  She still looks amazing and can be seen at 3:22 black hair w/ white streaks, grey leopard vest & black torn leggings.

    Steve Allsopp

    @SPacy sam aku holT ... her recollection is the name of the episode was "Meet Your New Family". S No lines but she skated around in a black leather jacket lookin' all badass : )

    June B

    I can't see her.

    Steve Allsopp

    @June B Lisa is on the right at 0:41 long black hair, leopard vest and black torn pants. She crashes with another dancer. Also at 1:40 and 3:40

    Steve Allsopp

    @June B ... 3:22 not 3:40 oops ✌

    Kate Murphy

    Steve Allsopp Very 😎.

  73. Alyanschi Gümüş Alyans

    best music video ever! .. lol

  74. Ian Zukswert

    I am so very happy to finally see the full version of this superb video. I love the Alan Parsons Project and their videos have all been well made, diverse and interesting. John Miles sounded fantastic on this track and the album was extraordinary. Thank you for sharing this one!!!

  75. aitech nasus

    This Is My Favorite Song By The Alan Parsons Project.

  76. french1956

    APP... timeless!