Alan Parsons Project, The - Standing On Higher Ground Lyrics

I know the truth
But I can't say
And I have to turn my head
And look the other way

I'm not afraid
And I won't lie
As long as I see no wrong
I won't need to testify

I see the world
And I'm looking from a high place
Way above it all
Standing on higher ground

I breathe the air
While they're running in a rat
Way above it all
Standing on higher ground

I feel the blow
But I don't speak
And I have to close my eyes
Pretending I'm asleep

Well I see the tears
But I don't cry
As long as I do no wrong
I don't need an alibi

I see the world
And I'm looking from a high place
Way above it all
Standing on higher ground

I breathe the air
While they're running in a rat
Way above it all
Standing on higher ground

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Alan Parsons Project, The Standing On Higher Ground Comments
  1. Bobotte

    Disgusted about how low the views are...

  2. Leonardo Alonso

    Bob Lazar! Temon!

  3. David Young

    It's about time (no pun intended) that Alan Parsons was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  He certainly deserves it!

  4. Bob Cummings

    The 80's were something else. The music rocked by the decade was jacked up! Go figure!

  5. starkRECORDINGS

    Turn the volume up, listen to this loud, and enjoy!!! Fantastic song!

  6. freewilliam93

    I love all the easter eggs on the smaller screens.

  7. freewilliam93

    That Bank of America shot kinda tells you what this song is really about.

  8. Mauri Finger

    Por algún motivo todo su proyecto fue bien recibido por mis oídos. Lo demás, un escalon mas abajo para mi.

  9. putnam83

    Love the song, even as edited here. However, this video, even with the in jokes, is atrocious.

  10. Seth Schiller

    This video sort of reminds me of the yes video.for owner of a lonely heart

    Carrie G.

    But this one is a better tune

    Seth Schiller

    @Carrie G. everyone is entitled to there own opinion personally both groups yes and the Alan Parsons project wrote and recorded and produced alot of the music of thec80s

  11. Karla Heath

    9 eleven b4 it's time 💕

  12. charles berndt

    it still is lol

  13. jose luis pinzon C

    Jerry Seinfeld acting test 😆

  14. Simon Gravel

    Such a great band! It's not from my era and I wasn't even introduced to it by parents but I love it regardless. I guess good music is good music! :)

    charles berndt

    at least you have good taste era or not

  15. Christopher U.S. Smith

    Did anybody else notice the Vulture Culture logo and "Let's Talk About Me" video on the other monitors?

  16. Christopher U.S. Smith

    1:42 Nine years later, a solo album devoted to hot air balloons and other forms of aviation. :)

  17. Chip Cook

    Very interesting that across APP videos, so many people say "my dad used to play APP" -- just because, to help his kid to not be afraid, because APP was dad's favorite, and many others. And then they say something like "what would I be without him having done that," and "thanks, dad."
    I all puffed up to know that I am one of those dads.
    Tell you what. If my kid doesn't pass it on to his kids (I think he will), his pops sure as shit will.

  18. Abe Bowen

    Great song and cool video...

  19. Rich Severson

    He knows hes the best in rock music

  20. Rich Severson

    If you're listening to this, Higher ground you're already on!

  21. cathleen more

    This video portrayed the future of confusion we now live in.

  22. billy kelly

    Just heard this on WXRT Saturday morning flashback. Couldn’t remember who it was.

  23. William Kinsey

    I breathe the air while their running in a rat race.
    Lyrics to inspire! LOL

  24. William Kinsey

    What a masterpiece.
    I can,t stop watching this.
    Gaudi sounds incredible on my Marantz CD 5005!LOL

  25. William Kinsey

    Fantastic album
    Fantastic song
    What more could you want! LOL

  26. Rich Severson

    This isnt even close to his best. However WOWWW. Rigjt?

  27. Kevin Cruikshank

    Remember this one- great!

  28. Tage Kaliandrino

    The song is lyrically masterful and the composition magical, but video is a nose dive...

  29. Jet Jaguar

    Great music.

  30. charles berndt

    hows bout just say "its pretty good music" because it is

    charles berndt

    binary lol

  31. Govuu Vecece

    I believe they were strictly a studio band when they started...

  32. MrBarnerd

    why do I feel I'm hearing vitamin z in this song?

  33. Ive Giro

    My favorite song of lifetime!

  34. bonefishjimmy

    Too bad they don't do this in concert. It would be killer...

  35. Jose Neil Ceniceros Camiruaga

    Alan Parsons in México june 2018. Great concert!

  36. Ive Giro

    great lyrics by obi wan

  37. MARCELO AMÂNCIO Mestre de Cerimônias

    O ator do vídeo-clip é parente do Joe Namath ?

  38. Roger

    novela corpo Santo na rede manchete 88 o ano senão me engano...cena final

  39. dero

    yestarday for no reason this song started turning in my head after years, and I am now here.
    oh, wait, it was something else, "dancing on the highwire". why am I even here? youtube recommended videos.
    you just heard my inner voice. thanks for watching.

  40. The Jackson Winfrey Project

    Why does this guy resemble Fred Armisen

  41. MrTrancemission

    The Singer is Geoff Barradale of the great new wave band "Vitamin Z"


    MrTrancemission I love his voice!


    Listen more of this great and particular voice with this tracks "Circus Ring" and "Burning Flame"


    Thank you very much for the suggestion :)


    OMG, really? The man behind "Don't Stop and Listen to His Music" and "Burning Flame"? I love that song. Thank you for enlightening me. Two beautiful worlds in my life come together. ❤️

    Jerry Fiore

    And "Burning Flame" was such a damn good tune, they released it on both of their albums! "Circus Ring" is in my Top 10 all-time favorite songs, ever!

  42. Alejandra Guerra

    Que tema más bueno

  43. David Piçarra

    This is the bald guy from kingsman

  44. cathleen more

    Forgot this song,, but it gave a prelude to the future!!

  45. I am Chegg

    I have the higher ground anakin

  46. danuschild

    I choose not to run with the rats.

  47. eduardo alexis herrera


  48. I don't have graça

    1:28 - Meu Deus do céu, onde que eu tô, será que eu tô em alagoinha?

  49. Michelle H.

    There's a guy at my school that looks like him... i'm gonna ask him of this is his dad 😂

  50. Shawn Bracey

    the commercial right before the vid, Purple protector mattress thing w/ Big Foots Family was GREAT...just like APP

  51. danuschild

    I think Mr Alan Parsons knew something back then that I have begun to realize.

  52. Marcelinux

    When you do a homework the last day

  53. Embriologia Fcm

    The song of Obi Wan Kenobi.

    Jaison Rodrigues

    "The Kenobi Song"


    Glad I'm not the only one to think so

    Sergio Hernández

    _Oh man i was looking for this coment!!_


    @Sergio Hernández HEW HEW me too


    Probably rocks this in his starfighter

  54. David Bailey

    Plus some of there videos were pretty innovative

  55. David Bailey

    I love there musical styles it was so inventive and some off there songs were good lyrics and good singers

    Govuu Vecece

    that was what made them stand out...they employed great singers...

  56. Random Assault

    This song sort of sounds like a mix between Queen and George Michael, I really like it a lot

  57. The Shawn Murphy Journal

    Eric is now standing on higher ground

  58. Steven Anthony

    I lost my wife to cancer and her favorite was Alan Parson. His songs speak to a higher place that most people can envision.

  59. Mizz Meg

    Lisa this is not the platform for advertising!!!!!! :(

  60. Diana Parsons

    am i part of this project ? cuz if not y do i understand sum what whats going on ?


    So, Are you Old and Wise, Standing on Higher ground, Step by Step with a Eye in the Sky? Don't answer me!

  61. Mehmet Erdem Ercin

    Beautiful music, very 80's kind of video. Also, the 80's type of tech is all over the place! Nice... But I think this Gaudi album was the last album before the Freudiana. This album is sad, after Gaudi album, Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson got seperated. If they continued, they could keep working and produce more nice songs.

  62. Catarina De Jesús

    Eric y. Parsons. grandesss

  63. Andrew Campione

    Doesn't get much better than APP

  64. David Hughart

    its hard being alone ived been there many years and depressed even though im healthy but its the excessive gambling and alcohol that got to me but this song is hot

    David Rogers

    Hang in there buddy. The music brings back memories of better times. Take care my friend.

  65. solojinglesradio

    Sintonía de las noticias de RNE 1 en los 80


    Y del París-Dakar de esa misma época.

  66. John Wilkinson

    Looks like Luke Wilson

  67. Steven Kostis

    Did you know that this is a young Jason Lee portraying Antonio Gaudi/the editor in this video? At least I think it is.

    Michelle H.

    Steven Kostis who is Jason Lee? I'm trying to search him up, but i can't find him

  68. David Rogers

    My favourite Alan Parsons song but there are so many others I love. Bring back the 80's if only for a day. Great, great times.

  69. Mathew bethapudi

    These are the true colors of the Congress President!!!

  70. Mathew bethapudi

    So Rahul Gandhi Gives sonia Gandhi sexual favours ;)

  71. Amy Gale

    I love that my dad would play App growing up and I have my kids listen to them now. This is always been one of my favourite songs.


    So cute and funny hearing my 7yo sing psychobabble lol.

  72. Paul Barkowitz

    Great album after great album after great album. And on each album, great song after great song after great song. I've listened to APP music for decades, and I simply never get tired of hearing this wonderful music. I've purchased their music many times over (original LPs, then cds, then expanded cds, and some legacy editions. But the amount of entertainment and enjoyment I've received has made this a great investment.

    I was so sad when Eric Woolfson passed away, as his death meant the end of APP. But he has left behind the gift of his genius. And Alan Parson still tours, giving us all a chance to hear this fantastic music live.

  73. Serena Kimlin

    Goddess Bless my parents for raising me on APP from the day I was born! Vulture Culture came out the year I was born, and love all of Alan, Eric and the amazing contributing musicians and singers' contributions made to each and every album....and critics said they'd never amount to anything memorable when Tales of Mystery and Imagination came wrong they were, and how glad I am they were!

    William Kinsey

    :) I was at university.

  74. Richard Woods

    I listened to this song in the 80's  love it to this day..  I have it on cassette.  still sounds great! thanks bro---

  75. Bill Almeida Ferreira

    gosto muito.


    Bill Almeida Ferreira novela da rede manchete nos anos 80 tocava essa música

    Reyson Hingada

    gusto mo ito hahaha 😂😂😂......oo gusto ko to 👍👍👍

  76. Douglas Erickson

    This man really knows how to produce music not only his but other bands also

    BGB IG

    Yeah I was amazed how I never knew until recently he produced for pink floyd as well, amazing. Criminally underated.

  77. Necrophage

    I've never actually seen this video. Meta hacker or metaphor for ...?

  78. Jen Itinger

    Alan is pure genius !!❤️💋🎶🎧🎹🎸🎼🎤



  80. boybblue

    Great song by Alan!!!


    boybblue Eric Woolfson

  81. Largo

    That's the Tron building! (Downtown LA)

  82. Roger Bosales

    Geoff Barradale !

  83. Paul Kersey

    Bring back the Eighties.

    Balan Varma

    Paul Kersey the moronic kids of today wouldn't know what when they listen to this

  84. moncorp1 Inc

    APP is just glorified 80's movie soundtrack music.   Blech.   Why did I give it a second chance?  Stupid me.

  85. Tuxi Talk 2

    Been a fan of the APP since 1977!!! They never disappoint!

  86. cmtecarvalho

    Over 48 thousand views and just over 2 hundred likes? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! This is a masterpiece!

    Eric Troxell

    the video never got any push. unless u get lucky u wont even get this recommended in your account

    Christopher U.S. Smith

    1.3k :)

  87. Ricardo Mayorga

    The landscapes from this video and the great synthesizer musical combination, makes a perfect theme song and the talent from Alan Parsons... just authentic.

  88. walter zeballos

    APP Rule!!
    Another masterpiece for us to enjoy!!

    Mary Sexton

    Steve Wiindwood

  89. umberto berveglieri

    indietro nel tempo ma avanti nel tempo

  90. Alyanschi Gümüş Alyans

    I was like 12 when I first I heard APP and immediately fell in love. Got all records. I didn't know english yet. It just had grabbed me. They are so special!

    Valeriya Safianikova

    @Yuzukhane I  had the same feelings)) It's forever


    off topik...commodore power! xD

    Mark Rago

    Alan Parsons Project Is a well known group in the United States. Alan Parsons was also a producer, the most notable and successful album he produced was Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. He also did engineering work on The Beatles Abby Road. The man knew his music, especially the electronically composed mishmash of pop/rock/progressive/disco/new wave/etc. that Parsons and company recorded. Their work in the late 1970s and early 80s was a precursor to New Wave music. Great talents


    +Yuzukhane Music is an International language ;) Greetings from Poland

    Nicholas Ramsey

    I was also 12 in 1987 when this came out! So Moving!

  91. Ernesto Angel Cianni

    Que temaso, por favor !!!!!!!!!!

  92. Paul Pregnolato

    Very cool song - remember hearing it as a 15-year old in early 1987!

  93. MakarovMan

    One if my favorite APP songs. RIP Eric Woolfson.

  94. william horback

    Excellent music...

  95. sergio peres

    Wow !! It seems a science fiction movie !!

  96. DrChicago

    Ian Bairnson - the best guitarist you never heard of.

    Nessun Dorma My Way

    One of...

  97. Roman Gadacz

    another great song of this amazing group!