Alan Parsons Project, The - Let's Talk About Me Lyrics

Let's talk about me for a minute
Well how do you think
I feel about what's been going on
Let's talk about me for a minute
Well how do you think
I feel about what's gone wrong

Let's talk about dreams
I never learned to read the signs
Let's think about what it all means
I never seem to have the time

Let's talk about you and your problems
All that I seem to do is spend the night
Just talking 'bout you and your problems
No matter what I say I can't get it right

Don't think about dreams
Is it all a waste of time
Don't think about what it all means
If you are a friend of mine

Talk about me, for a minute
I'm the one who's losing
Talk about me, for a minute
I'm the one who's always losing out

And how do you think
I feel about what's been going on
Let's talk about me for a minute
Well how do you think
I feel about what's gone wrong

Let's think about dreams
We never seem to have the time
Let's think about what it all means
If you are a friend of mine

Let's talk about me
I'm the one who's losing out
I'm the one who's losing out
I'm the one who's losing out, losing out

Talk about me, for a minute
I'm the one who's losing
Talk about me, for a minute
I'm the one who's always losing out

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Alan Parsons Project, The Let's Talk About Me Comments
  1. John Smith

    The 5th album i bought...

  2. Robert Parums

    Not only an iconic 80s song, but the video is a great social commentary of the social tension between the sexes back then.

    Guy with simple needs wants to be left alone to do simple things; nuanced woman wants more satisfaction in her relationship and will try anything and everything to make it work until she realises it's a dead-end and finds something better.

  3. v fristachi

    2:49 since the video came out i've always wondered if that pass was completed in the end zone or not....

  4. Luciano Barcelos

    Alan Parsons e Eric Woolfson ao meu ver, corretamente convocaram muito bem o David Paton para os vocais dessa música. Sem dúvida a grande música deste album Vulture Culture de 1984.

  5. David Muñoz

    Now i can't watch the sports without feeling me guilty :(

  6. Todd Sundell

    Great song. So there's a dead robber lying on the front yard?

  7. ja maguire

    Name of the actress?

  8. Bruna caetano de souza caetano

    the best forever.

  9. Hot Mess Elliotts

    OG Maco brought me here

  10. blookyblops and the tinfoil hat gang

    anyone who listens to this crap

  11. nitakate 49

    Nothing much has changed with men and their partners and sport in 2019😩

  12. Degrelle Holt

    I loved when he picked up the photo just be sure.

  13. RyanImitheoS

    Bitch the man is tryna watch the game. Jesus

  14. Joseph Bennett

    One of Burt Reynolds' lesser-known roles.

  15. Stephen Wilson

    Maco brought me here OGG
    “That’s terrible”

  16. AN Feuerstahl

    Let's comment about meeeeee

  17. Tadeu da silva ferreira

    Cara parece muito com Supertramp

  18. RVC74

    I would pay attention to her, she is sexy.

  19. Nick Griffith

    NCWL brought me here! Hoggett Dynasty for Life!

  20. Victor Morales

    Plata o plomo...

  21. evolutionary transgression

    I would have just shoved my ass right into the guy's face.

  22. WonderWhaz

    I'd kick the living shit out of that guy!

  23. nitedreamer23

    Black Milk.

  24. ripsalsa

    Finally LMAO a 80s song video without those millennium kids saying that they wished that they were borned in the 80s..

    Depressed Barbell Man

    AudioCultSG Official People like that need to be burned.

  25. seventyninestudios

    @2:00 I thought this was turning into a porno. Lol

  26. richard abney

    Remember the day this video came out those were the days Mtv!!!

  27. Mino Oliva

    Brano spettacolare

  28. Cpt Red

    1:03 Shout to my man Parson and the Wolf

    Nicholas Johnson

    Bahahaha, Parson and the Wolf, THE BEST !!!!

    Denise Martin

    and don't forget David Paton singing!

  29. notgrillo collector/ gamer

    I love these 1980's music videos, they were great storytellers!!

  30. ronie80's

    What shit life we live

  31. ronie80's

    Great app

  32. jack mayhoffer

    Maybe he’s gay.

  33. Music lover

    First-rate album in my collection, greetings from Italy!

  34. Kenny Jones

    Camron ft jadakiss brought me here

  35. nitedreamer23

    How the hell did Black Milk find this? I'm an APP fan and I didn't even know this song.

  36. Advogado Dr. Sérgio

    Adorava a banda. Essa música é demais.

    Elaine Ferreira

    Sérgio Ricardo Giolo saudade dessa época, música maravilhosa anos 80 volte socorro!!!!!!!!

  37. Benjamin Blake Mitchner

    Great video that I remember well from childhood. I wasn't a full blown Alan Parsons Project freak until they were suggested to me by John Woloshcuk from Klaatu 23 years ago and I went out and bought a bunch of their records. The Pilot connection helped immensely. No comments about it so I'll comment. This song is sung by David Paton of Pilot and the guitar player in APP was Ian Bairnson from Pilot. This is the way these big projects should be cut the pretensions and write good creative songs.


    Klaatu put out some great stuff. I can't wait for Alan Parsons latest. Lou Gramm? Cool.

  38. mustapha wichou

    I am so happy found it lovely song what a great memories

  39. Terence Rosenthal

    It's the opposite scenario- it's a homely guy with a hot girl who's just using him

  40. Terence Rosenthal

    It's a depressing song even if it's correct

  41. Bayern Franken

    vulture culture, the best album of App, for me


    Bayern Franken for me too

  42. Christopher Althouse

    At first, my thought was "80s drama... Here we go again..."

    Then she starts shorting out the circuitry... TV stays on...

    Then she goes for the burglar... Game still going...

    Then she pilfers and ignites the burglar's bomb... Which he promptly uses to light his cigar and absent-mindedly rolls into the bathroom she's in...





  43. sebastià marquès

    Here we have a typical example of contemporary womanhood: self-centered, attention craving, demanding, bitchy, unsympathetic. I'm siding with her husband. The actress was very pretty, though.

  44. Xandao Homem Bruto Da Gsa Leves

    Pensei que era roger houdson que cantava demorei pra acha e como um bom brasileiro num desisto.nunca,

    Erick Nieto

    No, He is David Paton from Pilot

  45. C MH

    Don't go away mad, just go away.

  46. margus kiis

    Fun video.

  47. victor contreras

    Daniel 80

  48. Samuel C.

    3:01 what is this on television?

    The Cat

    Samuel C. Wow

  49. Harriet Shearsmith

    Oh I loved watching this, you're awesome

  50. Harriet Shearsmith

    Oh I loved watching this, you're awesome

  51. LizardHouse

    TV & Beer > Sex with wife

  52. Guido Octavio

    As in these time people were with tv now its the same with cellphones... we go to a terrible desgrace

  53. Altair Star

    tv very addictive..

  54. MerkinMuffly

    He looks like he's a BYU fan, he probably has other hotter wives and isn't into this one.

  55. gremmiehodad

    This song always reminded me of Supertramp!

  56. Strong

    I've always considered this song to be about the opposite scenario, a man trapped with a woman who cares only about herself and her problems, this video being the official one for the song seems wrong. Although it's easier to market the "oblivious/dense man."


    It is politically correct to present the lazy, fat, dumb and selfish man. That's what popular culture thrives upon.

    Doomsday Device123

    Its sad that its the reality.

    Sophie Kuchinka

    Strong This video seems wrong to you because it doesn’t go with what YOU imagined that the song was about, even though you don’t know whether or not that is actually what the song is about?

  57. okrajoe

    So 80s. This song has been stuck in my head for some reason -- 30 years later.

    Miguel Verdial

    This girl has been stuck in my head too


    She looked like Goldie Hawn. :)


    Lembro do Tv Sucesso com Amir Francisco na TV Alterosa nos anos 80

  59. my pp small , i was cucked and

    what a comical yet depressing music video

  60. michael anthony hilario

    Who is this actor on this video? I know he played the captain on Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

  61. victor contreras

    consuelo kata te amo daniel te amo

  62. PabloRMR

    Verry good clip !

  63. Lisa

    You worth meeting me, click: #dearSeeMeSexy

  64. George Jones

    This is where my dad is going if his TV football addiction agenda is fully grown, dead of a heart attack, I told him not to watch anymore football i promise him i will never look at nudity on DeviantART ever again, I want my father to take my annoying little sister and little brother on a road trip exploring Germany and France and Italy.

  65. Maria Aparecida Neta

    Música maravilhosa!

    Renato Vinicius

    Tenho 55 anos ainda ouvindo essa música amoooo

    Elaine Ferreira Barros

    @Renato Vinicius e eu com 57 anos também

  66. sidratuk

    My love of TAAP brought me here - naturally

  67. Alejandro Diaz

    the master!

  68. Jeff Deloach

    I remember when this was on MTV all the time. They played this song like every hour

  69. thaddeus mcgrath

    All she wanted was to have dinner with her man, but the TV always brought relationships down in the 80's. The same is true in today's world, only now it is smart phones right? I would have compromised when the cloths came off or when she was going first base with the burglar. Excellent song and video.

  70. a SLAN

    very eighties haha

  71. Cornelius Esperanza

    Perfect depiction of marital breakdown. Something my Autistic/Asperger's self hopes will never have to face if and when becoming a husband.

  72. Bill Koerner

    Closing shots looks like my teenage son's room...

  73. Jeneral Millz


  74. Buck Fama

    Sure that's not Supertramp??

    Erick Nieto

    No, The lead vocal is David Paton; vocal from Pilot and basemen from APP

    Christopher U.S. Smith

    @John Sergei More Chris Rainbow than Eric Woolfson in the backing vocals.

    John Sergei

    @Christopher U.S. Smith One way to Pilot the APP to success.

    Christopher U.S. Smith

    @John Sergei Indeed. ;)

  75. Greg Mortensen

    BYU VS Michigan I was there. Holiday Bowl

  76. supermanboss

    Jadakiss and camron brought me here

  77. KingEvoTheDon

    black milk brought me here


    AraabMuzik too

    david o

    Yes sir!!!!!!!!!

  78. vinnykster

    Fuck the football game. She's totally hot! :-) Great tune! Alan Parson's has some amazing tracks!


    They stop being hot when the nagging starts. Then they become useless.

    This is why they find themselves complaining (since Eve) about how men, "Wine 'em, Dine 'em, Dck 'em, Forget 'em."

    They are their own worst enemy.

  79. Sadz1up

    Me: let's listen to work
    *song starts* ( I sing along) work work work work work work see me have me work work work work work work see me do me dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt it's all about that work work work work work work

    Advogado Dr. Sérgio

    let"s talk

  80. Alexander The Great

    One of my favorite tracks from The Alan Parsons Project. On top of that, the video is extremely genius and eye catching.

  81. Necrophage

    Genius. .


    la tía no se da cuenta que el del bigote es de la grupeta de Queen con ese bigotillo jajaja creo que le gusta la carne y no el pescado ;-)

  83. Matthew Spencer

    What is Paul F. Thompkins doing?

  84. kse Povorina

    What is she saying in the end, at 3:55?

    Greg Palmer

    +Mihxail Povorin "You're the one who's losing out"

  85. David Crews

    Great song!

  86. moncorp1 Inc

    No matter how hot the chick, somewhere there's a guy sick of screwing her.

  87. chompypunk890

    OOOOhhhh,.... Censored version!!! Too baaaad, Vevo!!


    +chompypunk890 you really didnt see anything in the other version besides her panties with no nudity.Just her upper back with no side boob

    Justin DeNickuvtyme

    Yeah I was disappointed that the only video for this song on Youtube is the censored one. The original is much sexier. You get more back and side boob shot, along with her panties and butt. AND, you get her dangling her underwear in his face. The original is out there on other sites, so if anyone is interested, look it up.

  88. walter zeballos

    Oh my God! that nice attractive lady  must be  a granny now...(if she is still around...)

    walter zeballos

    @Hepglon i hope so too,she was very attractive.

    Cornelius Esperanza

    Actually it's 31 years later, this came from the 1985 Alan Parsons Project album Vulture Culture.

    Alejandro Buenahora

    **IN 1984**

    impeller speed

    walter zeballos would you hit


    walter zeballos the lady is very is an ugly gay. Fuck man you’re only a stupid...

  89. RandPaul VotedagainstGMOLABELBILL

    Burt Reynolds

  90. Capt Kool

    What if she didn't win the lottery?

    Christopher U.S. Smith

    That was a game show.

  91. Jim Erispaha

    Sounds like a Supertramp song.

    Juan Martinez

    It really does. In fact I was listening to Breakfast In America by Supertramp and this song popped into my head.

    notgrillo collector/ gamer

    well I never!!

    Cpt Red

    well said that is the same to me

    Michael Webb

    It does!

    William Wilson

    Not even close.

  92. Topkatt88

    1:03 Alan Parsons & Eric Woolfson

    Xandao Homem Bruto Da Gsa Leves

    Topkatt88 1.04 alan parson & eric woolfson,eles aparecem?

  93. Dave Wollenberg

    Reminds of Roger Hodgson singin' 'Breakfast in America'.


    Yeah, similar

    KNN media

    Reminds of whole Supertramps!

    30 AMMER

    +Dave Wollenberg I felt the same thing!

    Christopher U.S. Smith

    Pilot's David Paton, actually. ;)

  94. wolverine3566

    *The Alan Parsons Project - Let's Talk About Me* - Sorry, Ladies, the cruel reality :/

    Julie Huston

    Hi, I know x

    Ana Hernandez

    My ex husband told me once that women were more intelligent but once they fell in love they became stupid, that’s the problem. Love is very rare on this planet better to cultivate within and stop the search for it outside ladies 😉

  95. Maria Aparecida Neta

    Bela música!!

  96. Bezkost

    this song is a part from my childhood, no offense but i cant watch the video and listen to this song at same time....i mean ive never saw it so it ruins the magic

    Aussie Noonga

    Yeah, I expected Yom Kippur War news footages in the video because that's what I thought that song was about.