Al Stewart - The Ear Of The Night Lyrics

You put your tongue in the ear of the night
Expecting rejection but finding instead
A certain connection that left you surprised
And then gave you electrical thoughts in your head
Emboldened by this you were tempted a kiss
On the brow of a mystery passing you by
And thus we're afforded a simple reward
In the shape of a chord from a street corner choir
Through her window you can see her
With her solitary air
You felt a certain twinge inside you
From her military hair
And you'd have normally acted quite formally
This was the moment to open the door
You instantly mated and constantly dated
Though your mother hated the clothes that she wore
Oh well

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Al Stewart The Ear Of The Night Comments
  1. smartalek180

    Yes it is -- but am I the only one who hears some faint, distant echoes of Steely Dan in there, too?

  2. smartalek180

    I really don't know what I like best about Al's music -- the haunting themes, the catchiness of the melodic hooks, the depth of the sentiment, the cleverness of the wordplay, the erudition in his narratives, or the sheer beauty of the performances.
    I just know the man can do no wrong.
    I wish he were as widely recognized as his genius warrants.
    Hopefully, some of these promos will help.
    Thank you so much, shpater, for the post -- and for the reasonably high bitrate, too.
    Ya done good.

  3. puddypuss

    nice song, bit reminiscient of 'angie'

  4. Paul BinCT

    Learn to spell, it will make you a more credible critic...


    Stupidity spelled properly is still stupid.

  5. al allen

    Al Stewart My gimmic is history what have i left out this year to make naother 20 million $?

  6. Maranda Spotts

    can you post more songs from this great cd thanks