Al Stewart - Red Toupee Lyrics

To catalina on a fishing boat
We call it henry cisneros
We got no money but we stay afloat
The jellyfishes don't scare us
You're telling everybody life's a ball
Too many pleasures to mention
You do a cartwheel in the shopping mall
You seem to get their attention

In your red toupee
In your red toupee

You take your number to a broadway play
It keeps her well out of danger
You're blowing bubbles in the matinee
You never looked any stranger

In your red toupee
In your red toupee

People say that you're unusual
You just tell them they're confused
If only they were more like you
They'd brighten up their day

In your red toupee
In your red toupee

Promenades in furs and laces
People put on airs and graces
Bedroom eyes in boardroom faces
Oh where will it lead

To catalina on a fishing boat
We call it henry cisneros
We got no money but we stay afloat
Those jellyfishes don't scare us

In our red toupees
Oh we got our red toupees
In your mauve toupee
Turquoise toupee
In your green toupee
Cerise toupee
Why are you wearing that strange toupee

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Al Stewart Red Toupee Comments
  1. Larry Danforth

    Great dur for mamy years,

  2. Chris Coleman

    I absolutely love this song what’s you deal 4?

  3. Alfons Martínez

    We got no money but we still afloat.
    no tenemos dinero pero seguimos a flote.

  4. Kevin Duff

    Who is this song ABOUT? I suspect it may have been about the lady singing backing vocals - Tori Amos - as she was a metal chick at the time and likely to have been sporting coloured hair extensions / toupees.

  5. Matthew Gordon

    Tori Amos brought me here 20 years ago

  6. Rem Henshaw

    Haha yes Tori Amos again here! !

  7. Chris Nemec

    Urban legend has it that Al chose the name Henry Cisneros due to the Medlar affair, which was surfacing at the time, but didn't become widespread outside of San Antonio until 1995. Supposedly he wanted a reference to a politician that was a bit on the oily side, and he heard about this while playing in San Antonio. I doubt this since I've went to San Antonio in 1990 and heard nothing of it. 

    Jack F

    From Wikipedia: Cisneros served as the 10th Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the administration of President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1997.[2] As HUD Secretary, Cisneros was credited with initiating the revitalization of many public housing developments and with formulating policies that contributed to achieving the nation’s highest ever rate of home ownership

  8. Patxi Marin

    Muy pero que muy buena

  9. Maroc

    Well done mate , one of my favourite Al Stewart numbers, thanks for sharing

    terry moore

    that's always said he's not a patch on Michael Bolton

  10. skintrade

    I always misheard it as "got the rent to pay"

    P Sheldon

    I thought it wad red "Beret" Oops!

    Rob W

    Hoi hoi hoi!

  11. Chris Coleman

    Love this song :-) Thank you

  12. Richard Fitzsimons

    Yes, a brilliant song! :)

  13. Hammster69

    I've been an Al Stewart fan most of my life, and I grew up in San Antonio, so it was pretty cool to hear him mention our Mayor in the first lines. ^_^