Al Stewart - Antarctica Lyrics

Long before I ever saw
The frost upon your face
I was haunted by your beauty
And it drew me to this place
I felt the chill of mystery
With one foot on your shore
And then and there resolved to go
Where no man had before

Maybe I was snowblind
But it seemed the wind spoke true
And I believed its stories then
As dreamers sometimes do
In Antarctica
In Antarctica

Who knows what the powers may be
That cause a man to go

Mindless of the dangers
Out across the virgin snow
Seduced by this ambition
I easily forget
The hopeless quest of Shackleton
The dreamlike death of Scott


Maybe I was snowblind
Perhaps it sapped my will
But something of my innocence
Is wandering there still
In Antarctica
In Antarctica
In Antarctica
In Antarctica

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Al Stewart Antarctica Comments
  1. UngKristen

    Its practically maiden izznit

  2. M Watney

    I think we have all met this girl, haven't we?

  3. George Isaac 9European

    I hope Al makes an album soon with all his fabulous guitarists- Tim Renwick, Peter White, Laurence Juber and Dave Nachmanoff. That will be a veritable treat.

  4. super buck tucker

    Peter white plays on all of Al Stewarts songs love that spanish guitar.

  5. Rafael Deustua

    I hope Al could come to Perú you Al.

  6. Howie Long

    What's going on down under?

  7. Rob W

    Saw him Saturday night in San Francisco, with The Empty Pockets. Wonderful to see him with a full band backing him. He played this song, the full Year of The Cat album, Terminal Eyes, and others. What a gem he is!

  8. Howie Long

    Allegations of Antartica are intriguing!

  9. duryan durocher

    hi james

    James Conroy

    duryan durocher hey duryan

    duryan durocher

    how goes it cutie

    James Conroy

    It goes good my bff

    duryan durocher

    xoxo daddy

  10. Zlatko Cudic

    Fantastično muzika koja prkosi proseku vremena i danas je potpuno originaln

  11. Gary Hudson

    Wonderful. . .

  12. George Isaac

    The problem with him is he's got too many masterpieces, two many songs of highest quality that many fail to latch on. His flaw is excellence.

    Steven Rashkow

    George Isaac , I agree. His stuff from this era is just so great to listen to

    William Martinec

    sometimes the gifts that God gives are only best when returned to Him; that we miss out is part of the curse of being so human

  13. Fernando Rodriguez

    Wow es fascinante escuchar a AL Stewart . Yo lo escucho desde que estaba en tercero de secundaria y aun me fascina. La música es universal, siempre romperá la barrera del idioma y la nacionalidad. Como decía Jim Morrison somos cada dia mas ciudadanos del mundo. Por cierto dedicada esta super pieza al ultimo continente virgen de la tierra LA ANTÁRTIDA. Cuidemos el planeta. También Vangelis tiene un album completo con este nombre. Arriba AL STEWART ...

  14. Manuel Pinto

    Esse s idiotas que não curten al stewart não saben o que è musica

  15. Manuel Pinto

    À muitos Anos que sento Al stewart fasme relaxar differente de tudo grande

  16. Francisco García

    Vaya mierda de cancion

    Mario Jane

    No sabes nada de musica, o eres analfabeto.

    Francisco García

    Era una pequeña broma lo siento si te he ofendido. No me pegues por favor.


    Así no se bromea, deberías borrar este comentario si te respetas un poco.

  17. Corea Kixx

    Good Heaven' there anything this man cannot create musically, lyrically, and visually, not to mention historically. Al's compositions are near perfect masterpieces.

  18. jesspatrick2

    You would have to see Al perform live to know what this song is really about.

  19. Len Halliwell

    Shackleton should have gone to Scarborough. A lot cheaper and a lot colder.

  20. Joe Jensen

    Pretty aggressive guitar and flute, too.

  21. Richard Mahn

    Shackleton reconstructed his ice-crushed ship. Built "Endurance" with the splinters, and got his crew home without losing a man. Robert Falcon Scott was a true hero. Died, pen in hand. Writing "For God's sake, take care of our people"...

    M Watney

    +Richard Mahn It would be a good idea to read some history before writing like that. Scott was an appalling leader who resisted the use of huskies (unlike Amundsen) because he disliked their habits, relegating them to a support role; who sent Meares (who knew everything about dogs but nothing about horses) to buy Siberian ponies with the instruction that he buy only white ones because that was what Shackleton had found best (with the result that to Oates's horror he delivered inferior animals); and insisted on man-haulling for no better reason than it was manly. See . A leader who causes the deaths of his team is no hero.

    Jack F

    For god's sake will someone think of the children


    In what universe was this?
    In this universe, Shackleton's crew got the "Endurance's" lifeboats off before the ship was crushed, loaded them with supplies, and had dog teams and men pull them like enormous sledges. Later, when the dogs had all been eaten, the men continued to pull the boats, eating penguins and occasional seals (when Shackleton would allow them to hunt; any questioning of his orders seemed to bring out an insecure mulishness in him).
    When the ice would not serve any longer; the boats were modified with scrap lumber that had been part of the loads in the boats to this time, and all the men set sail. When it was apparent that not all the boats would survive those seas to reach active shipping lanes or human settlements, most of the crew was left on an uninhabited island with two of the boats, while Shackleton and a few others went on towards the nearest land that they knew to have a human presence. Long story short, they all made it back alive, but it wasn't through any miracles performed by their leader.


    Ele nunca deixa a peteca cair. Sempre compondo excelente canções.

    Antonio Pina

    Mas, acho que Year of the Cat foi o auge dele !

    Eric leonardo schanuel girardi

    Então, estou descobrindo agora. Só conhecia year of the cat. De brinde descobri que Alan Parsons produziu album dele!

  23. Christian Hazelwood

    Have seen Al many times and god willing will see him many times more - remember him introducing this song and saying it was written for a certain lady who he believed should have shown more affection towards him - classic - what a legend...


    Maybe I'll see you in New Hope, Pa next week, Chris? BTW, beautiful video!

  24. Zeeshan Tahaboor

    I AM back to LOVE this song and AL Stewart after 20 years, and still LOVING All there it is.

    Roses of Time

    His music is TIMELESS!!!

  25. Chris Nemec

    Having seen Al live in the 1980's and 1990's, I love the story he told to introduce the song. It went something like this:
    One day I was at my home and then there was a knock at the door. I opened up the door and found a tall figure with a large hat that had a feather sticking out of it. I asked him who he was and he said he was a metaphor. I said "you're very tall for a metaphor" and he replied "Well, I'm an extended metaphor." He then asked me if I could give him a home. He said life without a home is like wandering the antarctic looking for love. So I decided to put him in a song that compared the failed explorations of the antarctic to finding love. 


    Lol I just saw him last weekend in Pennsylvania and he said this song was about a girl whom he described as "cold" because she wouldn't sleep with him.


    I.e. I think he makes some of these things up for fun

    Marcus Mattau

    I agree. Growing up he was actually shy.

    Howie Long

    teranz0 funny!

  26. Richard Mahn

    Ancient Mariner experienced the wrath of the Polar Spirit and the "Nightmare Life-in- Death" that "thicks men's blood with cold". DOC

  27. Richard Mahn

    Poe, in "Narrative of A. Gordon Pym" and Lovecraft, in "At the Mountains of Madness" heard the siren cry "Tekeli! Tekeli" which led Scott to death, and Shackleton to astonishing Endurance. Now they send cruise ships to this deadly place. Can't we leave some places on this planet to be Mystery and Terror, and shrines to inhuman Beauty? DOC

    NoOB Plays

    We will find new places were mystery and terror reigns, there will always be a place like that.

  28. Rosemarie Scott-Griffiths

    One of my all-time favorites.  Fabulous lyrics by Al, as always.

  29. Tony U

    He played all of his hits, On the Border, Song on the Radio, Roads to Moscow, YOTC was the encore song.
    He played with Gary Wright, and used Garys back up band for half of Al's act. He talks a lot about his songs, life, his early performance history, etc., he is VERY funny. Played for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. It was at a Casino, only held about 400 people, and we were sitting in front, 2nd row. Afterwards they had a variety of CD's, poster one could buy, and signed autographs. See him if u can. !

  30. ErichRemarque

    Did he play any of the hits, like Year of the Cat, On the Border, etc.?



  32. Tony U

    Saw Al Stewart last nite live in Ferndale WA, and this was one of the songs he played, he was great!

  33. jota patg gonian

    SIMPLILY BLILLANT. thanks Al for this great theme.........with your environmental vision. congratulatios & cheers.-

  34. henry

    Your music is great, am glad that we got new young musicians, the can make good music.

    “Rap” the time should soon be over , I hope

  35. thehoopster98

    helped me with my school project

  36. rac717

    Like virtully ALL Al Stewart songs--unique and spellbinding. Amusing double entendre. Beautiful shots. Thanks!

  37. eightdozenroses