Al Jarreau - The Christmas Song Lyrics

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir
And folks dressed up like Eskimos

Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe
Help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

They know that Santa's on his way
And he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh
And every mother's child is gonna spy
To see if reindeer really know how to fly

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety two
Although it's been said many times, many ways
Merry Christmas to you

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety two
Although it's been said many times, many ways
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
Merry Christmas to you

Christmas tree, and you and me
And Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Christmas tree, and you and me
And Jack Frost nipping at your nose

Christmas tree, and you and me
And Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Christmas tree, and you and me
And Jack Frost nipping at your nose

Christmas tree, and you and me
And Jack Frost nipping at your nose

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Al Jarreau The Christmas Song Comments
  1. R M

    I’m dreaming about the past Christmas, like no other anymore....

  2. Edgard Basco

    I like this Christmas song version of classic jazz, a good memory to keep.

  3. Andy Haslam

    Will be playing this over the festive season on my weekend breakfast show on 96.5 Bolton FM

  4. Lois Jenkins

    At 61 years old I have been a fan most of my life. Still listening December 2019. We miss you Al.

    James Lee

    No doubt!

    Lara O'neal

    Lois Jenkins Yes. Love AJ AND ALWAYS HAVE. Miss him so much. 🎶🎶🎄👍🏻💕💕💕💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰. Merry Christmas to u and yours.

  5. WhisperJet America

    We sure miss you.

  6. Drums and Trains

    Just perfect.

  7. JohnF KennyG

    Ahhh feels like Christmas morning!

  8. Vasili. Kozevnikov Kozevnikov

    Thank you Mr Al Jerreau love you endlless...I m from 2019 november god bless you thank you No!!! Your voice ..your soul with me...

  9. Tevin Howard

    Al's song is truly shining bright for the holidays everyone ready for thanksgiving and Christmas in 2019 ?🦃🍁🍂🔔🎄🎁🎀👼❄🌨✌🚂

  10. Dake

    wonderful music with amazing singer man Al Jarreau

  11. Erik Zavala

    DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO FIND THIS TODAY. It doesn’t show up anywhere online !!! And when you search “the Christmas song” you can imagine how many results pop up

    Sandra Meza

    Erik Zavala omg same. I’ve been looking of this song for years.

    Lara O'neal

    Erik Zavala Did u punch in Al Jarreux

  12. Emily Ann

    I don't care that it's September. I think I'm ready now!

  13. Johnetta Montgomery

    can u believe it i'm still listening to this song and its July 2019.....sounds good....just between me and u it just don't get no better than the legendary Nat King Cole!!!

  14. Johnetta Montgomery

    Can't nobody song it Al Jarreau, next to Nat King Cole. It still sounds good in 2019

  15. ashley marzan

    Al jarreau sings beautifully with the Christmas song and he is the best singer ever but this year when Christmas comes back fast I will enjoy the hoilday spirit and the season of all time it makes me feel happy and I will forever love Christmas because I love the holidays and of course Christmas itself so Christmas come back fast because when you do I will enjoy the moment with my family

  16. Frank Civitak

    Great classic

  17. oriolesguy1

    Never get tired of this song. The best version I have ever heard. Hits the soul, and makes you think.

  18. Louise Medina

    This song reminds me so much of my dad. Love you dad I miss you so much, Al Jerome is an amazing singer

  19. corrine joy

    here in 2018 ....Al u are u beautiful and sophisticated

  20. Brenda Orvis Shay

    Nice, easy listening while I am making cookies. 😊

  21. briane596able

    What originally was a nice Christmas song, is now a mandatory on my All-time Christmas playlist.
    ( RIP Al Jarreau )

  22. Shelly Yeates

    Beautiful . 12-14-18

  23. Carol Vaughan Davis

    Al Jarreau will always hold a special place in my heart. I am STILL saddened over his passing.

    Judi Dipillo

    I still miss him too. One of a kind.

  24. cellmate1

    I can’t find this version on iTunes

  25. Cachorro

    Best version of Christmas Song I've ever heard! been looking for this version of the song since it was played in the station for years!! thank you so much for posting this!

  26. Michael Smith

    There is no song that touches the Christmas spirit like Al Jarreau's version of the Christmas song

  27. administrative officer

    my favorite version

  28. Gina Lariosa

    The magic of music...totally changes my mood. The best Christmas song ever. I love you Al Jarreau!

  29. Rhodes

    Free vocal lesson )))

  30. Seth Myers

    Is it wrong that I'm listening to this in the middle of September? Just curious.

  31. Mr. Avery

    Sitting here flipping thru Al's music catalog & just reflecting on my life and now listening to this Xmas song getting teary eyed just thinking how blessed I am to have made it this far. Enjoy your life to the fullest people!

    cheryl melina

    Indeed. As tomorrow is Not promised.. blessings to you😉

  32. nor n.

    A legszebb!!

  33. George Hooper

    When the world is a mess and we are wondering how it will turn out an Al Jerreau song brings us back into love, intimacy and kids that will drive us nuts! The good news is that Al touches our heart so we have the strength to keep going on.

  34. Victoria Aviv

    I love you my friend

  35. Theresa Lopez


  36. Lisa King

    My favorite version of this song!

  37. Drew Shourd

    I do not celebrate Christmas but I DO celebrate Al Jarreau!!!

    Eric Marin

    andrew shourd oh okay then?.

    Petter Herlofsen

    Why not?


    My heart cries for Al jarreau....

  39. Elephants Aplenty

    head n shoulders better than any other version

    Elephants Aplenty

    extended version is what im taking about this one is cut short

    Eric Marin

    B Kelly wait there's a extended version of this song?.

    Elephants Aplenty

    i like the outro on the 5 minute version

    Elephants Aplenty

    4.56 minute version

    Eric Marin

    B Kelly oh okay then 😊

  40. Amy Collins

    Another great artist we sadly lost in 2017. RIP AL.

  41. Victoria Aviv

    Thank you

  42. Victoria Aviv

    I love you my friend ,my love

  43. Christian Baxter

    Christmas just isn't the same this year. RIP Al

  44. Stephanie Smith-Morton

    Something about this version... Puts me in a mood that words cannot express.  I love this song!!!!

  45. gsutton78

    This and Luther Vandross's version, just Wow!

  46. cubanangel1985

    What year was this song released?


    Are you sure?


    1982 or 1983. He released a different version - his christmas album in 2002, i think.
    i am not sure if the exact year.


    Did some research and determine that it was 1982; look at "GOD BLESS US ALL" album.

  47. Amy Henderson

    Beautiful song!

  48. Eric Marin

    I've been wondering who sings this song but, at least now I know his name now love this track 😊

  49. Tiena Ellison

    Thank you so much Al for your version of this song (genious) and perfection "You the man"! Love you! Rest in peace

  50. andrea repetto

    I have almost every single album of this unbelievable artist.

  51. Hansum joe

    This is the graydon version. The best one imho

  52. wan28858

    RIP to the great Legend Jazz Al Jarreau. Thanks for the great music!

  53. Roderick Thompson

    AL just sings

  54. R Harris

    does anyone know where I can get this on CD or digital format? New one is just not the same - horns instead of organ. And while Al is still lovely, it's not his youthful voice from the 1982 version.


    Organ? You mean the Prophet 5 synthesizer :)

  55. Richard Robinson

    By far this is the best version of The Christmas Song ever!!!!!!!!!


    absolutely.  Without equal such a holiday song.  Makes me want to sing out loud!


    Richard Robinson agreed hands down!!


    Oh yeah for sure I can listen to this all yr round. Just has that feel good sound🙏

    Maurice Ryan

    No disrespect, but cant beat the original by the great Nat King Cole

  56. Chrissy Matchin

    Al Jarreau has No EQUAL as a vocalist and this version of the classic "Christmas Song" is simply the best ever made. I rank it up there with Whitney Houston's National Anthem from the 1991 Super Bowl for the most breathtaking rendition of a song many many people have performed. Phenomenal Al.

    Anthony Davis

    Chrissy Matchi

    Steven Baker

    This song really is one that makes you want to sit by the fireplace drinking hot chocolate on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day in the evening enjoying the holidays.  Thank you Al Jarreau for a great version of this song, and Rest in Peace.

    Elaine Carpenter

    God bless you Mr. Al Jarreau R.I.P.

    mick griffin

    Beautiful and GREAT!

  57. GMoney28

    it's only September but I just can't get enough of listening to holiday music

  58. Chris Hughes

    Lovely - but I still prefer the original by the composer ... Mel Tormé.

  59. Mark Sheppard

    Thank you smooth and cool..

  60. Michał Strzelecki

    Bardzo ładne...

  61. Audrey Tuitt


  62. jessalle jakes

    This is the best song ever right along with Nat King Cole

  63. Marty Hester

    Love this version of the song.  Does anyone know on what album it was recorded?

    A&M Corner

    +Marty Hester It's a non-album track, originally only on 45RPM single and a one-song promo CD. Not sure if it has appeared on any other holiday compilations over the years, but when we used to have a jazz radio station here, they played this regularly. He re-recorded this for his CD "Christmas," based on the same arrangement but a new recording of it. I still prefer the original. Great recording by Al!

    Rene Mac

    A&M Corner I have an old vinyl Xmas album which includes this beautiful version.


    What's the name of the album?


    @disiniland It's on an album called Christmas by Al Jarreau, 14 Christmas songs from Al Jarreau, a really good album. Here is a link to it You can also find it as streaming on Tidal and probably on Spotify also but not sure.

  64. Monica Napieralski

    The BEST version EVER! Thanks Al...I love ya- Monica

  65. Kate Lopez


  66. Chris Taylor

    Smooth, is an understatement.

  67. La Greta

    My Fave Christmas Song! <3

  68. Elizabeth Chalfant

    never ever will there be another singer/musician like Al Jarreau. He brings the season of joy and love to new heights with this lovely Christmas song.

  69. mighty mate

    Al Jarreau delivered on this version of the Christmas song.

  70. Jeff Hall

    Best version of this classic ever. Great job by Al Jarreau!