Al Jarreau - Random Act Of Love Lyrics

Really touch somebody.
Really, really touch somebody.
With a random act of love.

Everything we do with good intent
Won't ever disappear, it only ripples into habit
Ever deep, cause it's no accident
That you and I are here
And you and I were meant to happen

There's one thing, that I know
That's like a gift unto the giver
And that's a random act of love
Everyday find a cause
And let it flow just like a river
Into a random act of love

An open heart can change the world we know
Into a loving place
Reviving everything that's givin' in it
Every spark, another chance to grow
Let love illuminate
The place where light is dimming

There's one thing, that I know
That's like a gift unto the giver
And that's a random act of love
Everyday find a cause
And let it flow just like a river
Into a random act of love

One simple thing,
can really touch somebody
Make somebody smile inside
What joy it brings,
to really touch somebody
Love's a win-win heart reliever,
As good for the giver as it is the receiver.
Really touch somebody with a random act of love
Really touch somebody with a random act of love

Just one thing I know,
That's a gift to the giver
Just one thing I know,
Just, let it flow like a river
Just one thing I know,
Making life even better
One thing that I know,
Flip your script

One thing that I know of love

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Al Jarreau Random Act Of Love Comments
  1. Reginald William

    Absolutely Legendary. Al the Legend.

  2. Lance Tunsill

    Al Jarreau is one of a kind.

  3. Patricia Bradley

    I have always loved Al Jarreau s music all of it R.I.P.

  4. Tam TLC

    This tune never gets old... so beautiful. Perfect <3

  5. derrick chinn

    Much love for your service of music and youy wonderful voice God gave to us rip mine friend"

  6. Ирэна Учанейшвили


  7. Larry Mace

    We are going to miss Mr Al jarreau very very much R I P my friend

  8. Balebatje Reuben Thabetha

    DJ Spinna did a wonderful remix of this song

  9. Julie Krienke

    wow what a class are so missed....role model to those striving to tap their gifts of music...miss your scat..Dr. Moskowitz MD FACS ABU AAGU

  10. GLADE C

    Love All, such a good song here, and important message

  11. WrittenInspirationsBy LisaGooch

    So smooth, Al. I like this and I'm so sure that the younger generation does, too.



  13. Jeffery Peoples

    Al Jarreau music has always put me in a comfortable place I seen him eight times in concert and loved it glad I have the memories and the music

  14. C-Style 365

    Come join us on Facebook at Al Jarreau Family Group. There will also be a tribute album available in December from Al's long-time band members with an incredible line-up of jazz greats. This album is being produced by Al's bassist and protege, Chris Walker, who is also an incredible talent. For more details check out

  15. IB3

    I will celebrate your life and honor and cherish your memory. May your body RIP and your spirit illuminate the halls of heaven.

  16. IB3

    I am speechless. In a state of shock. Holding back the tears. He meant so much to me.

  17. Rod Harrell


  18. william Lee

    This was my guy, It still hard to listening to his music since he left Us...It still hurt !

  19. william Lee

    Now when we say a Legend, This man picture should show up. He was truly a music Legend and it songs like
    this one that makes me an lover of all of Al Jarreau songs. He made you laugh, cry, smile, sing etc... His music
    truly touched your "Soul"... RIH Mr Jarreau love Ya :)


    He was the man

  21. Yvelta- Wayzer

    mon chanteur prefere il va nous manquer

  22. Connie Garrett

    I ❤️ this song

  23. TraTiko Wimbush

    voelove TraTiff

  24. LaTasha Jackson

    love the vibe.... it's one of those feel good songs

  25. TraTiko Wimbush

    Tra'$ song

  26. Ro' Chapman

    RIP PEACE !!

  27. texassoul

    I think the DJ Spinna remix of this song is the best version. Just my opinion, so listen for yourself!

  28. thejazzman210

    Helluva vocalist. Helluva performer. Consummate professional. R.I.P. Mr. Jarreau.

  29. The Real Alice Snow

    I saw this Angel in person at one of the best concerts that I have ever attended.
    And I got the chance to meet him and pinch his rear :), I was young and very fresh and I couldn't resist <3.I know that your helping out with the Heavenly Choir....PEACE

  30. Youness Zahir

    God bless Al Jarreau. We never forget him.

  31. Saul Alonso Garcia

    gracias por tu magia. the Best

  32. Mauricio Mellado

    So true Andrew Maritz!

  33. Felisa Blackmon

    Thank You GOD for the time you allowed us to enjoy you child here on earth!

  34. bits network

    You made music that touched my soul. Thank you Al Jarreau. RIP.. Legend.

  35. Abdul Garba

    RIP Legend!

  36. Jennifer Jones

    Thank you for showing us how to love through your music..we need that now more than peacefully...

  37. Georges Prudenté

    RIP Al. Respect and Honor. Great Man of Peace.

  38. LaTonia E. Taylor

    He definitely lived out his purpose and brought a lot of joy and positivity to the world. Rest well my friend.

  39. Verletha Winters

    R.I.P you will be missed

  40. Andrew Maritz

    Thank you for making my life a little nicer with your music Mr Jarreau.RIP.

    Marie Claude Lily

    Quelle voic

  41. Tawnee King

    THANK YOU for all the years with your Beautiful voice. R.I.P. Sir. Love and happiness spread upon the earth with your talent. I will surely miss you...

  42. pierre blanchard

    Rip Mr Al JARREAU

  43. TraTiko Wimbush


  44. keebler graham

    I like this. The beat reminds me of "Stay" by Glenn Jones.

  45. Katerina Liakou

    Nice Song! :)

  46. Ed Roberts

    best vocals ever

  47. Donna Lee

    P.S.--Michael Jackson, Siedah Garrett, and I were all born in 1958! As were Madonna, Annette Bening, Anita Baker and many more very accomplished people in the arts and otherwise! Cheers all!

  48. Donna Lee

    I made yet ANOTHER boo boo! I meant to say the gifts that I give, not get! LOL (Laugh Out Loud and Lots of Love. . .my youngest maternal aunt taught me that one!) Blessed be!

  49. Donna Lee

    I meant to say that I hope that the recipient gets as much pleasure from the gifts I get as I get in giving them.

  50. Donna Lee

    I sent a small gift in appreciation of two police officers' recent help at my local precinct and one said twice that it's not necessary to give gifts. I thought he was going to say that he's not allowed to accept gifts. Silly! He obviously does not get the spirit in which I gave the gift although I tried to explain to him I get as much pleasure in giving gifts as the giver, I hope, gets in receiving them!! I was surprised by this officer's attitude although I suppose I shouldn't have been! Blessed be!

  51. Jessie Redd

    Love this!

  52. sam l

    love love love.....

  53. Tiko Wimbush


  54. ofabin

    I just LOVE it!!!!!!!!



  56. Jerry Washington

    This was the song that introduced me to the legendary Mr.Al Jarreau

  57. xavier reivax

    siedah garrett wrote this song, she also wrote michael jacksons "man in the mirror"

    Donna Lee

    Wow! I learned recently that Siedah Garrett wrote Michael Jackson's, "Man in the Mirror," but I didn't know she also wrote this! Again, wow! What a talent Siedah is! Have you seen the Vimeo video of "Man in the Mirror?" It gives me goose bumps! See why I came to this song here in my post above. I sent this video by e-mail just now to said police officer! Cheers and thanks for the info. about the writer of this lovely song!

  58. Keith Edwards

    old or new performers only one jarreau

  59. Summer D

    All I gotta say is I love me some Al Jarreau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... FOREVER!!!!!!1

  60. Andrew Maritz

    Ignore my last post.Fourplay does "Still the One" which is strikingly similar to this song.

  61. Andrew Maritz

    Can't believe I've been listening to Fourplay's instrumental version all these years and  missed this little gem.Duh!

  62. Francis Ballard

    Right On, vintage Al with great vibes, a smooth groove, and that lasting touch of Jarreau positivity and energy, love it....esp. at high volume! Anyone know of any LIVE version of this original available on the internet? Much mahalos for letting this one "just flow like a river!"

  63. RENEE K

    One of my favs,,I can not believe he is from 1940

  64. queenofmeanest meanie

    The female singer in the background is Sideah Garrett.

  65. kim peay


  66. antoinette roberts

    love this. everyone should do random acts of love each day! would make a better world!

    Annie Bauer

    antoinette roberts Amen

  67. thejazzman210

    Classy artist, great message.

  68. william Lee

    I first listen to this man in 1980, serving in the military and i been a fan ever since, love you jarreau !

  69. TheJohnnyBE

    After the horrible event of Jan 8, we, more than ever, need to all go out and commit random acts of LOVE.


    un dios del WEST COAST

  71. sisterroberta1

    The words he sings are so true. The joy your heart feels is immeasurable. Random Acts Of Love that are done secretly are the best! The receiver doesn't know where it came from and you can stand in the background and enjoy the overwhelming joy on their faces.

  72. aboveriver

    There was a fun remix of this but the account of the op was suspended.

  73. aboveriver

    One of my favorites of all time! Top of my Spirit music playlist.

  74. stephie2cool

    This song always reminds me of someone that i loved once. We used to listen to it all the time while driving in the car going for a drive just to hold hands. I almost forgot how great the song REALLY is!

  75. valambiguous

    Tis my favorite from Al Jarreau!

  76. Frank Blackwell

    thank you for keeping this posted, chaka

  77. pertrubacija

    Good music !

  78. UUAAWW

    fuck off.

  79. Michael Dawud Rasheed

    Such an awesome tune, i love it..

  80. bostonbrazil

    Great song, great beat, and it also makes me feel happy!

  81. deniro2999

    Al Jarreau n'est plus a commenter c'est un musicien super en un mot un artiste qui restera une légende c'est mon avis Ilfaut l'écouter

  82. Michael Holston

    GR8 song by a GR8 performer, thanks for the post.

  83. Michael Holston

    GR8 song by a GR8 performer, thanks for the post.

  84. Arthur Jankins

    Simply Al Jarreau. Do I need to go on?