Al Jarreau - Rainbow In Your Eyes Lyrics

Well, love's got a hold on me, won't let go;
'cause it's the real thing ba-by,
I just want you to know
That I love you all the way,
More and more each day.

I love to hear you say, 'Well, loves got a hold of me too,
I know it's true; I get that funny feeling just from being close to you.
When I listen to your heart-beat
Not another sound so sweet,
Please hold my hand.'

And we climbed the highest mountain
And we sailed the seven seas,
And nobody was with us
At the top of the world in love
And runnin' free.

'Baby, I'm on fire,
And it feels so good
To have this warm desire
Like a woman should who's really got
Someone to make love to.
I'll stay right here forever with you.'

Well, I'll be right here beside you till the end,
And kiss your eyes and cast away your troubles to the wind,
And love you for all my life,
And take you for my wife,
Please hold my hand.

And we climbed the highest mountain
And we sailed the seven seas,
And nobody was with us
At the top of the world in love
And runnin' free.

I can see the love light shinin'
Like a rainbow in your eyes.
Listen to your heartbeat.
Ain't nobody here with us,
Listen to your heartbeat,
Ain't nobody here with us.
Listen to your heartbeat,
Ain't nobody here with us.

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Al Jarreau Rainbow In Your Eyes Comments
  1. WoolenWebs ofBeauty

    I just love this tune

  2. DJRicoRadio

    2019. still playing and enjoying this masterpiece from way back 🔊🔊🔊🎼🎼🎼

  3. Warren Pederson

    I miss this man so much. You can tell from the first note that this is unmistakably Al. So grateful I had the chance to see him perform.

  4. Chlynn13 B

    Al Jarreau had such a smooth, soulful voice. This song was written by a favorite artist of mine, Leon Russell. He and his wife recorded this song for their debut singing together, on the Wedding Album. Check it out, it's done really well by them too.

  5. V Robinson

    One of my favorite artist! My cousin was a DJ in a major radio market and she met Al Jarreau and during the interview, she told him that I introduced her to his music back in the late 70"s when I was in college and she was in middle school! She told him how much I loved his music. He sent a message to me through her, and to this day, it makes me smile! RIP Mr. Jarreau! Thank You for sharing your gift!

  6. Agnes Soberano

    R.I.P. AL. Your songs are top 10 to me.

  7. Sonia Maria Miliano


  8. CE11SCAN

    Rest In Music Legend Mr Sir Legend Al Jarreau

  9. Susie M

    I love this song! <3 R.I.P Al!

  10. Eldie Valenciano

    Yezzzzzzz ! √√√√π√√√^^^^^^√^^^^^^^

  11. Eldie Valenciano

    Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?+-&%$#@*∆

  12. Robson Firmino Cavalcante

    obrigado por postar

  13. Robin White

    Great upbeat song!

  14. Giorgi Jakeli


  15. natina mcneill

    Mr. Al Jarreau. Has been in my household for more than 30ty plus years. All of his music an exceptional voices that made my household so different. when my mom played anyone of his tunes "all the heads in my house starts to bobbled"! A very true story. Mr. Jarreau. In my heart you will be truly missed!!!!!!!!!!

  16. pio primo

    Ciao grandissimo, tu e il tuo amico George Duke nell'Olimpo della musica per sempre

  17. Sam Carter

    Flipped <3

  18. Sweetlikecandie365

    RIP Al And Leon Russell

  19. Sweetlikecandie365

    Yes !!!!!

  20. kahuna754

    This was my first Al Jarreau discovery back in 1976. I bought the album just based on the charming cover photo. Have loved Al ever since.

  21. Thomas Jr.

    Rest in Peace Al!

  22. Leo Martinez

    One of my favorites from Al. RIP Al Jarreau.

  23. Eric Juan Lava

    Goodbye Al...your music was so much a part of my growing up. RIP Maestro and thank so much.

  24. Akihiko Takashima

    R.I.P. I loved your singing

  25. Janis Ingram


  26. Amy Busch

    R.I.P. AL!

  27. Jhundphotos Jhundphotos

    R.I.P. Brother Al

  28. CityLadyLA

    I never knew until today that Leon Russell wrote this....great song.

    Alain Petry

    RIP Leon Russell

  29. Florence Z

    One of the best song ever!

  30. Lion Nelson

    Awesome album "glow"

  31. Ross Jones

    Used to play this in a covers band. So cool with Rhodes and a class singer. BUT couldn''t touch AJ's version.....!

  32. Sal1675

    One of the most beautiful songs ever. Gospel/Soul/Scat/RnB/Funk all in one...... a dream

  33. Bigornal Marin

    God bless Tom Canning on keybords .....

  34. JuliansFlightdotcom

    I wish I have a magic wand and paint a whole afternoon with this song ...
    "Magic In Your Eyes" ... this song captured what a feel good cool afternoon feels like ... Glow, All Fly Home, Live In Europe ... That's all the AJ I care about :-)

  35. Stefano Somaglino

    Brividi sulla schiena...... brrrrrrr grazie ad Al Jarreau. Musicassetta consumata al massimo!

  36. Sal1675

    The drumming is so tight. 1976. What more is there to say.

    Alan Navarro

    Drums: Joe Correro

    Electric Piano: Tom Canning
    Bass: Wilton Felder
    Guitar: Larry Carlton
    Synthesizer & String Ensemble: Larry Nash
    Percussion: Steve Forman

    Elio Sanfeliu

    I agree¡¡

  37. Sal1675

    Butterflies in my heart 

  38. Maurice Thrower

    My intro to Al Jarreau, Wow! So simple,powerful and beautiful! A high school friend brought the album "Glow" over with some good weed and I was hooked! 

    Maurice Thrower

    @magovenor Here's to Great Times!


    And misspent youth!!!

    Maurice Thrower



    +Maurice Thrower Al Jarreau crossed the street in front of my car one day in Marina Del Rey, which is close to Venice beach but down from Santa Monica beach. A very nice section of town, many musicians, actors, sports stars frequent that area.


    Mine too.

  39. Tata Mario

    cool :-)

  40. jorge antonio Kayat

    glow the wonderful album.

  41. Bkkersey93

    This song is pure cheddar but I still love it!

  42. Tony F

    What a cool song...I heard that Karen And Richard Carpenter recorded a "working track" for this song...would love to hear their version of the song!  wish it had been a "finished" track

  43. Enzo Aita

    My favorite Al song...

  44. Fleye Oweii

    Oh man ... wow. This was "The Al Jarreau I love" ... flowing.
    thanks for posting.

  45. coolguys521

    9th wonder