Al Jarreau - Raggedy Ann Lyrics

Do you know that it was
by design
How you told me, told me,
told me
That you were free and
it was by design
How you wiggle, wiggle,
start to wiggle
When you're just walking by me
And it was by design
How you offered me just to walk
on down the road
I think that love,
love was by design

Raggedy Ann
And it was by design
Sunny fields and mansions just
behind your eyes
Lady lace and velvet passion
burning just behind your eyes
It was by design how you
conquered me
And on a fiery star we rose
I think that love, was your love,
by design
Little Miss Raggedy Ann

Would you, could you take me?
Let me fall by the wayside
Take me in your arms

Girl, you got the way to
make me love you
You got the way to make
me care
Like I never cared before,
got the way
Take me, Ann, let me fall
Little Miss Raggedy Ann
I'll be your man, if I can
Oh, baby, I'm going to be
your man

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