Al Jarreau - Never Too Late Lyrics

Anybody tell me
Just what I've been doing wrong.
They say it's not forever.
But forever's less than too long.

Those doubts before
And tremblin' at the door will fade.
When you learn to say, it's...

Never too late to fall in Love.
Just wait, you'll find it.
Open the gate, you're stronger now.
Just wait, just wait to fall in Love.

Many people tell me
There's a mystery in this song.
When you hold your breath unending
Getting' tired and weak you break down.

Hold on to you.
Your heart will know the truth one day.
When you learn to say, it's...


Turnin' ice cold night into day.
These are the words I've been learnin' to say,
Never too late.


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Al Jarreau Never Too Late Comments
  1. Marion V. Brittain III

    Wow!😲, I'm actually living this song. "Never too late" for love 💕 haayyyyyyyyy

  2. Carolyn Boiss

    It's never toooooo late... waiting...

  3. Ebony George

    My fave song of Mr Jarreau. May your soul rest in perfect peace!

  4. T Smith

    Mom use to play this album all the time as a kid this was my favorite track on the whole album