Al Jarreau - Letter Perfect Lyrics

Letter perfect stars of
gold in school
You got a right to shout,
you been living the Golden Rule

In your time broken-hearted
beggars danced for you, girl
"Doing alright," I hear you shout,
"I'm living the Golden Rule"
(But then I hear you say)

Hurry down, sunset,
hurry, get dark like wine
Hurry down, sunset,
hurry, won't see, won't find
No suffering, see nobody,
you can't see nobody

You should let some love and
kindness shine through you
You'll be alright then you'll shout,
"I'm living the Golden Rule"

Must I fall down upon my
hands and knees
Get to begging you, please
Honey, open up your eyes
I'm before you with my
glaring needs
You can't see nobody

Oh pretty baby, help me,
honey, oh sweet thing
Take off them dark sunglasses,
I'm right here in front of you
Would you open up your eyes?

I need your loving
I need your care and hugging
You can't see nobody
I'm going home
Oh, letter perfect stars of
gold in school
You live the Golden Rule

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