Al Jarreau - God's Gift To The World Lyrics

This one
That one
Each one
Is god's gift to the world

They are
We are
Each one
Is god's gift to the world

There are no extra people
In a mansion or a ghetto
Each heart and soul is counted
Though they're different than you

So look across the ocean
See those on distant corners
Or see the one beside you
Look in their eyes and you'll know that it's true

And all the lonely people
The first ones and the last ones
All the great and small ones
The ones that win and lose

All of the remembered
Even the forgotten
From every single nation
You know it's true...for me and you

[Chorus (repeats.)]

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Al Jarreau God's Gift To The World Comments
  1. Ricardo José Oliveira


  2. carl blair

    I liked all of Al Jarreau,s music but this song with Vanessa Williams is one of favorites.

  3. carlos sanches

    Em 2003 essa música marcou minha vida !

  4. Patrick TRINGALI

    Great song! Both on the top

  5. Cynthia Lopez

    Love this song, it's superb!

  6. Brittany Eaddy

    Sing Ya'll a Great Duet!! I love Vanessa Williams! R.I.P Al Jarreau

  7. coyote1620

    priceless song  a great Christmas song

    DeLa' Sharkey

    Feel good song!