Al Jarreau - All I Got Lyrics

You oughta get comfortable.
We gonna get busy.

Say good-bye to the late, to
the great Mr. Nice Guy.
Do or die, I'm (gonna) open your eyes.
Start a wild, wild fire inside ya' baby.
Undecided, heart divided.
Wonderin' how should, you ask me how long
You can fight it, but tonight it's all about how strong.

I'm gonna hit you with all I got.
Get ready,
All I got.
Touch your sky,
All I got.
You'll be so pretty.
Church in the mornin',
But for the moment it's alright,
Yes, it's on.

East or West, full of stress.
Troublin' reaction.
I'll never rest,
'til I get your request for some attraction

I'm gonna hit ya with all I got.
I'm gonna hit you,all I got.
Close your eyes, all I got.
Can you imagine.
The radio be singin', uh-huh, uh-huh.
All I got.
Be ready,
All I got.
Touch your sky,
All I got.

We'll be shoulder to shoulder,
Over & over it's alright,

Baby, baby, the talkin' time is over.
Now we got to hurry to the real thang.
Didn't we let the season go rollin' right by.
What've we got to lose by givin' it all we got.
We gonna come out the winner, believe it or not.
Just rally around the funk and say I love ya.
Goin' in through the window, stayin' through the summer.
Woe unto the woman that's startin' to doubt.

All I got.
All I got.
All I got.
All I got.

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