Air Supply - Unchained Melody Lyrics

Oh, my love, my darling, I've hungered for your touch a long, lonely time.
And time goes by so slowly and time can do so much, are you still mine?
I need your love, I need your love, God speed your love to me!

Lonely rivers flow to the sea, to the sea, To the open arms of the sea.
Lonely rivers sigh, "Wait for me, wait for me!" I'll be coming home, wait for me!

Oh, my love, my darling, I've hungered, hungered for your love a long, lonely time.
Time goes by so slowly and time can do so much, are you still mine?
I need your love, I need your love, God speed your love to me!

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Air Supply Unchained Melody Comments
  1. juskuporudeh

    This was my classmate's wedding song...
    She was my first love
    If she's happy im happy🙂

  2. Andeng Navarro


  3. inde creative


  4. Kostany

    Must admit better than righteous brothers

  5. orgonko the wildly untamed

    #1 Elvis, Tie 2nd Righteous Bros & Air Supply

  6. Ehtesham Nawaz

    Like the ☀ 🌙 🌍 this will remain as a real masterpiece beyond time and space.

  7. Raimundo Nonato Rodrigues Barboza Renato

    Linda canção!

  8. Ryan Kier

    I'm only 20yrs old but I love oldies music ❤❤❤

  9. Pradeep Nepali

    not bad

  10. Mulya Wiyono

    all d time

  11. john carlo empa

    I’d still go for gareth gates version of this song but its sound like some bliss

  12. Marcy Justis

    sweat memoriam,,always
    Yup, their version also sounds magnificent.
    The best version of this song.
    Best cover for Unchained Melody is the Air Supply version

  13. 李锐


  14. limon1584

    sweat memoriam,,always
    Yup, their version also sounds magnificent.

  15. DiyL

    are you still mine......'Darl'


    2019 ,may 2 IM SILL AIR SUPPLY

  17. Amirul _ Adnan

    Best cover for Unchained Melody is the Air Supply version

  18. John Rey Bonita

    2019 everyone?

  19. countess erzabeth

    january 2019 and im 33 yrs old ..grew up to this song 💕

    jhon silva

    yeah right

  20. the dark knight

    big thumbs up for me...

  21. Ciro

    This song makes me sad.

  22. mick purtell

    Good cover, but The Righteous Bros own this song...

    michael reyes

    mick purtell nope.. elvis the king presley is the one who sang this.. it is hia original hit from his album unchained melody

  23. Samir Eclipse

    Great rendition. Many artists revived this great song but Air Supply put their own style and sounded special.

  24. Jade Lagleva

    still falling inlove with classic songs❤❤

  25. Bandit mizo


  26. Edilma Figueiredo

    Air Suplly 💕😘👏👏👏👏

  27. Khent Amiler

    the best song's ever 😃

  28. day11

    Dime si aún me amas ?dime si existo en algún lugar de tu recuerdo?no estoy convencida de que me pudiste reemplazar por un alma diferente a la mía.quisiera verte una última vez y que cuando me veas digas lo que sientes en ese momento.te voy a amar por siempre mati

  29. Zia Ahasan Rana

    I'm I love again......💕💕💕

  30. C i r i e E x p

    this is the best version of all imo

  31. Aicon James Adiong

    ahh. that voice. i want voice like that I hope I can

  32. Geofrey Sapio

  33. Arr Geremy Montesa

    Best version

  34. Sha Znd

    If anybody knows who are the actors of video clip?

    Paul Chan

    Sha Znd Maybe Part of the Magnificient Song Version, but they are more on Normal Peoples played for the Air Supply.

  35. Wiryo Crane

    I think,unchained melody is the best when air suply sing this song,than sorry but i think air suply better than raintos brother when sing this song

    Asian Global Music

    English only please

  36. Rahul Gogoispyder

    waylon jennings is the real deal.

  37. Ruby Pearl Haradji

    old much versions of unchained melody' its ok & not much erotic movie pictures

  38. Shakira Ariana

    bacon hairs Johnny loves barbara

  39. Shakira Ariana

    love you loyalty

  40. Fernando Torrealba

    Preciosa Canción..

  41. Paul Dumape

    Finally.. The song Has given Justice :D

  42. Paulo Roberto

    linda música.

  43. Gloria Pagaran

    It makes my heart younger could possibly want to go back at my young age...

  44. Colette Nasielski

    Air Supply Rules

  45. Colette Nasielski

    Love This Copy of The Righteous Brothers Song

  46. ErsterMontag

    2:57. when this note starts to hit. it's so freaking easy for him. fuck life is really sometimes unfair

    Mar Win

    well , its not that hard an E5 in head voice , just practice ;)

  47. Shanaiah Desteen

    best version! ♥♥♥

    Shane Warren


  48. Veronique Chaleas

    Merveilleuse chanson ... 💟💟💟

  49. Mar Win

    Better than the Righteous Brothers !!

    rocky mountain lass

    NO WAY, good attempt, but NO ONE can touch the Righteous Brothers....I liked Air Supply but even Elvis does a better job at this

  50. Melvin H

    I still thing the Righteous brothers version is the best, but this one certenly has a very special touch.

  51. César Carvalho

    A melhor versão de todas!

  52. Margot Traue

    Ewige Liebe zu Dir,mein süßer Mann Jeffrey

  53. Micaela Tonello

    Amo!! 💜

    Jom Yabut

    Micaela Tonello ...hi ...

  54. Leomar Jacinto

    love it

  55. juls degs

    love this version but the righteous brothers version is the best.

    Resting Fish Face

    LeAnn Rimes version is not bad though

    Maria ALVES

    The best air supply!!!

  56. Jyan Arenas

    one of my

  57. Reyvennerylle Arandilla

    my favorite song

  58. Alejandra Mendoza

    Air Supply

  59. Michele Cazagrande

    músicas antigas excelentes ...

  60. Baruah Da

    absolutely love it

  61. Joan Ciao

    i think this is the best version of this song. the air supply rules.

    Ramhluna Pachuau

    I agree with you

    Aldwin Yap

    its not elvis nor righteous brothers was the the original it was a 1955 song by alex north and written by hy zaret for the film "unchained" adecade later it was made famous by the righteous brothers and it will still remained the best version of it

    Christian Rey

    I think Elvis has the best version...i’ve heard The Righteous Bros, The Platters, Neil Diamond, Perry Como, Barry Manilow and others but i think elvis has the best rendition

    M.N. D

    I love air supply butt this aint got nothing on the righteous brothers. This is one song where no one can top the og. Even elvis couldnt touch it .

  62. JARED015 B.

    que version tan vacana!!!!!

  63. rico aja

    sweat memoriam,,always

  64. am S

    yes  good

  65. Lisa Piper


  66. Aurea Almeida

    Antigas.. boas p relembrar os bons tempos...

  67. MCTanman1

    I can't believe I liked air supply...
    ... wow... I liked air supply as a child...
    my childhood's kinda fucked up aint it? lol

    Leon Raymond

    +MCTanman1 Why......? In what way(s) were they bad? Or were you being sarcastic?


    it's just that each and every song of theirs is something that puts you  to sleep. each and every one of them. Don't get me wrong, their songs would be GREAT, ABSOLUTELY GREAT for romantic montage videos, but that's it. I dunno, guess I grew out of it.

    Leon Raymond

    Personal views apparently, it's alright


    I suppose.

  68. MMJ Patient

    This rivals the original!

  69. Mariposa Slop'z

    ! ME hubiera encantado que russell hitchcock hubiera sido el propio protagonista en sus videos,me encanta como luce en este video.

  70. Sandra Rodrigues

    Maravilhoso ,. Saudades desta época .

  71. SkyBlue Tuna

    since i was 7 i love this song, now im 18, still love! love! love! :*

    Christopher McDavit

    SkyBlue Tuna I love this song and I am 20 years old listening to this music

  72. DNchap1417

    This is definitely one of the hardest pop songs to sing. Air supply's versión is more streamlined, without the long melismas (long, multi-note syllable), but it's still sweet music to my ears.

  73. cecep karto

    the best song,,,,,,,

  74. Jorge Lobo

    russel, vc é incrivelmente incrível, sua belíssima voz me faz voar

  75. romiretro80

    The best version of this song.

  76. Belung Kak85

    like it

  77. Francis

    i like the platters but this will work

  78. jesusa delalamon

    this song make me cry,,,i missed u darling.

  79. Ixora Estrada-Roberts

    one of my favorite songs!

  80. tone stefano stefano


  81. Magda Gomes Vieira


  82. Ryan_n

    hermosisima means in spanish, "very beautiful" "gorgeous".

  83. allan cunanan

    whats the meaning of hermosisima?

  84. Pop Ahp

    It is very good. Song of excellent love. It is a good song that time and the generation exceeded.

  85. yvhl

    Completamente de acuerdo :)

  86. Dann Cole

    its a good version but the righteus brothers are the best

  87. Ravi Bhattarai

    the original swan song I guess

  88. Willè Cezar

    I love this song ps adan sucks hahahahaha

  89. Linda Hart-Hyde

    very nice! I have great memories with Air Supply, a great song and arrangement!

  90. RazingStorm X

    elegant,this was from the popular song's of the 60's and it was beautiful song! thanks for this song,god bless with you.


    "Unchained Melody" is a 1955 song with music by Alex North and lyrics by Hy Zaret. North used the music as a theme for the little-known prison film Unchained (1955), hence the song title. Todd Duncan sang the vocals for the film soundtrack. In 1955, three versions of the song (by Les Baxter, Al Hibbler, and Roy Hamilton) charted in the Billboard Top 10 in the United States.

  91. John Lombardo

    bring back back good music like this!!!

  92. Anita Shelby

    Absolutely Beautiful!

  93. undeadnow

    Bring back Air Supply

  94. delusionalis

    makes me wanna cry....

  95. oboepercussionist


  96. Judy M

    Love this Song. They do it beautifully

  97. noavor

    al fin otro video, estos chicos de Air Supply deberian hacer mas videos de su canciones seria re fabuloso, y que se incluyan.