Air Supply - Tonite Lyrics

Now you tell me that the time is right
You've let your feeling go
And you know I won't use them up too fast
I can't promise you the best there is
But ooh, I'm gonna try
I'm never gonna let you go tonite

Tonite, the start of a love to remember
Tonite, a love that will never be ended
Tonite, tonite

Let me take you where there's no return
Where dreams can all come true
I've got the feeling we've been holding on too long
What we're feeling is ours alone
No one will ever know
Just how we feel about tonite

Tonite, the start of a love to remember
Tonite, a love that will never be ended
Tonite, tonite

How many times has love fallen through
When I left it all up to you
I took your words when you said
It's got to be just right
I need you now I need you now

Tonite, the start of a love to remember
Tonite, a love that will never be ended
Tonite, tonite

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Air Supply Tonite Comments
  1. Bros Elaboj

    6PM , December 21 , 1985

  2. ༒lee pranz༒

    december 2019???anyone?

  3. vivi Roque


  4. Matthew Parker

    I love this tune it was on thair lp the one that you love i allso loved the tune i want to give it all

  5. Camilla Osbourne

    2019 anyone? Best band ever


    Beautiful song

  7. Elizabeth Mayam

    I love this song

  8. Mondiong A Tan

    Who's still lestening in 2019?

  9. Ferry Unay

    Da best airsupply 😂

  10. erwin supan


  11. Piano Covers PPIA

    I grew up hearing their songs which are really loved by so many generations. I even tried doing a piano cover of their "Making Love Out of Nothing at All" on my channel. I wish there were still musicians creating the same kind of songs nowadays.

  12. Ariffin Epin

    Tonight are love that never be ending

  13. kerbie cabel

    A nice song

  14. เมทพน บุญคง

    I like tonite song

  15. Jane Lao

    one of my favorite songs

  16. Precious Mai

    Ever lasting love song for me

  17. Kachiro1232 Tudtud

    Air supply is number 1 standard❤️

  18. Nilfa Palacios

    very nice song wheew

  19. JJ Cabungcal

    Great song of air supply...air supply all the way..

  20. Abacatinho L

    Ah essa música

  21. Raissa Pagalan


  22. alz solyz

    Tonite, the 1000 likes

  23. Dilza Mateus

    Quem em 2018?

  24. kharen Sunga

    tonite is where I wanna be..air supply

  25. kharen Sunga

    my number 1favorite lovesong air supply never be fade..

  26. Yus Dmnk

    Yes.tonite..l.ll sing smule.. wkwkwk

  27. Elizabeth Baja

    I love all the of song of air supply..
    the best

  28. Raissa Pagalan


  29. Jooo Jooo

    I'm never u to forgot u tonight. I love u forever

  30. Gerly Juan

    what a song nakakainspire talaga

  31. Rey Canindo

    Tonite I fall in love again, after hearing this song again and again, bringing me back to the time I first fell in love.

  32. Jocelyn Ravago

    when i was in high school.. to remember in the air.. now im playing it!

  33. K -oss

    great freakin'vocals, wow and such great song. bless them boys

  34. Lory Albiar

    i really love this song..i need you best 4ever..

  35. Malou Calonia

    tonite start all things had before..

  36. Malou Calonia

    tonite start all things had before..

  37. Gemma Wenceslao

    love this song

  38. Pointblank Wisdom

    air supply is the best singer

  39. Aamirah Amran

    been raised with this song hahahahaa

  40. Jhoiner Reyes

    is TONIGHT no "tonite"

  41. Argie Vergara

    very great song

  42. Win Juaini

    never gonna let you go tonite, I remember the past , sana nasa mabuti kang kalagayan ngayun

  43. Mylene Ilagan

    i need you now...

  44. Joven Jariol

    tonite its kind and sadness music's remembered my past that was too much hurt..

    Germain Harold

    I'm also like all music air supply

  45. Joven Jariol

    the very best song tonite...

  46. Patricia Como

    i love this song played a zillion times .

  47. Khis Abraham

    high school life

  48. p4kNU channel

    tonite ?? HAHAHAHAHAHA nice song tonight :)

  49. dessy medan


  50. Acunaricky Dasilag

    air suppy is the best of me the sound is good the sound is great

  51. spike pans.

    I love this song I remember my 1 and only mahal ko.

  52. Bandit GuitarMan

    im orgasme

  53. Charlemagne I

    "Tonight" - nice song, I love it.

  54. Mary Bernalte

    my favorite all the song

  55. Debbijo Medved

    Air Supply!
    Always my favorite.

  56. Lory Villa

    I love this music......something to remind me..

  57. Nelson Marayan

    everytime i heard that song i reminised all the past..air supply is the best for me..

  58. radgel fajardo

    romantic song tonite

  59. Anisya Ani

    tonite.i'll never forget u forever and i just hope if we can stay u miss u my sweet dreams i'll always waiting u

    Romelyn Rodriguez

    sweet dreams

    Precious Mai

    Yeah. I was waiting him tonight

  60. Alondra Delgado

    Lloro con esta song jiji

  61. R Glass

    One of my favorites.

  62. dorthyswevels

    Beautiful song !

  63. rockyboi biton


  64. Miley Martinez

    Beautiful song

  65. Jim Jim

    nice song..

  66. coraza naoro

    Nice video

  67. bonifacio castillo

    nice songs///

  68. Qaisar Sunny

    Very nice songs love it

  69. Apple Micah Denise Sanchez

    a love dat will never be ended,..aww <3

  70. Wheng Ugalde

    I was pleased for this beautiful love song indeed,,,
    I love it very much,,,,

  71. maricel2275

    completamente,,, hermoso

  72. Ma. luisa

    Nice song ganda talaga

  73. kcired pulido

    very beautiful song ..nice to be heard .. for me this is the best song i ever heard even i have many favorite band .. air supply forever and ever .. god bless .. i love u guiz

  74. catherine paraguya

    very nice song, one of my fav songs..

  75. Mearl Austria

    nice songs

    Albert Parrosa

    Mearl u r the nice to see in auh personal din play this music

  76. Froilan Liwanag

    all those are very good

  77. enriquezapatae

    Hermosa canción de air supply como todas las demás, son los mejores los australian boys!!!

  78. jerome arrieta

    i really like this song.cos every time Ive heard air supply my mine was in the heaven

  79. jonathan baranggan


  80. Dave Moishe

    Exceedingly beautiful track. Air Supply were incredible in the early 1980's. So so melodic.

  81. tone stefano stefano


  82. jon-michael fink


  83. Dax P

    MiAmorFully, excellent work! Photos, font, hi-quality sound... Thank you.
    This is one of my favorite Air Supply songs.

  84. MsBertday

    wow a very sweet dedication para kay utol ed!!
    basta air supply ala ka itatapon hehe love their songs!!
    great job my dear love it!!!
    again happy birthday tol edward :")
    more blessings!!!

  85. che_cane sweet...
    Happy Birthday JLC..papansit ka nmn..hehe
    Beautiful vid ate Nemz..
    AStig...Keep it up

  86. cyberman000051