Air Supply - The Vanishing Race Lyrics

Sun, I can't slow you down
Run, build on sacred ground
All of the leaves have blown away
Ghosts on a distant highway
In a vanishing race
Sleep, if your eyes must close
Weep, over a poisoned rose
Soon all the tears will blow away
Dust on a distant highway
In the vanishing race
Fly, closer to the sun
Fight, 'till your world is one
Soon all the stars will burn away
Ghosts on a different highway
In the Vanishing Race
Oh, shall we sleep tonight
Oh, when there's no hope in sight
Take all your dreams and drive away
Smoke on a distant highway
From the vanishing race
All my people
Respect your Mother Earth
Thank you for this life and this breath
And all my people's strength

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Air Supply The Vanishing Race Comments
  1. Gonzalo Prax

    Super like, someone in 2019

  2. Jaciel Gordiano

    my favorite band

  3. Andrew Robson - Aiwen - Cosmic Angel 333

    My personal favorite air supply album

  4. Fadli Nasution

    Its never too forgive n forget...

  5. Dppkadlabuhanbatu Dispenda


  6. Marco Antonio Caso Ascanio

    Its never too late.

  7. Marco Antonio Caso Ascanio

    I love this nice album.

  8. Reven Kosasih

    Take the river to the highest mountain
    Take the ocean to the farthest sea
    I'd take back everything I've said to hurt you
    If you'd come back to me
    I'd bring you fire from the frozen waters
    Leave a flower 'neath a fallen tree
    I'd take back everything I said to scare you
    Away from me
    Two hands can feel so much more
    That's what I'm loving you for
    I was too blind to see fear was inside of me
    I'm not afraid anymore

    It's never too late, it's never too late
    To forgive and forget
    Tell me that it isn't over, tell me that it isn't over
    I'll never hold you again
    If a broken wing can still be mended
    Then a foolish heart can still be true
    Take the river to the highest mountain
    That's where I'll wait for you
    Two hearts can feel so much more
    That's what I'm loving you for
    The man that you tried to free
    Is still locked inside of me
    And your heart must open the door


  9. Nosmas Javadala

    Anand gave me this song.god knows wer he is now.God bless u bro