Air Supply - Heart Of The Rose Lyrics

A long time ago, from the valley of the sun
Came the holy power,
When the gods were one
Searching for a new home,
Searching for this land
Guided by the stars, and a vision they had seen
The pillars of the temple,
In these hills of green
Buried deep inside for only us to find

It is the roar of the wind,
The power of the sun
The strength of a thousand bows
And those who near it again, will fear it again
And it's here in the heart of the rose
Painted in the sky was the moment to awake
All that lay within you,
As this dawn should break
With this force awoken, none can stand before
This is the hour, now is the time
Driven by the purest love, I give you mine
All that we must be, is everything we see


Our love, has brought us both together
And it's our love that will go on forever
There is no love that can become as one
Before it's time


It is the trees in the earth,
It is the rivers that run
And through us this secret flows
And now our destiny calls,
You'll remember it all
Our love for the heart of the rose

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Air Supply Heart Of The Rose Comments
  1. José Antonio Silva

    Show de música, Amo essa Banda❤️❤️❤️


    As a lifetime fan of air supply since the 80's somehow I missed this one but I really like it.

  3. JasonicaPR

    Canción que no envejece!!!

  4. Cintia Sorano


  5. Hu Yi Tian

    My most number 1 fave song of air supply ever

  6. Armela Estamo

    I love your song Air Supply the "HEART OF THE ROSE" my all time favorite....

    JGIL Santos

    Realmente uma das minhas favoritas também. ..apesar ee ser muito dificil pois sao muitas e eu tive praticamente todos os CDS do AIR SUPPLY. ..mas realmente belíssima canção. Letra de GRAHAM HUSSEL...e cd produzido por ele também. ..

  7. Shera Chavez

    Take care their in the songwriters hall of fame and they have won a Grammy I do believe if I'm not mistaken but yes its been long overdue for them to get credit for the talent that is there's and I believe they have earned it very much!! Don't you!!

  8. julie brtek

    Back 2003 was a cd when Graham that song or story how find your self. When times I get push around all my life from my sister and brother and my parents. There time Run away from things get in my way. Always truly love this song. Back when I took wrong road to 90 highway to see Fields of Dream that day. In Iowa.

  9. Bradley Hedrick

    The Heart of The Rose

  10. Mariposa Slop'z

    ! gracias selene8012!  !viva air supply now and forever!!!!

  11. Mariposa Slop'z

    A mí, esta linda canción,me recuerda cuando fui a mi primer concierto de air supply en el auditorio nacional en México en el 99. además fué el primer casette que compre de ellos allá por el 96 y dentro de la portada viene una fotografía de ellos, y por primera vez conocí a sus integrantes. rusell y graham.En aquel entonces yo tenía la idea de que air supply era un cantante solista. hoy por hoy, air supply es lo MÁXIMO!!!! PARA MI.


    Claro! ya eres A&S! Bienvenida al club!


    Dices que los escuchas desde 1996, fíjate que tu servidor los oye desde 1983 cuando sacaron el álbum Greates Hits que pegó muy duro, se oia por todas partes, saludos pues!!!!

  12. JasonicaPR

    I concurr with what you say. And I would say more: If Graham had ever won a Grammy, it should, or could, had been because of this song.

  13. enriquezapatae

    hermosa canción, me fascina, pero por desgracia me recuerda la muerte de mi mamá, yo no sabía, pero un dia despues que compré este casete (en aquel tiempo 1994 era casete) mi mamá emprendió el viaje. Dios bendiga a air supply.

    Breliz SanRiv

    enriquezapatae 😔🙏🏼

  14. Israel Tanglib

    one of my favorites songs.......


    these lyrics and music are probabily the best that mr russell has ever written(along with shadow of the sun, and never fade away)