Aiken, Clay - Mack The Knife Lyrics

Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear
And he shows them pearly white
Just a jack knife has old MacHeath, babe
And he keeps it out of sight

When the shark bites with those teeth, dear
Scarlet billows start to spread
Fancy gloves though wears old MacHeath, babe
So there's never, never a trace of red

On the sidewalk some Sunday morning
Lies a body just oozin' life
Someone's sneakin' 'round the corner
Could that someone be Mack the Knife?

From a tugboat, down by the river goin' slow
A cement bag is drooppin' on down
That cement's there for the weight, dear
Five will get you ten, old Macky's back in town

Oh, Louie Miller, he disappeared, baby
After drawin' out all his hard-earned cash
And now MacHeath spends just like a sailor
Could it be our boy's done somethin' rash?

Jenny Diver and Sukey Tawdry
Look out, Lotte Lenya and old Lucy Brown
Yes, the line forms on the right, babe
Now that Macky's back in town

I said, "Jenny Diver, oh, Sukey Tawdry
Look out to Lotte Lenya, old Lucy Brown
You better lock your doors and call the Lord, babe
Because Macky is back in town

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Aiken, Clay Mack The Knife Comments
  1. Cord Bullard

    Clay is Aiken for dick in his mouth. Ha ha

  2. Cord Bullard

    His first name is actually Gay not Clay.

  3. Hart

    I have never seen anyone that can belt out a note and hold it for so long. He will always be the King and true winner of Idol. He makes the rest look like kareoke singers.

  4. T T

    This is still the best version ever, including better than Clay's album-recorded version.

    Too bad the full song does not exist anywhere, sung by him in this venue.

  5. carole vanlandingham

    Love him!

  6. Budder Kupp

    Despite what Simon said..Clay was NEVER in trouble!! I think Clay was the best singer that Idol ever had..and Clay was the far as I'm concerned!!


    I totally agree. He was never in trouble, Simon was trying to hold him down because he didin't want him to win. I so hated Simon that season. Clay Aiken blows everyone else away who was ever on Idol...period, end of story.

  7. Helen Fong

    Clay has such a sweet smile!!!!! Wish he would cut another album.

  8. cherokeephil

    I did this parody of Gilligan's Island's lyrics to Mack the Knife's music -

  9. Rhonda Smith

    yep he can sing the phone book for sure. Go Clay!

  10. Nancy Stone


    Natalie Weiss

    probably not. bobby knew he was better than everyone else. and clay can obviously sing really freaking well but this song calls for the personality that bobby gave it. p.s. i'm obsessed with bobby darin

  11. Matty Bouchard


  12. kitty baby


  13. Lilian Elizabeth Reyes

    I miss you Clay❤❤❤

    kitty baby

    Lilian Elizabeth Reyes SAME.... 😭😭😭😭

  14. Nina Toombs

    There is no song that he doesn't make his own. He is the one by which all others are judged.

  15. Nina Toombs

    He will always be the best no other singer is or will be better

  16. Diana .Abrams

    You go Clay. I love his voice and style.

  17. Raven E

    He should have won, he was robbed just like Adam Lambert.

    Tristan F

    Ya but they both ended up being more succesful that the people who won

  18. Cynthia Choi

    ok so a) Randy lost a lot of weight over the years, that's great. and b) I forgot how karaoke Idol was and that's why i didn't watch it again until Adam appeared. I'm just discovering Clay. What a voice. 

  19. Jackie Cole

    Love him, wish he would sing more, haven't heard him in a while.

  20. Marie Alderman

    This guy is amazing!!!!

  21. Phil Washburn

    bobby darin did it best, imo.

    James Bond 007


  22. lasvegasjh

    You know what... it was a German classic its an American remake.. Ms knowitall.

  23. jcchandley

    AND it was popular well into the sixties.

  24. jcchandley

    You know what, Mr. Smartie, it's an American classic, as well. It was made popular by Mr. Bobby Darin on December 19, 1958. It was an instant hit and earned Bobby a Grammy award for record of the year. It's not nice to be a smug smart ass. It comes back to bite you in the backside.

  25. lasvegasjh

    Mack the Knife is an American classic? Paula is dumb.. its a German classic!

  26. SRIFAN23

    Still the voice best ever on AI!!

  27. lvnc25

    Wow! I would say Clay sure is cool after singing Mack The Knife. Especially that ending. He nailed it!!

  28. Rocky Martin

    nailed it!!

  29. BayAreaShake

    Simon Cowell has said in an interview that Mack the Knife is one of his absolute favorite songs, so I would of been scared to sing this song in front of him. Clay did an awesome job.

  30. Leo Augustus

    Love clay!

  31. MorriganAtwood

    "Not as hard as I thought it would be."

  32. Shana Danielle

    Holy Balls, I forgot how good he really is.

  33. Bernie Vega

    this is one of the most talented singer of the last 10 years, incredible voice!

  34. Baronstone

    Say what you want, but this guy should have won the season instead of that zero talent fat guy whos name I cant even remember

  35. Baronstone

    It is, but doing it right, the way its supposed to be done changes everything

  36. Merly Cruz

    He is great and fantastic singer. He can sing anything. He is so cool.

  37. Veronica Daze

    What does Jackson have to do with anything? That song was done by Bobby Darin and Aiken did a good job. He is sort of a crooner because his voice is soooo good. What's wrong with Manilow. He is a good singer of pop, so what.

  38. Crystal Southerland

    He is far from a lounge singer. To me he's awesome.

  39. ryanw1pool

    that was a lot of jackson to get

  40. ryanw1pool

    that was a good 1 rfom ryan in the

  41. Angelo.C.

    He is unique !

  42. Lan Ng

    he's so sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    I dont care if he's gay, I'll make out w/ him.

    kitty baby

    Lan Ng 😂😂😂 MMMEEEE TTOOOO!!!!!!! he's SOOO HOT !!!!

    Patrisha G

    Lan Ng uhkkujkuikkkul

    Patrisha G

    kitty baby daddy
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    Jajeskjerjbdjsjjjji hnemasjrynmsko

  43. eliu6oniu


  44. dari shiga

    Simon was wright he pulled it out ahead when he sang Mack the Knife on AI but not his new version on his CD, it's kind of boring for me

  45. son jas clay is a great singer

  46. Cynthia J. Coleman

    Nobody can hold a note as long as Clay, and to think he had a collapsed lung as an infant!

  47. JRRDPR

    He would sing some nightinggales off trees.:-))Brilliant .

  48. xxkmlsmpxx

    i liked it.

  49. Myrrh Deveyra

    I read somewhere that he'd recorded this song for his new label. Hurray!

  50. Lois Wills

    WOW.. what wonderful memories.. what a powerful voice.. I can't wait for his new CD!

  51. Linda Dolly

    A preview, perhaps?

  52. ClaysSTO

    Love seeing the full version with the judges finally giving him his due! Love it! Great job, Clay!

  53. Jessica Yu

    clay aiken <3

    Ashlie Smith

    u go clay woo