Aiken, Clay - It's In Everyone Of Us Lyrics

It's in everyone of us
to be wise
Find your heart
open up both your eyes,
We can all know everything
without ever knowing why,
It's in everyone of us
by and by ..

It's in everyone of us
to be wise,
Find your heart
open up both your eyes,
We can all know everything
without ever knowing why,
It's in everyone of us
by and by ..

It's in everyone of us
I just remembered
it's like I been sleeping for years,
I'm not awake as I can be
but my seeing is better,
I can see ..
through the tears,
I've been realizing that,
I bought this ticket
and watching only half of the show,
There is scenery and lights
and a cast of thousands,
Who all know
what I know,
And it's good
that it's so ..

It's in everyone of us
to be wise
Find your heart
open up both your eyes,
We can all know everything
without ever knowing why,
It's in everyone of us
by and by,
It's in everyone of us
by and by..

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Aiken, Clay It's In Everyone Of Us Comments
  1. Ivy Schielke

    I found some words scribbled on a note pad and googled them and found this inspiring song. What a gift!!

  2. JoyfuelheARTist becky j suzik

    +Gracie Roland I'm sorry to read about your Mom. I hope the beautiful words of this song remind you how very much your Mom loves and believes in you--still-- and how she hopes you will make choices that bring you joy. Blessings to you, you beautiful and special girl.

    Katherine McHugh

    Sweet words here for Gracie. I lost my Mom when I was 23, but my youngest brother was only 13. Can't imagine how hard it is for such youngsters to lose a is so heartbreaking as an adult child. Take good care, kind woman.

  3. Ace Trainer Pan

    As I grew up. Every time Christmas was nearby. I remember watching the Muppets singing this song. I'm on my own now. But I will never forget my childhood. Rest in peace grandma even though it has been almost 7 months now.

    Katherine McHugh

    Ace T P, please read the comment is about the original writer of this song. I will give you the link. In the meantime. This version with Clay Aikon and Choir is beautiful too.

  4. Gracie Roland

    My mom loved this was here fave song she passed away when I was 11 and I'm still 11!!!!

    Katherine McHugh

    Dear Gracie, I hope this year is easier and sweeter when you remember your Mama. My heart goes out to you, my youngest brother was only 13 when our Mother passed. I was 24, and it was so tough. But you young ones....I want to send you a hug right now. Here it comes. Sing this song for your Mama!

  5. ravynwolfe

    my friend, David Pomeranz wrote this song. It's so beautiful and Clay does a lovely version too.

    Katherine McHugh

    lovely it is ravnwolfe, just found his version tonight. Please when you have time read the comment above. You ae blessed to have him as a friend, I imagine he is just as blessed knowing you.

  6. Dano Pierce

    I never get tired of this song. It deeply moves me and is sung lovely here. Thanks!

  7. medrecs

    Such a clear and strong voice, I could listen to Clay day and night

  8. CP Mods

    I would love it if you could send it to me too. I'm a huge clay fan and have the bonus version of this album with "Forget I Ever Knew You" on it, but it does not have "It's In Every One of Us" and I cannot find that song anywhere!

  9. robin quevedo

    people this song is a remake originally done by John Denver how could you not know ????

  10. Aikenclay P

    Beautiful song sung by a beautiful man!! Clay Aiken you Roooccckkk!!!!

  11. Dano Pierce

    I so love this song, what a great message!

  12. bluelakemafia

    how the bleep have I never heard this song? it's simply stunning!

  13. Cathy WALKER


  14. Stacey Mohanty

    I need .. need need this song ... how can I get it??? must have it

  15. Stacey Mohanty

    Can I have it too? I love this version the bestest of all!!

  16. Aikenclay P

    I agree with you I don't know how anyone can not like this song. I love love love it!!!!!!!!!!
    He has a great voice that is so addicting...I listen to Clay everyday / night . And only Clay. :)

  17. Aikenclay P

    This song is awesome....This is my first time hearing Clay sing it...Love it so much.
    Clay has a beautiful voice, just love all his music..Thanks for sharing this..

  18. David Alexander

    the essence of zazen in a song ...
    to pull back curtains as if they were ones own skin.

  19. BloodylocksBathory

    I love this song. Clay's version isn't bad. :)

  20. Christi Peterson

    @claymateloudnproud I have been looking for this for my mom... she LOVES this song, and I want to give it to her on a "songs that remind me of you" CD for christmas... any idea where I can find it??

  21. Kanisha Kirk


  22. SA MAY

    Claymateloudnproud: is it possib le to ask for a copy of Clay Aiken's "It's in everyone of us"? His voice is so ......... much from up there....... and I've checked HMV and they don't have this version of his album anymore. Thanks, Shirl

  23. Lisa Siegel

    @claymateloudnproud Can you please send this song to me? I've been searching for it and have been unable to find it. Thank you!! :)

  24. Myrrh Deveyra

    I'll be honest and say that i'm not too fond of Pomeranz' s music. But after each repeat of hearing clay's version of this song, I'm loving it more and more (and the muppets and John Denver's too, of course)

  25. Linda Dolly

    Love this Clay Aiken version.

  26. PoetGerri

    I haven't heard this song in years. This is a wonderful cover by Clay. Great lyrics to remind us of our greatness.

  27. huntress1863

    I always enjoyed John Denver & the Muppets version of this song; Clay Aiken does an amazing job with this song, too!

  28. ghosty158

    This version is alittle slow

  29. Linda

    This is the first time I heard him sing this song and this man never ceases to amaze me with his voice. Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  30. Becky Looney

    another heart grabber!!! Wish this song and forget I ever knew you were on OMWH.. just beautiful!!!

  31. lexsoft

    Who was the first prof singer that sang this song ? I find in youtube that my favorite singer Cliff Richard sang this song too.

  32. mewmew88

    beautiful song it makes me cry everytime I hear it

  33. petzoid

    or going to the psychs--same thing.

  34. Marc Bosserman

    I was prejudiced when I clicked on this, as I am spoiled by having heard David sing this live, which I dearly loved. But, kudos to Clay for touching my heart with his version.

  35. CWRecords777

    David Pomeranz wrote this great song...glad to hear it have some new life with Clay

  36. funforfinn

    I thought that too, maybe it was recorded earlier, who knows. Very nice song and Clay sounds great, of course :)

  37. shejean

    Jerry Lewis needs to have Clay come on the Labor Day Telethon and sing this!!Gorgeous and so meaningful

  38. ancestralyuba

    David Pomeranz wrote this in the 70s.

  39. ancestralyuba

    Ooooh! Thanks for posting this.

  40. kaakca


  41. VoxAngelicus

    This song originally was the finale song from a British musical called "Time," which was produced by British rocker Dave Clark in the late 1980s. Sir Cliff Richard and the late, great Freddie Mercury have sung this song before. Maybe Clay's British producer, Kipper, knew of the song and introduced Clay to it. In any case, Clay sings it beautifully!

  42. Lauraaahx

    i agree about this sounding like the old clay!! its so cute!! love it!!

    this is a muppets song btw! XD

  43. funforfinn

    Maybe I'm going crazy, but to me this song sounds a little bit like "Don't save it all for Christmas day"... I love that song too, so it's a good thing, but it was quite funny to realize that... :)

  44. funforfinn

    Very pretty song, thanks for posting!

  45. E. Chava Rosenbaum

    wish this had been on the main cd. pretty song.

  46. ravran

    Thanks for posting this one too!! =)
    I LOVE IT!!! Clay rocks!