Aiken, Clay - Falling Lyrics

Long lost friend
You've come to me again
Night comes closing in
And the loneliness within

I'm older
Should be wiser
Still I never seem to learn
I'm closer than ever
To the edge

And I'm falling
I'm falling
From the world I used to know
Been trying to hold on
To something for so long
Now this never-ending dream won't let go
I am falling...

I lie awake
And try to escape
Memories that never sleep
A taste of bitter sweet

I'll hold on to forever
Still I'm stuck in yesterday
I'm closer than ever
To the edge

And I'm falling
I'm falling
From the world I used to know
Been trying to hold on
To something for so long
Now this never-ending dream won't let go
I am falling...

Come back and wake me up again
I can't face this world alone
Cause in my dream
I return and then
I'm falling, I'm falling

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Aiken, Clay Falling Comments
  1. Rhonda Smith

    He is so adorable!

  2. Aikenclay P

    Here in 2016   :)

    Christine Y

    Me too! Just wanted to listen to some Clay while I surf Facebook and Twitter. That voice! Amazing!

  3. zanyforclay

    Great album -- Great Song!!

  4. Shae Nielsen

    my favorite song <3

  5. Aikenclay P

    It's sad that people can't just love Clay for his music and his amazing talent. And leave the fag / gay comments out. His private life has nothing to do with us, and should be just that **HIS PRIVATE LIFE** I love you Clay you have amazing talent and a beautiful voice!! You rock Clay Aiken!!! Thanks kaakca for sharing this.

  6. ClaysSTO

    This fantastic song was never supported to radio by RCA -- and it is perfect for radio. NO label support -- NO radio play. Makes me crazy! One of my favs from his On My Way CD. Also, love Ashes, Everything I don't Need, and The Real Me. Clay's voice is amazing! Thanks for this great montage.

  7. ClaysSTO

    Why does radio totally ignore a song like this by Clay? It's perfect for radio! Love it --- thank you, Clay! And thank you for the montage, kaakca.

  8. Aikenclay P

    I am back listening to Clay sing this song. So awesome.. Still love you Clay and always will. God bless you and your family!

  9. Crystal Southerland

    WOW!!! I love the video to this song. You did an amazing job making it. The song is amazing also. I really like Clay Aiken a lot. Here lately his music has been speaking to me about my situation with a guy. It's like he's been in that very situation.

  10. aaron kelly

    I love this song by Clay Aiken.

  11. L. Lindauer

    Oh he DID get handsomer as Simon said.

  12. Willow Whiteflame

    His birthday is same day as my dad's

  13. Willow Whiteflame

    I like to sing this song

  14. angelontherun

    Who are we to judge you??You have been given a gift is what i know!!

  15. ClaysSTO

    This song should be all over the radio. idiots. One of my favorites from On My Way Here CD. Also Everything I Don't Need and Ashes would/should be on radio. Love this CD! Clay's Tried and True is totally different but I love it too for different reasons. He has an amazing voice!

  16. Ddraig

    Clay Aiken is the best voice I've heard since the 80's. The fact that he openly admitted that he was gay may be the number one reason that he is not aired on the Radio or as popular as he should be. If Clay Aiken was not Gay, He would have already blown Lady GaGa off the Charts. I love his character and music myself. He is very brave to disclose his path to the public, I just wish his path Aboded better.

    Olivia Piper Robeck

    Ddraig the reason he isn't on the air isn't because of his sexuality. He chose a different path. It's not mainstream pop. He also is not a politician so radio play isn't going to happen.

    Florence Scott

    I would like to hear him sing Autumn Leaves.

  17. sibjoan

    thanks for the treat! He sure changed since AI. Body and looks! lol. Too cute!

  18. sibjoan

    @miraclay it's annoying isn't it...that they don't play his songs. I never hear him on the radio! It's strange.

  19. Jimmy Miller

    nice job on this video.
    i love it.
    i love this song.

  20. kaya shorta

    @claymate7 heck yea lol

  21. Music_Lights

    i know especially 0:09! HES SOO HOTT!

  22. kaya shorta

    all kute guys are GAY wtf

  23. Joph

    Wow, what a beautiful voice this guy has and what transformation he went through ever since his 1st audition...I never ever expected this...America's Biggest Surprise.

  24. Judy Anderson

    Great Song....If "Falling" could have only been would have been great on the failed in all aspects of promoting Clay...shame on you...I'm glad has moved on to Decca....

  25. Morgan Jeidy


  26. christalite

    OMG! I love this song! He looks hot as a blonde too.

  27. pineapplelesson

    I like his hair longer like this. It looks great! Def less wirey when it's longer.

  28. Molly Parker

    Love Clay...However....The blonde...Eh. I think it could've definitely gone a shade or two darker. It kind of washes him out, especially when he's in bright light, like the sun. Good song though.

  29. lvnc25

    GAWD....He looks gorgeous in that blond hair. I love that's an upbeat one.

  30. Kimone Reid

    I think he looks mature and wonderful. He now looks like a man. I love his confidence its just great

  31. James

    Dude I hate hollewood he dosent even look the same

  32. corcraze

    hah!now i remember!
    he looks like Lex Luthor in Smalville..
    i forgot his name..
    and sometimes he also looks like the guy in the powder movie..
    cant recall his name!huhuh

  33. Cettie5360

    Such an amazing musical talent!!

  34. BrianFawcett2001

    I bought this album thinking "What the hell...I'm gay, so is he." I bought it for the wrong reason but got what I was looking for! An awesome album with THIS incredible song!

  35. wkares

    I love his hair this way.

  36. miraclay

    One of my favorite songs on his CD. Why this song doesn't get air play baffles me.

  37. christalite

    He's so HAWT! This song is awesome. I can't stop playing it.

  38. Kayla White

    love his new cd and I LOVE CLAY AIKEN!!! he's hot

  39. heartsonfireao

    i love this song.

  40. ps4clay

    This should be on the radio and on Billboard 100.

  41. Aiken4LOTR

    great vid. this is one of the better songs on his newest album. love it, love him!

  42. lvnc25

    I'm so glad I found this montage. Falling is my favorite song off his new CD "On My Way Here." I just love it...its got a good beat and is so sexy. I loved your pictures also...he's sooooo HAWT!!!!!!!!

  43. Mar Herondale

    this song is really fantastic, good effect but i dont like this phothographs

  44. miraclay

    This is a fantastic song.

  45. meliores

    I LOVE that song! : )