Ahn, Priscilla - Marnie Lyrics

I saw you once before
You came here looking for me
Wait for me upon the shore
I will meet you on the water

Wait for me oh wait for me
Promise that you'll wait for me again

I know you're not alone
Even though it feels so heavy

I'm here for you I'm here with you
Promise that I'm here with you forever

I love you love you
I love you love me too, too
Uh uh

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Ahn, Priscilla Marnie Comments
  1. luis mendoza

    I never had that many friends
    growing up
    So I learned to be
    Ok with
    Just me, just me,
    just me, just me
    And I'll be fine on the outside
    I like to eat in school
    by myself
    So I'll just stay
    Right here, right here,
    right here, right here
    And I'll be fine on the outside
    So I just sit in my room
    after hours with the moon
    And think of who knows my name
    Would you cry if I died
    Would you remember my face?

    So I left home, I packed up
    and I moved
    Far away
    From my past one day
    And I laugh, I laugh,
    I laugh, I laugh
    And I sound fine on the outside
    Ha ha ha...
    Sometimes I feel lost,
    sometimes I'm confused
    Sometimes I find
    That I am not alright
    And I cry, and I cry,
    and I cry....
    Ha ha ha...
    So I just sit in my room
    after hours with the moon
    And think of who knows my name
    Would you cry if I died
    Would you remember my face?

  2. kizhan Fazil

    This song get touch on me

  3. 北川ともみ

    Very Beautiful💕💏💑💕

  4. Shaheen Chowdhury


  5. Superp222

    Seeing Anna at the start of the movie just makes me want to give her a big ol' hug... she needed it

  6. funandlala

    2:28 I love these harmonies so much ♡
    3:51 Would you cry if I died? :'(

  7. Lord Valtasar

    how... how can a movie made half a world away be so relatable, how can a song made half a world away(on the other direction this time) speak how i feel so spot on? just rewatched it, was just as splendid as i remembered, simply a masterpiece

  8. ChaCha Schimmer

    It’s funny to me that I’m almost the complete opposite of this song, yet I relate to it so much. I only have a few friends but I love it. I read so much I swear I could disappear. I will sit in my room and look out my window to the moon. But what’s strange is that I find myself extremely happy and content with my life. I open my mouth and some depressing stuff comes out...but I am fine. Most of it is really just speculation of our world. It’s a really strange feeling. I can’t believe that for some, my habits and thoughts are depressing, but for me it’s just part of my life. And I really like my life. A peaceful and content life.

    So very strange.

  9. Dumplings&Prawns 97

    I can relate to Anna so much, I am adopted too, I feel like I'm a burden to my parents too. I am introverted, I cannot deal well with stress and I hurt people around me by saying things I don't mean. I am Anna, but I am slowly becoming Marnie, keeping everything on the inside because no one will understand. At least I have my imaginary friends who keep me company...

  10. Lucy Lucy

    I love this song
    This song hart my hard

  11. Fizz B

    “When you feel like you’re drowning in life, don’t worry – your Lifeguard walks on water.”

  12. Maplekin

    I cried my eyes out of my head in the end of this movie. What a masterpiece

  13. Nandemo Nai

    I've always convince myself I'm fine with being alone because I like it and I prefer it that way but there are just times you just can't lie to yourself any longer. I'm listening to this now because this is one of those moments. I'll cry my heart out then it's back to usual.

    OsToRa De

    I prefer to be all alone, on the contrary, I like good company. And it's hard to find a real company. A real one in my view at least.

  14. Op zx


  15. Chrissy Luginbill

    Such a relatable song for me, I remember eating lunch alone at my elementary school.

  16. Sub Zero

    I never knew my grandfather on my dad's side. He died before I was born. Growing up, my right side always felt different than my left side. I was unable to explain this feeling until I met a spirit guide my mom was friends with. After she asked me who was the one person in my family who I wished I had got the chance to have known (people in my family don't live that long) I told her my grandfather. She did her thing and afterwards, she told me that my right side felt different because my grandfather was my guardian spirit and for my entire life stood by my right. Even though I never met him, after seeing this movie, I felt like I got to know him just a little before he left.

  17. PlexyPanda

    I'm a 22 y/o big boi but I cried 5 times watching this movie and the final time, when this song played, we're talking floods of tears that just wouldn't stop. I was an emotional train wreck and cried for a good 20 minutes straight. God damn, getting emotional just thinking about it :')

  18. Messer262

    This is pretty much me in a nutshell since childhood. Very relatable anime.

  19. nathan holmes

    121 people teared up so much, they couldn't see the like button.

  20. Pandi Row

    i just watched the movie.. when this song started playing at the end i just started bawling my heart out.. it hurts.

  21. Lee C.

    I thought the movie was nice. But when this song started playing at the end and I heard the lyrics I shed a couple tears.

  22. herrnenne

    The perfect ending to this movie.

  23. Hayan

    I have never cried my eyes out watching a movie until this movie... there’s something about the whole thing that resonates with the deepest part of my heart

  24. Cyan Pads

    my fav song of all time,who still listening now?💞

  25. Setheus Ramsey

    Sorry I'm gonna ramble for a second but this song hits a super personal chord for me, it's... creepily accurate.
    When I was a child my family moved around a lot, so I never put in the effort to make friends, because my heart was always broken if I did and had to leave them. At the schools I stayed at for longer, I didn't know how to act around people, so I got bullied often, and just ate in the library by myself. "I never had that many friends growing up - I like to eat in school by myself anyway, so I'll just stay right here"
    I'm trans, and for most of my life I was suicidal, I never told anyone that I was hurting or my real name, and my insomnia made me stay up worrying about the next day. "So I just sit in my room, After hours with the moon, And think of who knows my name, Would you cry if I died?"
    My family ended up being very abusive, so when I turned 18 I had to leave and move in with my best friend's family, it was the happiest day of my life, but it also made me realize that even though I wasn't there anymore, I was still in pain from their abuse. "So I left home, I packed up and I moved far away, From my past one day- And I laughed"
    I'm still in recovery, and going to therapy and transitioning like I've been wanting to for years, but abuse is a thing that leaves a ton of mental scarring and some days it hits again exactly how much they hurt me. "Sometimes I feel lost, Sometimes I'm confused - Sometimes I find that I'm not alright - And I cry"
    But I'm healthier than I've ever been, I'm living with the love of my life, my new family loves me, and soon I'm going to have surgery and start hormones. I've been making tons of progress in therapy, and my art's been improving. I'm excited to be the best version of myself possible!! But some days, with a song like this, I have to acknowledge my past.


    I'm very sorry to hear about your parents, but good luck transitioning! My friend starts T in January, and I'm kind of scared, yet excited to see the transition

    Setheus Ramsey

    ;w; Thank you so much, I'm in a much better place now, no worries!
    I hope your friend's transition goes well, I'm sure they'll be a lot more comfortable and happy!!

  26. M.Surya Amin

    my fav :')))))

  27. David zhenhong dai

    I can't believe this was three years ago ;(


    same! time flies


    been to her concert in Korea years ago...winter. was good and inside.

  29. stéfane silva

    Não tô entendo nada , mas como uma boa Brasileira só vim dizer olá !

  30. Jeffrey Gao

    This is a great movie!

    My favorite's still Castle in the Sky though.

  31. matrix teyze

    İ love all ghibli films

  32. matrix teyze

    This song maket me cry and this film going to me sooooo farrr

  33. Robert richard Pixler


  34. Teeda_piimz

    This song is very sad but beautiful at the same time. Pretend to smile, say I'm ok even it's not ok. Wanna get lost sometimes. Actually, just to make sure that I have someone who care and need me. The lyrics have such a deep meaning.

  35. Sans but its not a cringey fan account

    When i watched the movie, the ending song felt so nostalgiac, even though i have never heard it before. It brought me to even more tears than before.

  36. manila tirkey

    This movie is so emotional beautiful

  37. gacha _ Ayaka kobayashi

    Sad story

  38. Galactico Boy

    Unbelievable. I did not know why I loved this movie so much. I have watched it many times, and every time I end up with a sense of longing repeating to myself that this movie is magical. But reading the lyrics I realize the song is describing me. I feel the song was written especially for me. Even though I am a guy, I identify myself with Anna, a friendless Anna who lives in a world of dreams. I was always friendless, and the few friends I had during my child hood I had to follow them because nobody wanted to be my friend. Too bad I don't have a Marnie in my life to share with. I hope some day my destiny changes and can I find a kindred soul, another solitary soul who want to be my Marnie. My Marnie where are you?

  39. Okami_ izreal

    this is me

  40. Stelina B

    Please i am new to animes. Please can u help me by suggesting some like this one. I enjoy storys like this. Please help me💙💙💙💙

  41. Sunny Freecss

    10.000 liker lol

  42. K B

    The feels this movie gave me ;__ ;

  43. *Yo Burgerking Im da rap king*

    I came here to cry;;;
    the movie was so beautiful

  44. harry cover

    studio ghibli> all

  45. SBSV Mel Mel

    The best movie

  46. Jadiel Harpell

    I love this song!

  47. IttyBittyBoi

    Every time i watch the movie, i end up crying.

  48. Noelia Potenza

    pucha k sad pe me da ganas de abrasar a marnie pero mal mal :"v

  49. Satanic kiddo

    I watched this with my boyfriend and when this song comes i started crying because i realized how much my boyfriend mean to me.

  50. Abyss Gamer

    Umm.. I think I have a condition where my eyes sweat too much.

  51. SkyGirlPlayz

    This movie was to sad I tried to not cry but I finally let it out when I finished the movie I think I’ll show it to my parents

  52. Just Another Doodle

    This song and this film are both amazing

  53. Esper

    there's no denying this film is bloody beautiful tbh

  54. Eyepatch

    It's 2018 I know but if somehow, just somehow you still haven't watched the movie, PLEASE DO. I REQUEST YOU WATCH THE MOVIE, PLEASE. Thank you.

  55. Rogar Nr

    I really have many friends. I am lonely 😢 and i cry

  56. Jakob Gjert

    Life is strange vibe?

  57. Blank Eyed

    This is like, an introvert's theme song.

  58. Thals

    This song I hold it so close to my heart it takes me back to my elementary school days where I would only read books and had no friends because people thought I was weird with my lisp so my mom would have lunch with my whenever she could ❤️

  59. Ninja Knight

    I don't even to watch the movie I am already crying.. definitely going to watch the movie

  60. evion223

    This is the reminder of movie, and the movie was tough but beautiful. Anyone that suffers of being alone, pls take steps to bring yourself out there it's almost impossible but I met some of the best souls in the earth doing so

  61. kohuki kohuki

    Damn it. The lyrics hit me hard. Bye I'll be crying in the corner 😭😭😭

  62. Rebecca U.

    My name is Priscilla!😂👌

  63. prince everlove

    I bought the CD...I cry everytime I listen to it...the Power of Music🎼🌬💕💕💕

  64. Kitts

    So I'll just sit in my room,
    After hours with the moon, and
    Think of who knows my name..
    Would you cry if l die, would you remember my face?😖😭😭😭

  65. • m i s s b u b b l e •

    Please help me! I'm looking for the music that Marnie sings when she and Anna dance!Thanks!! T^T

  66. HUNAB KU

    I hate shyness........


    HUNAB KU I guess you have shyness so you hate shyness. If so,I want you to say not hating your shyness... I have a shyness too and sometimes It makes me tired. But I realize whenever I blame my shyness, I got to hate myself...So I decided to accept myself including my shyness☺ These days I am sometimes still blame my shyness but try to accept myself...so I hope you can accept yourself and become a person who can love yourself..I am not English so my words isn't fluent. But I just hope you will be happy:)Love yourself!

  67. Thia Derbyshire

    And so I just sit in my room after hours with the moon
    And think of who knows my name
    Would you cry if I died?
    Would you remember my face?

  68. Sofya

    I haven't watched the movie but this song makes me tear up every time I hear it

  69. Amarjargal Bat-Erdene

    It gives me chills..... brrrrr

  70. Cheer Rheur

    This is so very real

  71. Pete

    Opening line hits me hard because as a kid my family moved alot. I went to 3 different elementary schools and 2 middle schools. I never really had a set group of friends. I was always the new kid or the kid from out of town.

    But it's ok. I feel like those experiences made me into a self dependent and confident person 😊

  72. Alicia Loud

    I want to cry 😭!!! This song is really beautiful

  73. Aesthetic Dreamer

    when marnie was there is such a good movie it reminds us of why we are here to be happy

  74. hi idkathingatall H

    its not like I never had friends, I'm a very social girl that everyone wants to be friends with, it's just that when I start showing my true self they always leave me so I just gave up on having friends already.

  75. envy mitsu

    This song sounds like my background life I also always think that "would they cry or miss me if I die" 'cuz I think I'm destined to be alone in my whole life cuz no one can stay in my side I may have friends but I distance myself from them cuz I know if they stay in my side they will disappear or get hurt just like my old friend who died on my own birthday and no one can remember it's my birthday nor greet me happy birthday and that time my dad is drunk I realized how lucky of them having a nice Happy family but then my mom sent me to my grandma's house it's like every 3 day I got bruised then my mom came and gave me the letter of my friends ans said a very warmth word it gaves me strength so I was happy but in the end worst came like my dad almost kill me and also almost raped my older sister every time were together I feel awkward and not just that my mom and dad is sometimes fighting so I was used to it whenever they fight I feel nothing but still worst came I guess I am a bad luck ☺☺

  76. Xavier xavi

    I can relate to this ♥

  77. James Keays

    Not only was the movie itself sad, but the star director of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki, one of the best directors of all time, announced his retirement after this film...

    What a way to go out. Wow.

  78. jake al

    oh my god this song is literally my childhood

  79. lord ozen

    It is enough to tell my whole story

  80. Ida Brand

    The movie is so beautiful. And this song is so beautiful, Everything is beautiful. I wish you would’ve uploaded it on Spotify though. It was a night where I couldn’t sleep, I dozed out on this song.

  81. dracarys

    I never related to a song so much.. :(

  82. mounir lakehal

    magnifique !

  83. Sugetsu Millennium

    The feelings ahhhhhh

  84. nada2151

    I avoided watching the movie because i thought it was about girl falling for another. But i still watched it and I have been wrong before

  85. kamila reza

    Esa cancion me pone triste :(

  86. Aoi Kinoko

    This song is so touching I love it.

  87. Crispy Butter Balls

    I haven’t seen all the Studio Ghibli films yet. I’ve only seen this, Ponyo, and Grace of the Fireflies. This is easily a fav so far. Kinda scares me how much I relate to Anna.

  88. SaffronTown

    This lesbien movie

  89. MiiBeas Planet

    This explains my social phobia perfectly 😔😞

  90. Feeling The Plant Action

    I cried my eyes out.

  91. Twiggy

    Movies never bring me to tears, even if the characters I like get hurt in some way or something like that, but this..this movie, I was in tears for most of it. (SPOILER ALERT!!) I loved the character Anna so much and my only complaint is that the movie kind of queer baited her and Marnie, I shipped them until I found out it was her grandma, even tho they're not related it's still weird to ship them tbh but everything else was wonderful

  92. 지금 me

    is really sad

  93. Gorfinhofin

    I love the double meaning of this song. "Fine on the outside" could be referring to being outside the "invisible magic circle" that Anna describes in the movie, or it could be about pretending everything is okay when you're hurting inside.

  94. Lidia M

    I can’t sing along because this just describes who I am 😭

  95. insta kittylover

    Im gonna get a lot of hate for this, but the movie in itself was mediocre. The execution was ok with a cliche' ending. but the concept was beautiful. And thats honestly the highlight of the movie. And as that concept fills your mind and the movie is nearing its end, this song plays and it just hit you like a train. A wave of unsuppressible emotion. I felt the sudden urge to cry.
    And that was the best reaction to any ghibli movie ive had in a while.

  96. pop pow

    this song hit me right in the heart