Ahn, Priscilla - Body Sounds Lyrics

Let's use our bodies to make some sounds
All we gotta do is play around
Like when you stomp on the ground
Or give your fist a little pound
Let's listen and see what we've found
Just monkeying around

Ok, so stomp your feet like this
Alright, then hit your fist with your other hand like this

Give your tongue a little click
Does it sound just like the tick
Or the tock of a clock
Or a door that's just been knocked

Or maybe a horse that's going for a walk
That forgot his socks, what?!

Hey you got a nice belly bongo
It likes to go, wherever you go
Watch it wiggle when you give it a pound
Watch it jiggle when you give it a laugh
Alright alright, that's enough of that
Let's give it a tap

Well, do you know about scat?
I can tell you a little bit about that
It's a funny way to sing where you don't say anything
You just make sounds with your mouth
And it's awesome
Like this... Ok

Let's put them all together now
And we'll see just how they sound
I'm sure it will be profound
And all your friends you will astound
At all the sounds that you found
Just playing around

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