Aguilera, Christina - Shut Up Lyrics

You've got some nerve, now baby don't you
I never care bout half the shit that comes out of your mouth, no
I wish that I could put a swift choke-hold on you
This world ain't big enough for you and your ego

So for once why don't you just
Shut up, just shut the fuck up [x4]
Keep running, running, running and running your mouth
Could you please
Shut up, just shut the fuck up [x2]

You think you're something special don't you
You like the sound of your voice, keep talking while I tune out (oh)
And if you ever really wonder what I think about you
I've got a million ways to show you just where you can go
Kiss my ass (oh)

So for once why don't you just
Shut up, just shut the fuck up [x4]
Keep running, running, running and running your mouth
Could you please
Shut up, just shut the fuck up [x2]

Call me a bitch whenever you wish
Don't give a shit, can you handle it
Cause I flip the script, don't seal my lips
And if you don't like it
You can suck my (ugh) [x3]

One, two, three, four
(Hey, oh, yea yeah)

Shut up, just shut the fuck up [x4]
Keep running, running, running and running your mouth
Could you please
Shut up, just shut the fuck up [x2]

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Aguilera, Christina Shut Up Comments
  1. spears bryana

    what this funking song

  2. Georgia The Unipuppy

    If only I could've sang this to my entire math class before school ended

  3. I B

    Some people just don’t know what to say, how to say it, or when to just shut the fuck up and not say anything at all!!

  4. I B

    Thank God for these lyrics 🙏🏽😭

  5. Mari

    Que hino haha

  6. Georgia The Unipuppy

    Who clicked to read the comments

  7. Kristyn Mariah

    I'm a Christian, but I'm not perfect. I've had to deal with a lot of shit lately and this song and Circles will be my goto songs from now on when I'm pissed.

  8. G H

    I wish I could play this for all my fellow Americans simulatanualously 😂😂😂

  9. Avonlea Montague

    This is what Christina haters say about her... lol

  10. Ford Ray

    how can i have the explicit version???

  11. Aleyna Çiftçi

    I'm angry and stressed out all the time and sometimes i need songs like this to feel confident.

  12. Allan Kalumba

    A perfect dedication to idle gossipers...WOW!

  13. SpaghettiCop

    NICE :]

  14. SpaghettiCop

    grdutfcrdec nhyt6ertytcdfghjiuihliitbrrvcsextrwrttybvcexezwvcxgfjfbgyui9ytgcvvb bny6trewdre5ty4e3dsfghvhjhbnv gfvdcesxtrvhgfh vcggcjhgehgdhgygggsjgkhudkchjdbvlsjdhbvjhdbjhdbvljhvbleufgueblifuhveivewyr7y47yr34hri8fyhf'oufv[-f0or]fpreof]orfijoifjihhfbfuyvbiwrrvbpwivbpriuf;wdfuhvwbfvw;fvbwfuihgiurghituhgiugnjbntrnbnnbrnbriuthnruwithtuihtruihtrytuihytriuyhtrv tuh uht

  15. Melon Trend

    When you're teacher gives you math work for college students and then is disappointed when you fail.

  16. Banshee Erano

    it really sounds like that song's about Kanye XD

  17. Gisel Soto

    Great song! I love Xtina!

  18. CY T

    No-bullshit-tina. <3 Although this is very lyrically similar to Circles...


    but i prefer this one with a full blown speaker! hahaha

  19. Aleyna Çiftçi

    i'm gonna play this song in my school !!  so cool.

  20. Spark Fear

    love her :)

  21. Antonymous Gawker

    Brilliant Xtina! Slap the haters! Yaaaaaaaaayyy

  22. Sonata Dusk

    No there isn't a non-explicit version of Shut Up

  23. Raphael Vieira

    I love miss Aguilera dissing songs.

    Raphael Vieira

    That's True.

  24. AquamanGreenLantern

    This song perfectly to the T describes how I felt about this professor at my college this past semester.

    Luis Garza

    I feel you brother

  25. eMKa Corp.

    hehe great job Christina <3

  26. Alberto Perez


  27. adelle

    my theme song

  28. Trevor Foley

    I would love to play this song to many people

    Sonata Dusk

    Me three

    188-881 Joyfull

    Indeed. To at least 1 out of every 5 people that I ever come across.

  29. Kayley Reid

    I have some people I'd LOVE to play this too lol ^^

  30. farceewoo

    is there a explicit version of this?

  31. Nail Tenorio


  32. Roberto Huerta

    i wish i could like that so fuckin many time i hate that piece of shit. He gives all gay man a bad name!

  33. nichole Roberts

    Love it !!!...sum ppl need to hear this right now :-)..that i know

  34. Theresa Gebhardt

    This is the real version

  35. bubblinbrownsugar616

    Because you just had to bring politics into this. -_-

  36. Kinsman

    A song for liberals everywhere.

    S O

    Christina is a liberal i-

  37. mattdamonsgirl

    Lol me too!

  38. Héctor Rivera

    me molesta mas el sonido de censura que el Shut the fuck up!

  39. Cedrick Ramos

    Dedicate this for the haters out there!

  40. Cedrick Ramos

    Nice! Did u sing it in front of him?

  41. p0pcorn22


  42. Encha

    una canción perfecta

  43. rodrigo aparecido

    Eu dedico essa musica para todas as pessoas q querem meu mau SHUT UP


    Is This song about Kelly Osbourne?

  45. Leash Agronsky

    Is there an actual unedited version of this?

  46. HollandChick100

    This is the message to all her haters ;) hope haters will Shut the Fuck up now ;)

  47. ChristinaQueen4ever

    This is for Kely osbourne!!!

  48. majss majjss

    I dedicate this song to every single person at school :)

  49. HollandChick100

    she must say this in da face of her haters XTINA 4 EVER <3

  50. Kidofrodo

    So much better than Your Body

  51. Casper Xtina

    Kiss my ass Oh oh! Keep running, running, running and running your mouth Could you please Shut up, just shut the fuck up...

  52. Casper Xtina

    2:25 I Love Her Laugh <3
    christina aguilera is the best singer in the world.

  53. midogiscalledlilly

    This is 12334859550058655040 times better than Bobblehead.

  54. ChristinaQueen4ever

    Haters?..... SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Sandy Battles

    Think this song is dedicated to all the xtina haters SHUT THE FUCK UP

  56. Marlene Desiree Johnsen

    Love this song so much! Cant wait for her to sing this live one day!

  57. Stefan Aguilera

    Thank you for all @whenulookmeontheline :) I'm only listening your posts <3

  58. audioliciousxxx

    I love this. So much. Welcome back Christina. <3

  59. EvilYakuza

    This will be played on every server in every online game when someone gets muted haha!

  60. Sharbani M

    Does anyone know where to find the explicit explicit one for this song, cuz the beep is making me go blah even though i like the song :(

  61. TheShikaidou

    I don't understand that, she swears on Circles but then Your Body and Shut Up are edited. This song is awesome but all the beeping/editing throws me off.

  62. Kingdom of Nardorwen

    I like this song, but I'm not used to listen this type of songs from Xtina.. Strange! :P

  63. Ella Horan

    Damn the song is da best!!!

  64. Ioana Popescu

    like you !

  65. datswassup07

    this song is hilarious lol

  66. blondieintexas

    i would love to play this for so many people lol

  67. ChrysanthemumE

    @snwbrdnchic24 lol no!youre the one who's stupid!

  68. KitKat Kreationz

    LOVE THIS SONGGGGG!!!!!! This world aint big enough for you and your EGOOOOOOO!

  69. Allyson Messina

    FUCKING love it! :D

  70. isa d.b.

    1:55 ;)

  71. Kia-E

    I can't stop singing this song lol. This song makes me think of all her haters that wanna keep talking shit about her. SHUT UP, JUST SHUT THE F*** UP!!!

  72. Frances Magee

    you you you you

  73. Kstarluvsall

    This is the bobblehead from bionic on lotus

  74. cristian ortega solis

    it sounds me like blurrrr

  75. EmmaStarShoe

    I like this song, rightt now, sooo good, and the lyrics are soo genius.. SHUT UP THE F*CK UP!

  76. Apulanta89

    Yes! And I feel that Circles is Wohoo of LOTUS :D Although message is comletely different, but still ;)

  77. J Alex


  78. AFKqueen



  79. Linda Anderson

    theme song to my sister

  80. April Tackett

    Wow, and to think: if it hadn't been bleeped out, there'd be just as many people complaining that the song is too vulgar. It's a double-edged sword for Christina either way. (I'm ignoring the people who immediately whine about imitating, etc.; you people need a lesson in music, and how songs somewhat resemble each other so often that you should take this song's advice.)

  81. DorotheaSolo89

    Hahaha!!!! Love this song... dedicate this song to my ex!

  82. Graz

    I want to like this song because of the words to the song and I even like the vibe of the song, but, the censoring of the curse words even on the adult version fucks this song up. Christina, why do you even say the swear words on this track if you were going to edit them? The editing on this song fucks it up.

  83. Graz

    The beep thing sucks. You do that to clean music for the kiddies. That ruins the song.

  84. Oliver James

    I think she's been listening to a little too much Black Eyed Peas...

  85. Christina Cardel

    Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!

  86. GryndStone

    I really want to hear an uncensored version of this
    just to hear her say fuck and mean it
    that sounded awkward.

  87. Mariana Afonso

    i love this song so much.
    and I love the album too. can Christina get more perfect?

  88. Kylie Fever

    Bobblehead part II!

  89. Bionic Candy

    Fuck your body was only ever a demo love your body was the final cut

  90. princewah90

    next single's

  91. Loenard Smith

    Go Buy The Album Y'all!

  92. Hann


  93. Jaclyn Smith

    when i first heard this song i rotflol

  94. Fir Aliff

    For haters

  95. katieisweird

    i bought the album, the explicit version...and i was really disappointed that Your Body didnt have the F word... i thought it was going to instead of Love. because i've heard that explicit version of Your Body with the F word, so thats what i was expecting. so weird that it wasnt on my explicit album when i bought it. =/

  96. Wesley Harley

    1 person is obviously deaf!! Why would you not like this song???

  97. jano baton

    it is amazing ....I can listen it all the time :)