Agony Scene, The - We Bury Our Dead At Dawn Lyrics

Their whispers become like cries
Tears fall from blinded eyes
Ninty nine have burned as embers
Ninty nine have lost their lives

Tired arms now fight for life
Amidst the crashing waves, they're drowning

Will you hold me until morning's light
And I'll tell you what it's like to die (die, tonight)
It's too late to cry

Now she sees her face and screams
Was once so beautiful
Now kissed by flames and showered with glass

So beautiful, yet so cruel
The way love tends to be

Her beauty, so cruel
The way love tends to be
Her beauty, so cruel
The way love tends to be

Will you hold me until morning's light
And I'll tell you what it's like to die
Will you hold me until morning's light
And I'll tell you what it's like to die

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Agony Scene, The We Bury Our Dead At Dawn Comments
  1. Texas TLO

    Man, this brings me back!

  2. Codename Cowboy

    Love this band, but this video is hilarious. The bass player looks like he’s having a fucking punk dance off 😂

  3. Mike Milly

    Dopest vocalist ever

  4. T Fries

    In spite of the eye liner and fingernail painting , these guys were fuckin great. What's funny is I heard this song at a local record store back in the day and I thought it was a new Arch Enemy song which is why it piqued my interest then I discovered who they were. Anyhow 18 years ago ! This song may be old but it still kicks ass.

  5. Nick Applewhite

    I miss myspace...

  6. Paul Laing

    2018 still jamming this can't wait for the new album in July 😊

  7. Rukshan Marapana

    2018 and they're back!

  8. AlleyMane33 Up N Dis Bih

    Ha i remember seeing this band like in 06 with kitty LOL i never seen the actual video till now... Gawd damn..smh

  9. 그자신

    Fucking amazing i dont understand y they r not famous

  10. Dekkayrd

    9 years later and still loving these guys.


    Dekkayrd - And they're back and better than ever!

  11. Michael Alan

    Damn I loved these dudes

  12. ahiezer vargas


  13. Mr. Starscream

    me recuerdan al viejo atreyu, de la época "suicide notes and butterfly kisses" con este look, emo/post hardcore xd

  14. hmrobertshaw

    Warped tour worthy

  15. Shy Guy 585 why do I need a last name

    joy villa brought me here.

    Shy Guy 585 why do I need a last name

    how did I not know these guys before?

    Sapper Spy

    How did she bring you here?

  16. patrick mikols

    fishnets are awesome

  17. Shiver

    the feels

  18. steven olivier

    Someone asked what the vocalist was wering ...... its called goth sleves guess u came late to the party

    patrick mikols


    salamander king

    patrick mikols no. goth sleeves

    Ben Levi

    hard boyz rule

  19. Antropasonmobile X

    fukn song is amazing... sees video: I'm ending it all tonight.

  20. Anthony Armstrong

    This band was soooooooo ahead of their time. They would kill it now days

    Christopher Denton

    New video up now

    Cursed Chris

    Anthony Armstrong they just got back together

    T Fries

    I dunno. This is VERY Gothenburg sounding ,came out about same time as those bands heyday. Arch enemy , in flames etc.

    Joshua Read

    They are still around, just saw them 3 days ago here in NC with Oh Sleeper and Earth Groans


    @T Fries All metalcore from the early 2000's are heavily gothenburg-sounding, and mostly bad rip-offs of At the Gates. TAS's songs have matured far better than most other songs from the same time and genre.

  21. pourindiesel

    I swear every song on this album sounds the same, but they all kick ass.

  22. The Star Traveler

    Fuck yeah old school

  23. soulbutcher

    I fucking loved this band when they first came out.  But the second and third album killed them for me.  If only the guitar players started shredding a bit they would kick ass like the black dahlia murder or skeletonwitch.


    +justin smith For real dude, The Darkest Red was fucking killer!

  24. BlackCommie

    They may look fucking stupid, but the music is still badass. Reminds me of At the Gates.

    Beard and Hat

    @Megan Kenworthy yeah early 2000's metal fashion was bad.

    Tom Joe

    +Ted "Zodiac" Cruz They don't look stupid


    BlackCommie At least they look more badass than Antifa Marxist.

  25. Bjorn .Andersson

    Did a cover of this on my channel :) 

    Bjorn .Andersson


  26. ShadowOfDeath24

    This band is from my hometown...good to see the tulsa scene up and alive

    Doe ThaDino

    Tulsa OK? I live in Shawnee. There's another band from Tulsa called Outline In Color. They're pretty good

  27. Bean's Butter Review Wagon

    you kno, black isnt the only color option you got there guys?

  28. Stevepwn Productions

    i remembe when this came out i was in 7th grade bought this album and bumped all these songs x DDDD


    stevepwn in your parents car of course

  29. byknutz

    Saw em do this song at the Solid State tour, Extol was there too, one of the sickest shows I have ever seen. AS kicks ass

  30. HessianForHire

    First time I'm seeing the video, been listening to the song for years. Yeah....I'm gonna pretend I never saw this.

    Darren The Tuber

    Its mostly due those unflattering closeups of the singer

    Danny Phantom

    LMFAOIRL Dude, its the terrible fishnet goth look, the two guitar players looking like they're about to make out at any second, the unfortunate sweating on the lead singer that for some reason no one could throw him a bounty paper towel before they started shooting the video, and the fact that he was just not in the right weight to even try to wear those clothes. But despite this video I remember watching this as a kid and going "yeah let me just get that album.." lol

  31. john dahl

    lol is that the same guitar I have the ESP LTD ec-1000 deluxe? haha rocking the ten or nine gauge?

  32. Akhamesh

    What the fuck is the vocalist wearing?

    Beard and Hat

    @Akhamesh regret. nothing but regret.

  33. Arbi Pešek

    2014 - - -Still good :)

    Ryan E

    Arbi Pešek Still good in 2018.

  34. Terry Reiche

    THE song that got me into "metal" metalcore as i know it now. but still. 

  35. CornWallace

    haha i thought this was so heavy in 2004. still like it though. 


    i feel like your statement needs to be to another person/group of people ... i'm not a heavy snob. also, people are moving on to 9 and 10 strings so gitwidit.

    Joonas Suomaa

    song is still heavy=)


    i wouldn't sell it to start out with. it's not that good. stop bumping this comment, people.

  36. Shiver

    I remember bumping this song in highschool. Even had a winter hat with their logo on it that I lost :(

  37. Dem Shadowwolf

    yes but what ive heard nothing like this urbantulsa com/gyrobase/Content?oid=oid%3A41953

  38. Matthew Castillo

    Gahhh I miss this band so much D: does anyone know if Mike has done anything new musically?

  39. Aaron Gagnier

    Sucks for you I guess that your ears are so should probably get that checked out...or maybe stop listening to whinny bands like The Deftones (yeah, I said it). Also, who the hell cares what a band wears anyway??? You seem to be the expert on how gays dress. Was this knowledge gained through experience or study? Either way, evaluate the means in which you evaluate talent. Create something original that's better than any of their material, dreamland cover-boy, then speak.

  40. John Jackson

    those fucking vocals

  41. Rodney Silveira

    Man his Vocals are fucking sick.

  42. Dante Steward

    I do lol

  43. Richard Robin


    Patriotstream Media

    Richard Robin summer slaughter tour 2018 see you there

  44. anthony

    dont see the irony in this comment? hahaha

  45. Naked Alton

    I don't understand what you mean, they look like average people.

  46. Sha She


  47. Devon Latendresse

    Every single metal video I have ever looked at on youtube has a bunch of retards bitching.

  48. Scott D

    One of the best metalcore bands ever

  49. anthony

    ehhhh........ or at least behind the bleachers..... lol i was a metal head

  50. anthony

    i dont care what they look like, but i can see the arm stockings did not work otu for their careers.

  51. anthony

    lets be honest, they look like they live in a hot topic stock room... im 24 and engaged, statistically, i have HAD more sex then they will.

  52. Smerk

    ive always thought the same thing haha

  53. anthony

    And since we are resorting to high school bickering, so is our moms face, but i don't say any thing.

  54. anthony

    Oh! Snap! Good comeback, considering you never seen my face you sound like a jackass with bad information, but as a synopsis from your bad punctuation and no capitol letter in the beginning of your asinine sentence, your a fucking idiot.

  55. ilovemanatees996

    your face is better with a bag over it

  56. volcano83

    arm stockings were never a good idea

  57. Tommy Sarmiento

    Beneath The Sky

  58. mescum89

    faggy metalcore...

  59. MadPrince567


  60. Gatlin Mark

    These guys were awesome.

  61. anthony

    i guess spencer gifts and hot topic provided their personalities. the musics great though....

  62. anthony

    its not them, its those hot topic stockings on their arms. the bad eye liner. the capes when they are live.... thats why

  63. Ross Coleman

    old haste the day

  64. MadPrince567

    Is there any other band with a screamer who sounds like this guy? I fucking love it!

  65. Mark Miller

    they looks like badass musicians. what the fuck do you people want?!?!?! supermodels playing metal? music is about the music. if you dont like the way they look and it bothers you shallow mother fuckers that much then watch the lyric video!!!!!!

  66. Cody Carter

    This video brought to you by Hot Topic and any local scene metal band

  67. anthony

    @kartell87 far from shallow, but this is 100% gimmick, they are an awesome band but look like they bought out hot topic and spencer gifts haha

  68. Pablo Uribe

    @anthonyln Sounds like a bunch of bitches that care about what people look like more than what they ARE like. Don't be so shallow.

  69. DeadlyKisses

    I believe I said this before on the same video. Who the hell cares about what the band looks like? Don't base it on looks. You should base it on the music itself. No wonder Lil Wayne is so popular. He could sing about taking a shit and you'd all love it because you think he's hot. Unbelieveable.

  70. Gaston Sosa

    Why the fuck are you talking about the looks? They maybe look like emos, but this is one of the greatests bands in metalcore genre, and it has an epic sound, so shut the fuck up, and learn how to play an instrument, you faggets.

  71. RWTFallen

    they look goth. emocore ripped the fuck off goth so its a hard difference to tell, goth tends to be a little different than your average emo..goths are cooler

  72. Wanghun loe

    @ParalysisT3rror No sir I am not!

  73. ilovemanatees996

    emo hahaha ur funny this was way before emo became mainstream and emo is not a fuking style is a genre

  74. Danielle Staiger

    lol someone said this band is better if you dont look at them. i have to agree

  75. Cæsar

    blink 182 sucks

  76. occultdestroyer



  77. Inada Kio

    ok disregard the second being at the time on that

  78. Inada Kio

    from what i understand this band started with a trendy idea i say that because at the time it was a bit typical being that at the time having the screaming only thing was a bit trendy because of bands like underoath and although oklahoma is filled with some of the outright most creative and talented musicians ive ever seen we have problems falling under trendy things but such is probably true for most places the agony scene is a great band i just hate the thought of trends for some reason

  79. anthony

    @sw0rd0fadvers1ty look like little hottopic kids lol

  80. dustmouse

    @anthonyln Why is that?

  81. Wanghun loe

    Finally a decent group group with good taste in clothes and make up! Fuck the clothing in todays deathcore and screamo scene.

  82. Raphael Skip

    very good

  83. Devin McCall

    2 ppl went to britney spears video

  84. Gaston Sosa

    @musicaddict1492 Goths? xD

  85. Butter Johnson

    Black metal? That's ridiculous.

  86. Chief Godstaff

    @anthonyln LMAO, i so agree, but they are still badass!

  87. anthony

    this band is better if you dont look at them lol

  88. X E N O

    I fucking love and miss this :c, this bring me such a good memories ♥

  89. Dan Gerow

    wow I think I just gizzed from the awesomeness of this song!!!!!!

  90. duckthing

    this guy should be doing vocals in a black metal band instead

  91. blackjack991

    Wow.. when it zooms in on the singers face, it looks so much like the awesome face.

    Great song-- I have been trying to buy this CD forever.. can't find it anywhere.

  92. Shiver

    lmao thats so true!! omfg lmao

  93. ty ler

    man listen... its not that hard to understand him

  94. Dracolithe

    coming froma username of cacapoopoo. its for the video, you also dont know what he was doing before they began filming, and hes not even fat u artard

  95. lordslayer22

    these guys suck