Agony Scene, The - Scapegoat Lyrics

Abandoned broken and bleeding.
A feast for their eyes a spectacle.
A martyr of the forsaken.
A scapegoat for their suffering.
Burn me alive.
I feel the hatred behind their eyes.
Burn me alive.
In eager circles to watch me die.
Burn me.
As silence falls through the masses.
The cruelest display of sacrifice.
A savior of the abandoned.
A scapegoat for their suffering.
Burn me alive.
I feel the hatred behind their eyes.
Burn me alive.
In eager circles to watch me die.
Burn me.

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Agony Scene, The Scapegoat Comments
  1. Gage Conway

    Yep still good and it's almost 2020.

  2. zero1692

    Black Metal Vibes @

  3. Jordan Ross

    Highschool soundtrack initiated

  4. Liam Farrell

    This song blows the shit out of my anus all over my boss and his family.
    Good job

  5. danielle bird west

    This song reminds me of being bullied on the rez for being half white.

  6. Nikola Tesla

    This song is still fucking massive


    September 2019

  8. John Yazzie

    I remember hearing this band on a headbangers ball CD i bought from Hot Topic in 2008. Best transaction i made. Still love their sound. The growls and screams and the guitars make them.

  9. Daniel Caldwell

    So fucking heavy. I feel the hatred behind their eyes all day.

  10. Sean Letalone

    metal core does not fuck around

  11. Codename Cowboy

    This whole album is amazing! Old, but so much energy in every track. My favorite metal album ever!

  12. Whatzittooyaa 's

    Jimjack - dance with devil decay has same riff imo

  13. Daniel Caldwell

    I wonder if Trump listens to this on a daily basis lol. I don't give one fuck what you think about me 😈

  14. paolo polvere

    Sorry for being in late of 9 years

    Edit: 8 years 😒

  15. This Guy

    Dead child on the floor... My aborted fetus!!!!

  16. Xabro Fuentes

    Full of chaos and harmony rampant beast

  17. Michael Millhouse

    still such a sick fucking track

  18. poop guy

    saw this a few days ago at baltimore soundstage 🤘🤘🤘

  19. Caleb Hohneke

    Ahhhhh shit, peeps! We finally get some new The Agony Sceneeeee this year! Spread the word! \m/

  20. Petr Miklos

    Best song

  21. Cameron Roberts

    I have so many favorites off this album but this 1 has always been my absolute favorite. Gritty as a gravel sandwich and I love every raw minute of it.

  22. Mike Cuba

    I love this songs since it came out. The scriching of his voice it tickles to my neuron passing to all my nerve cell in my body releasing energy vibrate the whole room.

  23. Kenny Williams

    One of the greatest breakdowns ever in this song!

  24. Bret Fulton

    Reminds me of the good ol days when jfac kota and elysia was still relavent


    Bret Fulton Job is still pretty relevant. People that have heard Sun Eater expect their next album to be fuckin epic!

  25. Adam Splittah

    Probably the only song about as hard as Suffer

  26. Walker Hayden

    All hail to the gods of metal

  27. Bert Keller

    this song still blows my skull off after all these years.. brings back some memories

    Jason Thomson

    I read “this song still blows. . “ and I was about ready to get into it with you. Haha. Love the entire comment.

    Samuel Palmquist

    They ended their set with this song last week. The place went nuts. He just gave the mic to the crowd and we all screamed it. It was nuts.

  28. Gary Love

    seriously fkkn love this band, what happened to them? do they still tour?

  29. Chase Suffokate

    So many memories... miss this band

  30. Amy Rol

    bring back fucking memories..

  31. ChuckaNewt

    fucking love this style, never gets old to me

  32. ryanexsus

    Tulsa OK's finest!

  33. Mr. Christopher

    Fuck yes! This brings back some memories!

  34. TonyX311

    This song goes so hard

  35. Ian Cowart

    Reminds me of my old cover bands and mosh pits in storage unit practices

  36. TheSPazCORE

    Mixing sucks.

    ChancePants Windham

    It isn't the best but it certainly doesn't suck

    Corey Jason

    It's just a victim of the loudness wars.


    @Corey Jason Agreed. I like the song, but I usually skip it when it plays on my iPod because it kills my ears.


    @ryanexsus It's not old, and that's not an excuse. I listen to The Beach Boys and other songs from that era and those songs sound fine.


    I'd imagine the software and hardware needed to mix a beach boys song was much less complicated a nuanced than today's hardware and software. The applications are much more intricate and the instruments are much more processed.

  37. Devin

    I remember finding this band on an old headbangers ball cd I found in a shop on base in AK in 2009 in the middle of winter. Been looking for this song ever since then because all I could remember was the raven on the cover, but somehow finally found it tonight. Cool lol

  38. theonlyegg

    Spotify randomly chose this song for me, had never heard of them before. Holy shit, this song kicks some serious ass.

  39. ignem feram

    I hear this part over and over 1:39

  40. I will never be the same!! CMH

    these guys are from my hometown. Tulsa, Oklahoma.


    +Shawn Strickland I remember when they played a show at Vino's in LIttle Rock with The Handshake Murders.

  41. Jeremy Stumbo

    Yeah, I could wreck someone to this song

  42. Phuk AlongDogs

    This album is the best music to listen to while killing zombies on black ops1

  43. ElCuentaCuervos

    Larga vida al heavy metaaaaaaaaal!😁

  44. The Last King

    Awesome band! Amazing musicians! They have a huge influence on our music! We just released our third single from our Debut EP and we'd greatly appreciate it if you metal heads could check it out! Thanks a lot for the support! Keep it metal! \m/ 

  45. Charlie Mashburn

    Brian Hodges (rhythm guitar) is my uncle.


    Charlie Mashburn wish my uncles rocked like these guys.

    Professor Farnsworth

    tell him his band was amazing

  46. whniwsyrsndtrck

    I still own this CD. I still have tons of respect for these guys, because they were one of the few Christian themed metalcore bands that didn't fucking preach at people. Glad to hear they reunited this year and are back to ripping faces off.


    @plugz r
    That I did not know. So in a sense, they're much like ZAO or Norma Jean.


    +whniwsyrsndtrck zao was Christian.


    ZAO were Christian themed. Dan Weindant is an atheist.


    +plugz r They shouted out their "Lord and savior Jesus Christ" at their live shows. They were VERY MUCH Christian.


    I remember seeing Agony Scene, Zao, Living Sacrifice, and Demon Hunter in Little Rock one time a hella long time ago.

  47. neenjaaa

    full cover of this sweet song. demo sounding and rough but cool.

  48. Jean-Pierre Abrantes

    The Agony Scene back together.... don't lie to me like that.

  49. Hannah Liston

    This is crazy. I've never heard of these guys until I worked at Rib Crib, because Chris Emmons one of the guitarists is my boss now!

    Stevepwn Productions

    well tell him i used to listen to them back when they were dropping these albums i was in middle school xD

  50. Brainsburn

    2:26 - "ARRRR!"

  51. TotalDoomsayer

    Woot! The Agony Scene is back together!!! I just went to their reunion show in Tulsa, Ok this past weekend!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAMAZING!

    RJ Ryder

    thats awsome ! I hope they make it to New Orleans


    I seen them just a couple weeks ago in okc, had to drive from Tulsa as soon as I got off work tho

  52. Artifacts of Exile

    7 years i remember that said they were 
    deathmetal metalcore not deathcore because it has more influence from deathmetal side 
    more deathmetal riffs 
    not the stupid 0000000 deathcore riff

  53. john collins

    These guys are back together !! Not a hoax real shit c

    Hannah Liston

    I'm not sure about that, haha its funny cause Chris Emmons, one of the guitar players is my boss now at rib crib!

    john collins

    Guess I was lied too

    Mark Wallace

    Well, Mike was just with Living Sacrifice last night taking selfies with caprisuns. 

  54. Nyraiu1942


  55. RaisedxFist

    One of my Top 5 Metal Songs !
    Brutal & Heavy as hell ! (;

  56. Isis Goode

    Just now checking out this band and i think there pretty good the sound is amazing the guitar especially the drum work and the screaming sounds great but blessthefall can really kill it on the screams i think I'm becoming a fan of this band


    Isis Goode what even is this comment

  57. Vino Amxer

    Back when metalcore didnt suck.

    Sean Larkin

    Back when guitarist were still riffing instead of chugging. ;)


    Hard to call this metalcore lol. This was only considered "metalcore" because deathcore wasn't really much of a genre yet. (I realize bands like SS existed etc, but deathcore wasn't fully recognized by 2005)


    What are you talkin about dude? LOL. 2005 era metalcore was like chuggy as hell. This band simply wasn't a generic metalcore band


    They're still an amazing band dude wtf you talking about

    jake bob

    Never really sucked except like 4 bands

  58. ThatDude Bud

    Surprised these guys never really got popular, they went hard as shit!!!

  59. tommy dahlberg


  60. WonderGhost

    Ya this is still some of the best metal I've ever heard. Vocals are LEGITIMATELY brutal. None of that fake growling bullshit. Sounds like he's really screaming bloody murder. Guitars are wicked, drums are perfect. One of my favorite albums of all time no question.

    Alex Elmen

    WonderGhost this shit literally got me into scream vocals

  61. Brian Webb

    fuckin burn me mutherfuckers!

  62. Ceadda

    Still one of my favorite songs of all-time!

  63. khaled waleed


  64. Engineer


  65. Scarlet Morbidity

    Why did I just now find this band holy fuck this is amazing

  66. bud389

    Look up Fleshgod Apocalypse

  67. hany259

    google translate that shit. shit's metal japanese style.

  68. luke moran

    yea man, couldnt agree more...

  69. 9288jjw

    Mathew what r u doing man lol.I'm worried about u bro

  70. Ky De

    The Agony Scene and Beneath the Sky... the two most underrated metal bands ever... miss them both.

  71. Cabeto33

    This drummer is amazing(underrated) , great album, in fact, amazing album, love self titled too but think this my favorite, would be amazing if they reunite for more of this!!!

  72. Melvin González

    Emmmm, me too bro! :D

  73. jshmontoya

    Please Agony Scene return to a essentially dead music scene & revive it!!!!!

  74. Newworldfortomorrow

    It really is a shame, same with the band Sikth.

  75. GroundZeroHiroshima

    しかしどこかで、話はねじ曲がっているのです。たとえば「隣人を愛しなさい」とあります。では、隣人でない人のことをどうしましょうか? 嫌がっている動物を神のために殺すことはよくないと仏教側が批判したところ、あるバラモン人が、「神のために死んだ動物は先に天国に行きます」と答えたのです。
    正直なところ、バラモン人も、自分は神の生贄になりたくなかったのです パティパダー巻頭法話→ブッダと仲良しになった子供たち


    They would be if they would stop breaking up......Every time they start gaining some ground, and internal problem comes up, and they end up breaking up. They've been broken up since last spring, and that will be the second breakup.....No word yet on whether they will try again.

  77. Favorito gostei


  78. DashyJ

    Will do.

  79. Heather K

    one of the most badass breakdowns ever. I miss this band.

  80. weed toker

    rip a.s.

  81. Zachery Rice

    duuuude i miss this shit, this brings back so many memories, i use to be obsessed with them

  82. fyeahmewtwo

    This song was too intense for one person, apparently.

  83. Jan Gilbert

    this shit is fucking bad ass

  84. slob room

    This is real shit. This is the best metal I've ever heard. I've honestly never heard better than Agony Scene. But guess what? They were never really popular and broke up awhile ago. Real fucking great. Guess the world couldn't handle epic fucking music.

  85. ccrizzxx99

    They were one of the first bands to get me into metal back in high school.

  86. Josh D

    They broke up

  87. Cody Allen

    sucks to be you,then.

  88. Robert Duncan

    i dislike this

  89. William Hamill

    This whole cd was awesome!

  90. dustmouse

    @Ovadose850 Yeah, didn't they disband? I saw them once or twice. They were definitely awesome.

  91. Newworldfortomorrow

    Managed a full year and a bit and no dislikes

  92. Newworldfortomorrow

    @zxhotshotbaby Yeah but the last album wasnt half as good as the first two

  93. woodysdeath

    holy shit, how could i have forgotten about this

  94. thizzle91

    classic shit

  95. Vicious J

    @Defected666 They made a new CD after this one, then broke up a year later. Should have bought that one and maybe they wouldn't have broke up. :P

  96. Kevin Kondrath

    @MrOusoonerzrock No.

  97. RTG

    @xias0mors lol i never realised how messed up they were. i copied them from metal archives but just checked the booklet and they are completely wrong. ill have to go through each song and check the lyrics with the booklet.

  98. Cody Allen

    The Agony Scene deserved more credit than they got...these guys had REAL talent...

  99. Oblixius

    dude fix the lyrics lol

    Andrew Sappah

    Dude fix your comment