Agony Scene, The - Prey Lyrics

From grace she fell beneath the ashes.
That forced her to her knees, cut her open wide.
To bleed her body dry of feeling.
The wounds will form no scars, only memories.
Tearing at the scars she's open wide.
Screaming till her lungs collapse.
Behind her cold and vacant eyes the innocence that dies inside.
The tears that line her face the anguish.
The lies she's fed herself closing loveless eyes.
To bleed her body dry the feeling of breath escaping lips closing lifeless eyes.
Tearing at the scars she's open wide.
Screaming till her lungs collapse.
Behind her cold and vacant eyes.
The innocence that dies inside.
She dies inside.
Tearing at the scars she's open wide.
Screaming till her lungs collapse.
Behind her cold and vacant, the innocence that dies inside.

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Agony Scene, The Prey Comments
  1. Big-E

    The Darkest Red is one of my favorite albums of that time period. They just had this perfect blend of brutal riffs, excellent breakdowns and hooks.

  2. frank moses

    I remember the year this album came out I would blast this album still do

  3. Hello Friend

    Saw these guys at the music Hall in Fayetteville when u was a kid. Them and rider on the white horse. Pretty sick show.

  4. Jake Shaughnessy

    No joke the lead singers son and his friend beat me up in 7th grade...badass family lol
    (I live in there hometown)


    2019 and still as heavy as ever

  6. denny lee

    Still enjoying this many years after first hearing it. Blasting emo's.

  7. AJ Gschwind

    gonna go ahead and listen to himsa

  8. 3ore

    Holds up ok. Wouldnt play it on repeat like when it first came out.

  9. brandon dorion

    2018-08-09 / 9:03pm anyone?

  10. BackToMetal

    Not bad

  11. Irv Gutierrez

    God this is so good even now in 2018.

  12. jcannion

    Summer 2005

    Remembering Never
    The Agony Scene

    Great tour!!!

  13. blackgumball

    Any songs on their new album have songs like this? This had an awesome chorus, but last i heard from recent was all screaming the whole time. Does he clean sing on any of the new stuff?

    Jason Rodrigues

    Their new album is very different from their pat albuns, in 'Tormentor' he just scream.

  14. David

    2018 anyone?

    Joe G

    Right here!


    Still digging


    What about it? The year they reunited and made possibly the best album of the year?

  15. Sean Reynolds

    Roadrunner, you fucked up with this band. Promoted properly this album would have been huge for you. I hope the person responsible has since been fired.

  16. Cody Hummel

    Yep yep. 2018 still, why yes yes. All those lovely things. To favorites you go..

  17. Illumi BloodP0rn

    singer sounds a lil bit like chad grey

  18. Alexander Walker

    This chorus haunted me when u was about 17/18. So infectious

  19. Dope Sweater

    Does anybody remember Infected for PSP? Or am I the only one

    Elijah Rodarte

    Dope Sweater that’s why I’m here

    Anselmo Padilla


    Clarence Hicks

    My first intro to metal fr

    Phedra Holmes

    Man that game was dope af. Such a colossal soundtrack.

    Rick James

    Awesome game

  20. 3ore

    Not many open handed metal core drummers. This band was brutal

  21. NostalgicDays88

    This band was the shit live. To this day one of the greatest bands.

  22. hahah Hahaha

    my dad filmed one of their music videos sometime in the 2000’s. He has the shirts still.


    Fuck I would buy one

  23. Michael Alan


  24. Kaylee Mcglamery

    I love finding new bands :)

    No Homo

    Too bad they got shut down.

    Tanvir Singh

    They're back though

    Robert Stern

    Yep they are back

    michael buchanan

    i eat ass btw

    theater of souls

    they are back...

  25. jeffrey peters

    First time i heard this band was off a psp game it had this video and trivium pull on the strings video.I went out the next day and bought this album.....What a great fucking choice man this whole album is sick.Thank god for that bs psp zombie game

  26. D E A D I N S I D E

    I dreamt about this song last night 🌙

  27. pastafaria

    Infected on PSP anyone? 👀

    Adam Zarate

    Gio Flores literally came here just to see if anyone else played that gem for psp. Also had some OG Trivium in there as well lol.


    Still have it on the disc)))

  28. Ass

    Forget the videos, just look up this album and enjoy. Agony Scene is so fucking brutal

  29. Brandon Lucia

    1:42 Jizzing on your face

  30. Joesph Clary

    Going to be honest heard these guys on a PSP game when I was younger lol.

  31. A Z

    I have to do a vocal cover of this song soon!

  32. Chad Mower

    my favorite song of theirs.

  33. Behelit

    This track kicks fucking ass! Only 177k views after 7 years? KEK!
    Ps: Great montage too.

  34. Drake Black

    Do they do music at all anymore? like with any other bands?

    Bioactive Virus

    Drake Black they have reformed

    Billy Bobber

    I saw them a few months ago and they rocked it. Their new album is called, tormentor and it's sick. A mix of old and new.

  35. Sean Stewart

    Until I saw this video and what the vocalist looked liked; I always assumed it was Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe from the 80's cartoon.

    Franklyn Espinoza

    Sean Stewart haha!! Good one! I was always trying to figure out why this voice was familiar and you solved the mystery! Thanks!

  36. Joshua William

    This song cured my erectile dysfunction

  37. Eric Halsel

    broken skin

  38. Matthew Frasca

    Stay on fire for Jesus , He loves you unconditionally


    Man just to clarify you know this was absolutely never a "christian" band right?

  39. Mika LycanMetal666

    2017 anyone?
    2:24 still one of most brutal breakdown made by The Agony Scene...

    Robert Stern

    Mika LycanMetal666 2018

    Mika LycanMetal666

    yes 2018!

    Mika LycanMetal666

    +William Briscoe it was indeed!

    Derek Stone

    2018 lol

  40. ezerbora

    It's time to reform the band pls.. GODDAMNIT WE WANT MORE

    jacob and joey gameing

    kk zz they are back together and trying to make a new album. it's just hard because of funding and the members now have other jobs outside of the band

  41. ChuckaNewt

    beautiful metal


  42. DJ Dil

    Joanie "Chyna" Laurer is that you??

  43. ryanexsus

    This band will always rule.

  44. titrationss

    Best song from agony imo

    Brandon Garcia

    titrationss lines of suicide is my favorite along with darkest red

  45. DANIEL Ramirez Becerra


  46. stainedinblack

    One of the most underrated bands ive ever heard. Still gives me tingles listening to this- BRUTAL!

    Anonymous Jay

    fuck ya. so powerful


    It's average imo


    stainedinblack His voice dude!

    Dahlia Nanasi

    u average nigga

  47. ryan dyess

    AH! 240P we meet again!



  49. Phuk AlongDogs

    Fuck yessssssss!!!

  50. Phuk AlongDogs

    I can recall the days when i was in year 8 at class listening to these guys JFAC lamb of god IKTPQ AILD When i was 13 fucken great music love you

  51. Anthony Armstrong

    God damn I miss them

    Bioactive Virus

    Same dude.

    Andre Van Rensburg

    yep. every few months I check the web for in case they make a return.

    jacob and joey gameing

    Andre Van Rensburg they are back together

    jacob and joey gameing

    They are back together. Recently released a new video and new album in July I think

  52. Dakota Wine

    one of the only emo bands that went all out XD

    good memories

    Hunter Palmer

    good thing this band was never anything close to emo

    T Fries

    Yeah this isn't fuckin emo

  53. Zeke Thompson

    I came her because my CD got scratched. These guys had all these good songs!

  54. Elijah Johnson

    Melisandre from Game of Thrones?

  55. andrew barrington

    i love this song lots,, but whom ever mixed the guitars was really bad,, can any1 see what i mean?


    +andrew barrington I think you may be confusing bass distortion with clipping/overloading. Mixing sounds spot on to me. Listen to more Mudvayne and older Staind you'll get what I mean.

    andrew barrington

    theres defo sumthing up with the guitar mix man,, iv done many recordings and can well hear it, at the start mainly,, mudvayne is ma fav band man, listening 2 them from when they started,,

  56. Bodycount AU

    this video used to scare the shit outta me when i was younger haha, not the music but the way the chick turns.. looks creepy af

  57. TwitchyEatsYourFace

    Their drummer is now in my favorite band <3

  58. PinkoMoore [Casual]

    new fave band theyre better then all melodeath bands ive ever heard 

    Nick Kociak

    @YoungMetalSoldier you mustn't get out much

    PinkoMoore [Casual]

    @Nick Kociak mustnt ? 

    Nick Kociak

    @YoungMetalSoldier mustn't 

    T Fries

    Their earlier stuff sounds dead on like Arch Enemy

  59. Jimmy Russi

    Takes me back

  60. xUnicornx Loverx

    They're my new fucking favorite fucking band omfg!!!!!!33 \m/33

  61. Mpikas Dimitris

    those guys are sick

    Billy Bobber

    Final fantasy 7. It's grammatical correct in the game. Ha.

  62. whniwsyrsndtrck

    Metal. Fucking. Core. So brutal. Such serious subject matter as well. This is about a friend of the singer's that was brutally raped when she was only 15 and how that horrible event forever destroyed her life.

    Another chapter in modern metal history when bands tried everything they could to erase the years of Nu-Metal dominating the genre, and started blending more actual *METAL* in with hardcore punk. Glad to see these guys are making a come back as something even more brutal.

    Kenny Bales

    @whniwsyrsndtrck I was brutally rapped when I first listened to Body Count.


    @Kenny Bales
    I see what you did there. and I see my typo.

  63. Temporary281

    they still play shows in their home town

  64. Nino Falletta

    What ever happened to this band? Did they break up or something?

    Brett Suydam

    Broke up for like 8 years, now back together. Not sure if recording new music or not, sure hope so.

    jacob and joey gameing

    They have a new album coming out in July I think with almost the same members during the darkest red era (different drummer though.)

  65. Marcus McKenny

    I was really into these guys when they were on Roadrunner Records.  It's a shame they never became big.  They were a great metalcore band.

  66. Michael Fenner

    This is probably one of my all time favorite records. Not a bad song on it n these guys kicked ass live.

  67. dotha cnt

    Shame band broke up such an awesome band

  68. Roberto Bodero Curiel

    The Agony Scene  and the "old school" metalcore bands > All the new metalcore bands nowadays with them 7 string guitars and breakdown songs.

  69. Adj Core

    drummer needs a sammy

  70. Axel Carnage

    Holy fucking fuck - they're back together. I am so excited right now and so happy I happen to Wikipedia them after listening to Beheaded by Demon Hunter.

    Mason Sloan

    Axel Carnage Oh shit!! This is the guest vocalist on Beheaded!? Dude I fucking love Demon Hunter


    Don't forget to check their new release. 3/31/2017

  71. ReprogrammedToHate

    hey everyone, they just got back together and they are playing a reunion show in tulsa in march!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sean Reynolds

    ReprogrammedToHate back together again. New album!

  72. Garrett

    This song was on MTV at one point. What the fuck happened..

    Courtney Kreag

    Garrett seriously mtv is total shit now

  73. psycold

    Always liked these guys but there was something special about this album, pretty much every track makes the hairs on the back of my neck stick up. I'm 30 years old now...cheers to listening to good tunes when I'm 90. 

    Robert Stern

    psycold agreed, this band is decent-ish But they truly struck gold with The Darkest Red

    Darren The Tuber

    You know what it was there was a griminess to their sound, even though the production was polished, their sound evoked a heavy dirty ugliness,

    Trench Coats 4 Life

    Darren Forbes
    I completely agree with you. This cd makes me feel like I am in Silent Hill. It just has this grimy coldness to it. They must of done something really well because this cd is still on repeat after 11 years of listening for me.

    Wes Kennington

    I’m 30 now, same feelings you had 5 years ago, my dude!

  74. Tristen Henning

    These dudes, Slipknot and Trivium were my entire childhood, thank you Roadrunner, you guys kick so much ass

    Tom Null

    I think they're on a new label now.

    DarkAvenger LP


  75. Ivo Kalchev

    On October 9th 2013 the band activated a Facebook account and as of October 10th posted an image with '2014' in it and the Agony Scene coffin logo in place of the zero. Hinting at a 2014 return the Facebook page also confirmed the current line up of Mike Williams - Vocals, Chris Emmons - Guitar, Brian Hodges - Guitar, Chris Rye - Bass and Brent Masters - Drums.

  76. Mickel

    I can't agree more. They were really fucking awesome.

  77. MichaelMCktown

    god damn i wish you guys never broke up, had one of the best sounds of its time.

  78. Reflux

    Sorry dude, but you might want to get an appointment to get your hearing fixed. The vocals don't resemble CG, neither do the drums, guitars, bass, guitar tuning, lyrics or song structure.

  79. Reflux

    Still one of the greatest metalcore bands to ever roam this planet.

  80. Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟɪʗ Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟᴇԇ

    this album was a MASTERSHIT!!

  81. Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟɪʗ Ɱᴇᴛᴀʟʟᴇԇ

    this is 2005's stuff, so CG sounds like this

  82. Dargalog

    Holy shit! I heard this song before I knew it was on psp! :O

  83. WonderGhost

    Are they using 5150's?

  84. Munker Ess

    Sounds like chelsea grin

  85. Volmatqt

    They were so amazing... The Darkest Red is the only physical album I've kept for nearly a decade, and this video reminds me exactly why I keep it.

  86. GarretSamhain

    Fuck year, Infected was the fucking best PSP game out there. :D

  87. Jayce T

    Best screach in the game!!!! hands down.

  88. лалко

    это клёва!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool!!!!!!!!

  89. vhs189

    Even a few short year later, it seems so surreal that extreme metal was like this. Today I'd say something like "Dudes, wear some more fitting shirts. I know exactly where your nipples are." but back then it was fine.

  90. Michael Mckinley

    The Agony Scene used to be more Christian in their first album, but pretty much did a 180 for their second if I remember correctly.

  91. MySlamduncan

    My grandma introduced me to Agony Scene. And she would beat your ass in the pit.

  92. 88kiiski

    sick band. one off the best songs.

  93. The Fury Of Bona

    When I listen to this song, I feel like I'm turning to GOD above the haters!

  94. ricky rayne

    hell ya you tell Garrett Sakovich fuck that bitch

  95. 666_TheSuperScaryMonster_666

    He's got some fucking sick vocals that guy!