Afters, The - One Moment Away Lyrics

Wake up and smile
Put on a tie
Walk to the car
And wave goodbye
Radio on
You're singing along
It's all gonna change but how could you know

You're one moment away
One chance left to take
And you're gone
Are they gonna remember you for running away
Or saving the day from the darkness
And letting your love shine through
What will you do
You're one moment away

Eyes are on you
The pressure is on
Where will you stand when the lines have been drawn
The clocks have all stopped, the story's been told
This is your life, so how will it show

No you can't pretend that forever
Will never come knocking at your door

Run through the flames
Never look back
What did you think that you came here for

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Afters, The One Moment Away Comments
  1. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    the way it begins is the same way that love will make you beautiful ends! that same piano melody

  2. xin yi

    listen in 2017 pls like ♡

  3. GlindaTheGoodB!tch

    We're all a moment away, we just don't know which moment it will be.

  4. Jcpkill

    Theirs a life lesson stuck within this song, finding me made it sad but also realize its one moment away our path after death, but how will those still here remember us?

  5. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    I just feel something thats not right or whatever about "wake up, put on a tie, and go to the car and wave goodbye" i sense something wrong about how the world system.

  6. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    praise Jesus!!

  7. Carlos Alape

    ♥ one moment away ♥ The afters....

  8. SimplyAbby

    more people need to listen to this song and understand that they only have one life.oh and the motto yolo is rather listen to this song cause it makes more sense and it helps u realize something

  9. Jared Bennett

    wow this song is so deep. We're all one moment away, make life count

  10. cube11235

    I'm not a fan of Christian bands, but this song is great!

  11. HalfandHalfBoi

    Yes Vik?


  12. Ryan Vik


  13. cod4man941


  14. kaleb W

    I like it has good lyrics :)

  15. Shansationa1

    oh my gosh. great song to a great picture of marbles. Marbles are awesome!

  16. rose fernandez

    I love this song (:

  17. Rivss828

    Thanks for putting this song up!!!! :D

  18. Rivss828


  19. HalfandHalfBoi

    I'm glad you enjoyed it ;D Of course... I LOVE this song. Ahaha.

  20. swiffer

    why is there a 2 minute silence after?

  21. HalfandHalfBoi

    O_O yes, hence my posting of it :D mwahahah

  22. HalfandHalfBoi

    :D I agree!

  23. Shira Mattuck