Afters, The - Live On Forever Lyrics

Dark days are gonna go away
They won't have the final say
These bones were always gonna fade
'Cause we were made for another place
The moment of our final breath
When all our fears are put to rest
Every tear will disappear
Heaven is real

We're gonna live on
Forever, forever, forever
We're gonna live on
Forever, forever, forever
We are not where we belong
We have a hope we're gonna live on
Forever, forever, forever

Breathing air we have never breathed
We'll see colors we've never seen
Every sound like a symphony
Rising up as the angels sing
The arms of grace are open wide
The face of love before our eyes
Where every tear will disappear
Heaven is real

We're gonna live on
Forever, forever, forever
We're gonna live on
Forever, forever, forever
We are not where we belong
We have a hope we're gonna live on
Forever, forever, forever

Our hearts have been set in motion
For something more, for something more
Than we could ever imagine
There's so much more, there's so much more

We're gonna live on
Forever, forever, forever
We're gonna live on
Forever, forever, forever
We are not where we belong
We have a hope we're gonna live on
Forever, forever, forever

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Afters, The Live On Forever Comments
  1. Abel Lewis

    The sad thing about this song is EVERYBODY is going to live forever, but not in the same place. Enough said.

  2. Makeup Love

    Parts of this song sounds like "talk" from coldplay which is a sample from another old song.

  3. Wendy Tep

    Hellooooo! I'm from Cambodia. After listen to your songs (LOVE PHNOM PENH FESTIVAL). And I'm here for the songs again. You and your band are amazing. Thank you for coming to Cambodia and serve God.

  4. Cherisse Bend

    I pray that the day I die I'm right with the Lord

  5. Pearla

    This is my all time FAVORITE song. It makes me smile and is so assuring and powerful because it’s the TRUTH. Man I can’t wait to give Jesus a huge hug and be reunited with Him and the Father!!!!!!

  6. lisa hendren

    God is so nice and understanding he is good!

  7. Joshia Burch

    The blessed hope! Love it!

  8. Alexander Fricska

    Still love this song 2019 from Sydney Australia

    Emotional Hemophiliac


  9. Hector De Bona

    Love,Love your

  10. Christian g

    Truely I can only imagine what amazing smells and sounds you'll experience in paradise. And oh dear God! The beautiful things we will see!!! Imagine having the body of an Olympic athlete while reaching to pluck and eat the sweetest tasting apple you've ever had while viewing the most amazing looking sunrise also while sorounded by your best friends and family while having the greatest conversations and fun you've ever had with them and that's just a taste of heaven. We can only imagine for now. " Heard a preacher say this once before and man I believe it's true.

  11. Dawn Johnson

    This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. I absolutely love it!!!!! Jesus you are so awesome!! Thank you for loving me............

  12. Joel Marcos

    Amazing song 🇧🇷

  13. Meagan Wright

    love love love this song

  14. Sam Ward

    He protec
    He attac
    But more importantly
    Our Savior Jesus Christ is coming bac

  15. Russell Grigsby

    love this song and video, but kinda lonely, eh? "Then I looked and heard the voice of many angels, numbering thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand. They encircled the throne and the living creatures and the elders. In a loud voice they sang: 'Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!' " -Revelation 5:11

  16. Branzilla 17

    I didn't know Andy Dalton could sing 👀

  17. lisa hendren

    God,Jesus,Holy Spirit are good!

  18. D W

    This is what I dream of when I sleep. Like in the garden pre sin where we did not draw sweat from our brow.

  19. Armando Cardona

    It just goes to prove that some of the VERY BEST contemporary music is Christian music and some of the finest contemporary music videos are Christian music videos--this song and this video have NOTHING TO ENVY any other contemporary artist or band. VERY ACCOMPLISHED technically: the melody, the rhythm, the lyrics, the editing, EVERYTHING.

  20. Susan Bond

    this song inspires me]

  21. Kate Fokina

    The channel has a drum cover of the song :)

  22. Asch The Bloody

    I feel so bad for all of you brainwashed sheep. Following what a 2,000 year old book tells you is just idiotic.

  23. Megan Taylor

    Best music video I've ever seen, I have to wonder if this was inspired work from the Holy Spirit.

  24. Kristy Marie

    Rest In Peace my sweet brother. Love you with all my heart. 2/22/90 - 5/13/19

  25. Project: S.W.4.G

    Personally, I think this is literally one of the only good modern Christian songs that exist right now. Most of the others are too repetitive, sound cliche, or just sound like no effort was put into them whatsoever. This song is a perfect balance of everything that makes a song good.

  26. Eddye Pepin

    This is literally the Christian OneRepublic y’all!!! 😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥

  27. Sabit Bagirli

    I have been listening to The Afters nearly 10 years and I really dont understand why they are not worldwide known band. Far better than most of todays bullshit bands and singers. They have many good songs. Every time when I turn on their music in my car everyone asks who is it.

  28. 69 Synchro


  29. CB Franks

    while I enjoyed the vid & song... my hope was that somewhere in the lyrics/video there might be a stronger reference to God...a message of salvation thru Jesus... otherwise, it is easily misread as secular with a new age metaphysical eternal spirit message... life continues after death, yes, but is totally different depending on your choice while alive... Choose Jesus before it's too late...and it's you on that bicycle crushed by a car.

  30. Glenn Stevens

    888,903 views. Love the number 888 !!

  31. Stéfanne Yaritissa

    Brasil ❤

  32. HeavenGuy

    I'm among the richest people on Earth. Heaven is my home.

  33. Amarachi Anucha

    If you are reading this I hope you have an amazing day and lead an amazing life you are awesome just the way you are. Keep believing in God and God bless you

  34. Sam Mclaren

    If you believe we are going to Live On Forever like this comment.

  35. Roberta Kennedy

    Living on earth takes a strong spirit, Heaven is our reward for putting up with this place.

  36. Alejandro Diaz Reyes

    Very good song I feel like this song is good for driving in parts of Russia or wherever 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇷🇺🇷🇺

  37. The Psalmistry

    Song gives me the feelz for realz. We are not where we belong. We will see colors we have never seen. The arms of grace are open wide. HEAVEN IS REAL!!!!

  38. Trini Charl

    I absolutely love this song! Brought tears of joy to my eyes, especially when I've lost my mom knowing that she is in God's hands...such a powerful voice this guy

  39. Scarlet Cálix

    I just realized this song has MV hahahahahaha. Love The Afters

  40. NM Hedge

    I have this song on repeat at work right now. Not only is this video exquisitely beautiful but it's helping me survive. God bless you and praise Jesus that Christian music is better than EVER these days!!!

  41. PJB Gaming

    To be honest this song makes me cry, my life is hard and please someone pray for me, I have been thinking a lot and I take life for granted I wake up everyday thinking it’s a new day and I don’t even thank the one person who lets me breath everyday and see and hear, I want to change this someone help me, I get emotional from songs like these, God bless you all

  42. All Goped

    I love this song😁😁

  43. Christeena Eveline

    Every tear will dissapear👌🎶

  44. OneWayToHeaven111

    Are YOU really on your way to Heaven??

    Search on YouTube:
    "Baptism in About 2 Minutes"
    "Receiving the Holy Spirit in About 2 Minutes"

  45. Ravi Kumar

    Why still 1m views??

  46. bubbleglass

    "Carnivore... forever!"

  47. Jean Githaiga

    What an AMAZING SONG! Yes we are going to live on Forever! Heaven is Real. I can't listen to this song enough!

  48. Donna Allison

    Crushing on this song forever

  49. Glenn Stevens

    Great music video !! For the Believer Heaven will be brought down to Earth and be our Home Forever !!

  50. Fernando Rocha

    Im still leasing this song everyday
    Heaven is Real
    Thank you Jesus

  51. Slarkel

    Yes ^^ Holy is his name :)<3 And blessed is he who prays everyday ^.^

  52. Fernando Rocha

    Heaven is real
    Thank you Jesus

  53. Moriah Peyinghaus

    Hands down the best music video ever made.

  54. 녀방탄손연단

    I'm just hearing of this 2 weeks ago or so like where have i been

  55. Tracy Morgan

    wow intense video strong message love this song!

  56. Debra Exum Strahlendorf

    What a magnificent song! The anointing on The Afters is incredible!

  57. Olusola Onatolu

    Gentlemen, such a beautiful and powerful song that puts me to tears. God bless you. 'We are not where we belong. We have hope.' I am so grateful that our Heavenly Father gave you the gift of this song to bring to us. For there is salvation by God's grace through our faith in Jesus Christ. Such good news of the Gospel. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father except by him. Brothers and sisters out there, please seek the Lord; as the time is now; for we are in end times. Many blessings to you all and with Love.

  58. Maria Olivares

    9,000 people or going to heaven South Park was right God army is 10,000 strong wth

  59. mike barry jr

    Love this song. Hear it on k_love years ago. I would like this song played at my wedding ( if I got married). To all love ones who are in HEAVEN.

  60. Karis Granger

    Wow this is so powerful!

  61. Rosario Posada

    I grew up not wanted as an adult I still that feeling that I was born into a world not welcomed. But I hear this song gives me so much hope helps me to keep faith & to keeping trusting Gods Devine plan . We all have a process. And no we aren't where belong not in this world its just a temporary place. Thank you for this beautiful,hopeful song.

  62. Martha Padilla

    Jesus si ♥♥♥Love

  63. Patricia Perfater

    This Song just transports me into a Spiritual Place Everytime! Cannot wait to meet You, Jesus, Face to Face!!!

  64. Jesse Fowler

    I can listen to this song on repeat for days... so deep... so amazing...

  65. trina roba

    Awesome song, awesome video.. god Jesus bless everyone..we all love you a lot..😘

  66. Sam Mclaren

    We will live on forever.

  67. Vida McCurdy

    This video is exactly how I picture after death,running thru creation,fast,free into the eternal Kingdom ,where Christ is waiting for me with my grandson by his side,well done Afters,you totally captured my dream

  68. Luanda בת ישראל

    I loved this song.
    B R A Z I L

  69. Melanin 85

    Wow 375 dislike this song 🙏 that God open your ❤....... God is forever...... In Jesus name 😉😉😉😉😉😉

  70. Debi prosad ray


  71. Erica Marmolejo

    I love this song so very much I'm very touch by this song this is my favorite song, this is song is deep eternity infinite meaning God is listening watching all us and heaven is real.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🕊️♾️

  72. Natalie Elton

    This was the first song played at my friend's funeral, she was 19. I will always think of her when I hear it. Thank you for this song and thank You, God, for Jesus Christ!

  73. Clair Ryan


  74. All Natural and healthy

    I love this song❤️❤️💗💗

  75. Stephanie S.

    God bless you all!


    This song is my #1 favorite ever! We are going to Live On Forever!!!!!🎵🎵

  77. Christian Murray

    You guys are so awesome

  78. Moon Halo

    This song is astounding. This song is phenomenal. This is a masterpiece. I get emotional each time I listen. There is so much hope and love that awaits us all. Stunning.

  79. All Goped

    This song made me cry

  80. Thomas Locke

    This brought me back almost 30 years all at once...thinking about the end of the Last Battle in the Chronicles of Narnia...the end of all things and the country beyond the sea. Lot's of powerful memories. Beautiful.

  81. mel ord

    This is just the beginning, there’s something amazing waiting for us with our Heavenly Father ❤️🙏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏽

  82. Katie Simmet

    3:00 gave me chills, like wow

  83. Nathan Schake

    In heaven, we’ll get what we want (except sin) as long as we believe in god!

  84. cmwingnut

    One of their best songs... well done!

  85. chyanne forsthoffer

    it makes me feel like my grandma is still here

  86. Little Skyy

    I gotta say, I'm pretty close to an atheist, but this is one of the only decent songs I've heard from the contemporary christian industry. Damn good song.

  87. Sam Mclaren

    We will live on forever. Like what it says in the book of Revelation

  88. Imani


  89. ĠÖṚḊÖṄ ṀċẄḧöṛẗëṛ


  90. TheBobby416

    I like the video. thank you for your time

  91. Mabassa

    This song hey, it makes me feel greater in the hands of the almight God. live on forever. Proudly Zimbabwean fan

  92. Sam Mclaren

    We will live on forever

  93. Imani

    Beautiful words to live FOR FOREVER!

  94. a b

    the song and video stands out, because it's not the usual boring lame lazy fake-christian slick packaged dead sounding music.... this song is actually great and it actually has some Spirit to it in my opinion