Afghan Whigs, The - Matamoros Lyrics

Now that the blood has begun
I'd like to see how it's done
Behind my back, up to my face,
Let's take the money and run

Before you go for that, son,
You better think about luck
While you're debating, I'll be waiting
For the sound of a bomb

If my desire for your company
Made this motherfucker point his gun at me
Every complication, every little crime that you hide
I will find if you ever do change your mind

I'm over you, I'll tell you why
Your kiss is poison and your castoff ways defined
I'll cut you down, I'll stitch you up
You played with fire with me

They say that fate is a card
And that the sun is a star
I'm throwin' shade, we got it made
I think I'll have a cigar
I got a number for it
There ain't no way it can fit
I'm so excited you decided
To come over and beg

I'm over you, I'll tell you why.
Your kiss is poison and your castoff ways defined
I'll cut you down, I'll stitch you up
You played with fire with me

Baby, I'm over you, I'll tell you why
Your kiss is poison and your castoff ways defined
I'll cut you down, I'll stitch you up
You played with fire with me

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Afghan Whigs, The Matamoros Comments
  1. Tim Jeffries

    Absolutely incredible. No. Fucking. Question.

  2. Josie Lopez-Redmond


  3. Jet Acevedo

    great song and amazing video! even better live w Steve Myers singing backup and dancing!!

  4. sadaf faqiri



    Fucking Dulli your setting the bar higher w/ this song & video I know every single word Dulli Raises & surpasses his own bar. / this is some awesome music, lyrics from a God Or Demon In profile. And he is sexy as fuck man I'd shoot some H And fuck him for days big bang of H & Of course Xanaxativan or Klonzapam my personal favorite I love you Greg Dulli if your not taken by now what do I gotta do to get your attention he says shit most People only think about saying/ He is my favorite Along W/ Slipknot and Nails & to many bands to mention Into the woods Another killer song man

  6. Philippe Cordier

    J'adore les Afghan Whigs!

  7. LMNOP686

    Matamoros = Moor-slayer. Also a great, dirty border town where you could get beheaded and incinerated. Much better topics than break-dancing in some northeast urban hellhole.

    René Moncayo

    LMNOP686 the moors are taking it back hence the violin line

  8. Eggmun

    Share this on Facebook and see how many Canadian girls get triggered to the maximum over just the title.

  9. Vicky

    Can't believe how addicted iam to this song please I need more songs like this :))

  10. Vicky

    Please I need more songs like this love it :)

  11. Zonefire 15

    This is awesome

  12. wollanooo

    the boys are great ... but that girl, those moves. SOo sexy

  13. John P

    How is it after almost 30 years Greg Dulli still makes GOLD on every track?

  14. Kim Jaspers

    How can this be so good?!

  15. Becky Wetherington

    There's just not enough views on this video.

  16. Mike B

    Why can't I find the video of them performing this on Letterman anymore? Used to be on YT

  17. estebàn etienne

    Drums are tight as fuck!

  18. Thomas B.

    Fuck yeah. What a nice autoplay surprise this turned out to be.

  19. GonsalvoDeCordova

    This great video (urban dance) made me jump to Rosie Perez dancing in the "Do the Right Thing" intro. Check it out, kids.

  20. Nick VH

    genious! love the clip

  21. T. S. Bath

    Beyond brilliant

  22. Richard Price Elliott

    I wish you millions of more views.

  23. Serg Skudnov

    So underrated!

  24. Leonardo Garcia


  25. Michael Mendoza

    I used to like the Afgan Whigs. Thought they were good. 16 years later I fucking love them. This song is amazing. This video is brilliant.

  26. MaihnYOU

    Very different from what i imagined for this song. But i love it! Works really well

  27. Crash Palace

    Excellent as always. And you rocked, "Later with Jools Holland."

  28. Jefferson de jesus rodrigues

    Sempre whigs

  29. Thanira Rates

    Love this this this this video

  30. Leonidas Diamandopoulos

    i think the video fit the song quite well, cus the song is really jubilant and funky, like black people dancing on the train. 

  31. Marcus L

    great Song.

  32. saul villarreal

    por que Matamoros ????????????

    René Moncayo

    Oye pero oye oiga olvidaste la bomba en la tradu y bueno madrefoca tb >.>

    saul villarreal

    tienes razón !!!!!

    René Moncayo

    Está la melodia mora pero debe ser un lugar en California.

  33. Andrew Van

    This was my favorite song put out this year. I haven't stopped listening to it since April.

  34. George Armour

    Yup the Whigs are great with some good stuff. Not a patch on Gentleman but nothing will be. Greg voice is as good as ever. Going to see in Feb next year, can't wait. I seen them at Edinburgh venue 20+ years ago. I'm sure this will as good!

    Rory Bell

    Gentlemen was a one off lp. Doesn't mean the rest aren't great in their own right.

  35. Jeff Buege

    Shared before but very NYC

  36. Marco Ruiz

    Matamoros Tamaulipas??
    They talking about Mexico?

  37. BjavaBbotBme

    Afghan Whigs... this one Pops n Locks n Rocks...;)  

  38. Bre O'Scealai

    This is one of those videos that turns me off to a great song.  The real subway performers go for the full cars so they can get more money and they don't care when they almost kick the other riders in the head while they spin on the poles. 

  39. •Sailor Danna•

    I live in Matamoros :)

  40. Devin Webb

    fucking great

  41. BoyfromSevilla

    couldn't be more appropriate, considering all the soul music they have it in their music

  42. extenebrislux

    This song is fucking awesome!
    But I like the live version better. It's a bit faster and is just mind blowing!

  43. donice88

    Death mask makeup check, Reservoir Dogs simple black suit check, Halloween costume on lock!!!

  44. goatlillies


  45. My Name is JAFO

    I like what they've done here with the video, in terms of "value for the money".   The video was probably made on a very limited budget (it *is* Sub-Pop, after all), but it works well and has good production values for what it is.   I think in that sense, it's a better made video than Algiers.  I absolutely loved the concept behind that one, but the production looked awfully cheap, IMHO.

    As for the song  Matamoros is my least favorite tune off the new album.  I don't hate it, but it's the track I'm mostly likely to skip on the album's playlist.  Each to their own, and all that.

  46. CE Rea

    Very energizing. Different, growing on me (I'm an oldster!), but it works. AW is trying new things, nothing wrong with that. Bring in new blood. Sharing the music is what it's all about. Love it!

  47. ged C

    thanx again.

  48. James Bell jr.



    i'm lovin it! i have been a long time fan of the whigs and this video is like a big f*ck you to pop music and all brinney spear/ selena gomez wanna be musicians.

  50. Scythian

    Hey, I know these guys!))

  51. Richard Price Elliott

    It's growing on me.  

  52. David Urbs

    i need to work on my moves

  53. spinninsliding

    Awesome! Stuck on repeat

  54. Bryan Slater

    its great seeing different cultures mixing to make a great musical experience. O n the girl the belly ring has my heart.

  55. grendel34

    What can I say?  I love the lipsynching by the dancers at the end of the video.  It's like they get this song, like they understand the Afghan Whigs transcend genres.  I love the song.  I think it's the strongest of the entire album, but I've always loved all the songs Greg does where its a barnburner and his voice is all distorted like 40 Dollars, Waves, Myles iz Dead, etc. I love that I've loved this artist in all of his incarnations from Uptown Avendale to Twilight by The Twilight Singers to Saturnalia to Do to Beast.  

    GabL 4225

    My husband is so awesome!

    GabL 4225

    Grendel 34

  56. roxtar10870

    The girl @ :45... OMG.

  57. Moira Russell

    .....well hunh

  58. Mr. Md7

    I think I'm in love with the belly button ring girl :/

  59. AlxFitz

    I didn't care for this song at first but now I think it's one of the best ones on the album.

  60. lauzjp

    Frankly I'd watch it if it was just Greg Dulli sitting on a train miming along ☺️

  61. Michael O'Hara

    Greg Dulli is awesome.   They put on a killer show @ Toad's Place in '94.    As GD riffed between songs: "the eyes chico, they never lie"

    He rocks out and quotes Tony Montana.   How f***in' cool is he?

  62. Comandos de Salvamento

    It works. DULLI Has always been tied to soul. They AAmer gal is seductive. Coincides w Dullis voice.

  63. MyMOSHU

    Terrific, one of the most original videos i've seen

  64. roberthanlinefilms

    You need to get this video up on Itunes! It would be the first music video I would purchase!

  65. OtherJesus

    Fuck yes. Fucking sick fuxking sex fuck everything else right now.

  66. Brian Schoedel

    Interesting video choice but somehow seems to work. Much better than that last one.


    Much better than the Algiers video? Are you joking? That video is superb.

  67. carrie zeffer

    Wow I don't know where to start. This is a video to watch over and over as I'm sure I'll see something new every time.

  68. Diego Carteiro Pereira

    Best Afghan Whigs video ever <3

  69. Adrenalized

    Sub me Sub :)

  70. teresa sedo

    Estos no son mis Agghan Whigs

  71. Mary Drake


  72. Multipultiful

    так себе

  73. josh heartless

    Idk y but to me this does not sound like Greg duli

  74. Charles Jackson

    Well, at least it's not "Dancing in the Streets" by Mick Jagger and David Bowie. Still, disappointed.

  75. Jonathan Dale

    This video completely caught me off guard. I love this song, but I've never in a million years interpreted it as a dance track. This works perfectly though. Well done, team.

  76. David Gottwald

    oh yeah, you´ve made it again! awesome! gonna see it many times.

  77. Bruno Volckaert

    Great video!

  78. DJ FOX

    Love you Afghan Whigs! ❥

  79. homersleepnow

    Great video... but have to question the insert shot right after 1:01 when the guy and girl start dancing in unison... why throw in random garbage there instead of letting them finish the move? Even if it's covering a mistake, there are so many jump cuts, one more wouldn't matter...

    "No more calls... we have a winner!" - David Letterman

  80. BjavaBbotBme

    Rocks and Pops n Locks...;)))  Cool!

  81. eklocker

    Great song, crappy video.  I would have rather just seen them play it live.


    i'm a 41 year-old whigs fan and this video is dope as hell.

    Relative Unknown

    A forty year old using the word "dope" hmmmm


    @Relative Unknown
     At least its not a forty year old smokin' dope!


    @Relative Unknown you'll be 40 one day too.

    Relative Unknown

    @roxtar10870 I died when I was 27

  82. Lindsay Mochan

    Great & creative art/artists recognize great & creative art/artists.

  83. Peter Harris

    right turn clyde

  84. notyourusualmom

    Fantastic!!!!!  I guess I'll have to learn the dance before I see them in September!

  85. Stephanie Powers


  86. Zoltar the Magnificent

    Really digging the girl.Very smooth.

  87. amber bab

    love it!

  88. Anthony Harris

    Just shared it on FB  Hope some people will watch it.  Love these guys.  After 20 plus finally got to see them last year in Sydney.  I have friends in Austin and would love to make it for the halloween gig.  

    Michael Longfellow

    Bet those skeletor masks are popular for the Halloween gig.  I am going.

    Anthony Harris

    My friend from Austin going to Voodoo Fest.  Guess i can cancel my plans to visit from Australia

  89. Smug Man Music

    Love it

  90. Two Wheels

    Great to see something different. Gotta love the Afghan Whigs.

    Poey Cat

    I was just thinking that if I muted the audio and watched the video I'd never have guessed it was a Whigs song. I absolutely love that. Going outside of the box.

    Two Wheels

    @Poey Cat Exactly what I thought when watching it too. But it somehow works.

    Bradley Miller

    @Poey Cat

  91. Trey Dunn

    Pure awesomeness! Great video for this great song. Well done guys.