Afghan Whigs, The - Crazy Lyrics

Whatever did happen to your soul?
I heard you sold it
To some old boy who lived uptown
Who could afford it
So what's gonna happen to you now?
Therapy, pharmacy

That's what you'd like to believe
But it ain't easy when you're goin' crazy
Over the rainbow

"I think your story's jive," she said
There ain't nothin' wrong with me
If I use it to get me some sympathy
Some ecstasy, a memory
I wanna remember me

That's what you'd like to believe
But it ain't easy when you're goin' crazy
Over the rainbow

Crazy, crazy
Crazy over you

Crazy about you
Crazy without you
Crazy over you

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Afghan Whigs, The Crazy Comments
  1. xxScViXeNxx

    Will always love this album. One of the best summers of my life!!!

  2. David Gillespie


    Roberto Zarate

    Midwest emo posting?

  3. Goldie Green

    Why is this so good? It never gets any less moving to me... Only better. Jesus christ!!! Gahhhhh swoooon

    Michael Zoe

    He has lived, loved, made mistakes, ended up on the other end of mistakes, and keeps creating. xoxxo

    Michael Zoe

    Because music lost its way.

  4. aki bono

    does anybody understand what dulli says before he starts singing?


    Who's hot, who's not

    Michael Zoe

    Who's hot who's not, wassup baby aki bono baby you wanna get wit me ugh, yeah, us...WHATEVER DID HAPPEN TO YOUR SOUL?

  5. Dim Sum


  6. Simone Cama

    Wonderful, from Italy =)

  7. cardiacade

    Still awesome and will always be feckin brilliant.

  8. Jacob Smith


  9. John Bartlit Branch

    One person is not crazy

  10. Keith DGuy

    Makes me sad in the nicest possible way


    Me too. This reminds me of bitter memories, but at the same time it makes me smile..

  11. Sage S.

    This is so post grunge 90s alt rock it hurts

    Sage S.

    reading comprehension friend, i said POST grunge 90s alt rock. 
    I was speaking more about this specific song than their entire discography, But w/e.  And you really cant say that dulli and  lanegan being friends is the only connection they have to grunge. They've signed with sub pop.

  12. Amber Carter

    THAT guitar slide at the end, soooo good! Love this song.

    James Charles

    Amber Carter yes it is sooooo good !

  13. Jennifer Orozco

    The ONLY song I like--no LOVE!--by this band. 

    Can't stand the rest of their shit...just makes me think of overindulgent debauchery. Personal opinion. 

    Luca Miniati

    +Jennifer Orozco you are CRAZY!

    Alan Hill

    I know loads of people who don't understand music... much like you.

    Michael Zoe

    Keep it to yourself then. Go away.

    Marauder in Chief

    Jennifer Orozco listen to Algiers..


    you a conservative by any chance?

  14. T R

    yes, yes it is.

  15. ericsaguirre

    the best track ever!