Afghan Whigs, The - 66 Lyrics

You walked in
Just like smoke
With a little c'mon, c'mon, c'mon
In your walk
Come on

I've been waiting
Are you waiting
For my move?
Well, I'm making it

So tell me baby, can you shake it?
If I can move it with you,
Will you let me take it?
I'll be down on my knees,
Screaming, "Take me, take me
Take me, take me - I'm yours."

I've never felt so out of control
You don't even know
What you're doing to me
C'mon and do it to me
Don't you stop

C'mon, c'mon
C'mon, little rabbit
Show me where you've got it
'Cos I know you've got a habit...

C'mon, c'mon...
Show me.

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Afghan Whigs, The 66 Comments
  1. EricSamuel Aguirre

    The most sexual rock band of the nineties. While other bands were talking about depression and drugs, this guys were talking about sex.

  2. Matt Celis

    Fantastic album, this is one of the highlights

  3. Francis Valencia

    2019 and i'm still listening to this

  4. Euclid Avenue

    We all have to grow old someday(sigh), memories of my teenage years!

  5. lavinjoseph

    Shes all that anyone?

  6. Kevin K

    And I'm Still Waiting !!!


  7. Simone Cama


  8. Be Better Tomorrow

    She's all that! Man she is beautiful.

  9. Gabriele Santinoli

    one of my favourit rock band

  10. Osmar Ribeiro


  11. Sumet Mxmxm

    1999's lover

  12. Andrea Madronal

    She's all that!

  13. Cris Souza

    I miss 90'

  14. furtherseems forever

    This reminds me of my college days!!! was my first girlfriend!! Hahahaha

  15. Juan DelaCruize

    NU107, music radio of my youth. Fun times..

  16. Jarek Gee

    Ciary i wspaniałe wspomnienia

  17. TheJoeMB

    She's All That.

    Jennifer Thompson

    TheJoeMB by

  18. Jonnathan Monge

    ....entraste como el humo..... ♥
    come on!!!!
    come on!!!!
    come on!!!!

  19. Corey Arbour

    Possibly the greatest song about rabbits I've ever heard

  20. Luke Rogers

    So freaking catchy and cool.

  21. Danny Page

    I f###### love this tune I think I came undressed

  22. Crystal Daly

    wet after hearing this, come on, come on

    Goldie Green

    Yep 😍

  23. Crystal Daly

    i have never felt so out of control,

  24. Lauren P

    reminds me one of my best summers. Tons of traveling & got my heart broken in trying to find love. had this song on repeat. It reminded me of our make out session ;)

  25. whiskey johnson

    The Whigs albums are great for love making!

  26. toodleloo

    This is such a well-written song that stands the test of time!...I prefer a "66" video like this one without as many suggestive sexual images so you can really focus on the amazing delivery of the vocals and the MUSICALITY!!... Thanks!- :)


    +MacHazzer When I looked up this song last year, this was the only video I found that wasn't a bunch of extremely seductive images! :) haha!.. I like the music, not just a "sexy commercial"-ha!

  27. sol falx

    i almost forgot this song, after i watch shes all that i remember of my favorite but don't know who sing..

  28. krazypearlz

    she's all that

  29. Nadia S.

    She's All That. Awesome movie :) My tummy is still full of butterflies <3

  30. ging

    She's all that :)

  31. MissBeatriss

    I like old chick flicks better. She's All That>>>>>>>

  32. warmwarmerdisco

    wish i knew what teen movie this came from. *google*