Accept - Breaking Up Again Lyrics

Wakin' up on monday mornin'
Sunday'd been and gone
Reachin' out for you
But I was alone

Now I sit at the breakfast table
Table's set for two
Been the same thing ev'ry morning
Silly things I do

Ooh, don't know what to do about you
I'll never could give the way you gave
Ooh, now should I try to find you
Keep playin' ev'ry song you played me
Feel like breakin' up again

It's a thing I gotta live with
Take it on my own
I'm waitin' till it's over
Then again I never know

If I'd only seen you goin'
Walkin' out the door
But I had no way of knowin'
Can't take it no more

Ooh, don't know what to do about you
I'll never could give the way you gave
Ooh, now should I try to find you
Keep playin' ev'ry song you played me
Feel like breakin' up again

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Accept Breaking Up Again Comments
  1. anne shirley

    he willl come i kow

  2. Павел Скляров

    А почему не тот популярный солист (голос)поёт?И напоминает знаменитую тему другой группы песня Калифорния!Есть же сходство???

  3. Fity Hecko

    Number one 111

  4. Оля Омельченко

    Красивая мелодия, вечная тема... Поет, наверно, Балтес?

  5. John Sadler

    Always love this tune probably one of their best songs takes me back to a different time

  6. Chris Lombardo

    This is one of the best song in the history of music !

  7. dan gigi

    True artists!Bravo!

  8. Мп Опп


  9. Михаил Волынкин

    Песня Sting - Shape of My Heart похоже мелодией на эту песню. Может Стинг слизал ее?

  10. Nodir Yuldashev

  11. Ioannis Dospatis

    Το πιο όμορφο, των accept!

  12. Valentin Pavlov

    Peter Baltes great sing

  13. Öfa

    Hey gidi Metal Tımarhane..

  14. Carlos Monteiro

    Some kinda gay lyrics with the followin' images above

  15. Adan Duran

    Tema culiao bueno....grande ACCEPT......

  16. SovietBear Ы

    My most favourite song of 1981

  17. евгений никитин

    Весьма мелодично!))

  18. Сергей Семенов

    Песня моей молодости. Первые дискотеки, первые медленные танцы, первые поцелуи. Ностальгия.

  19. Gamer DCP

    Кто с Япа?

    Иван Петров

    есть такие, я не выдержал - запилил сборочку -

    Павел Рындер

    ЯП сила

    Тигра Кошкин

    Gamer DCP я


    1:45 кабэдон ? )

  20. Andrzej Hahn


  21. Vladimir Tikhonov

    beautiful song. I've been enjoying it about 30 years

  22. george jean

    yes very true baby domi, george jean

  23. Runaway Train

    serdar adamsın kardeşim

  24. Arthur Diniz

    Just amazing!

  25. sanch Sanchayan

    The arrangements are more like Steve vai's Lotus Feet

  26. Metallic Marco

    This is Not my Accept !!!!!! Snifffff

    Mirek Bieniak

    +Metallic Marco Man. it was some kind of side project and it came out just perfectly.It is still Accept and they fucking rock! !Btw: I still do not know ,who sang on this particular tune. It wasn`t UDO for sure! Well maybe himself under an influence...


    +Mirek Bieniak it's the bass player Peter Baltes. He has a surprisingly good singing voice!

    Mirek Bieniak

    +jukkis6699  Thank you for an info! I `ve heard this name before, but didn`t pay attention. He even played bass with Don Dokken I just found out. As I like Dokken and have some their CDs ,the only members I can recall are Don (Dokken) and George Lynch. Same with Accept: Udo Dirkschneider (and now Peter Baltes) or Kreator` Mille Petrozza. Btw: I `ve seen them all live in Poland, Spain and USA.


    @Mirek Bieniak hmm, pretty interesting!

  27. Magnus Jägbring

    This song is tremendous...ridicoulos WELL!

  28. Eva

    A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mirek Bieniak

    +Ewa Witkowska  Swietna  ballada! Powrocilem do tego, poniewaz natrafilem na piosenke Blue Café "Czas nie bedzie czekal" ,w ktorej troche jakby "zerzneli" poczatek z tego wlasnie kawalka. Pozrowienia!


    pozdrawiam Cię również!!!

    Mirek Bieniak

    +Ewa Witkowska  Keep on rocking girl!

  29. お面大隊長

    OH  GUITAR 泣きはたまらんですね

    GOOD 久々にうれしい

  30. VadiS71

    Если я правильно помню, пел гитарист "Аксепта", Удо пришёл позже)))))

    SovietBear Ы

    Верно, басист Peter Baltes

    Михаил Волынкин

    Как он мог придти позже, если он пел в группе начиная с первого альбома? А это песня с третьего альбома, где Удо тоже пел.

  31. Света Светикова

    И кто так замечательно спел в те далёкие 80-е годы?

    Mirek Bieniak

    +VadiS71 A bassist Peter Baltes, as I just learned from one of the fans. Udo` voice could eventually ruin this ballad imo. I have to find out the story behind it. This cut is from the album Breaker and Udo sang on rest of the tracks, so he didn`t join the band later. You definitely didn`t remember it right. Keep on rocking and exercising memory( that`s what I eventualy have to do as well)!

    Света Светикова

    @Mirek Bieniak
    , спасибо!

    Mirek Bieniak

    +Света Светикова  Pazhauysta  padruga! Nie ma za co kolezanko!

  32. Caio

    Perfect song!

  33. kaubsk

    Это никогда не заржавеет!!!!!!!

  34. виталий осос


  35. Walaggler 1313

    Not gonna dislike because the song is excellent but the clip is a bit...weird.

  36. 深沢賢一

    "Breaking Up Again" 再び壊れていく。




    24時間TV Tシャツの柄が決まったみたいだねw 嵐忙しそうだね@@w てんきゅ^^ノ 


    あんがと。 わからんww
    嵐の誰かに見えたきがしたw 詳しくないから(笑)  


    あれw 流れ星がww
    声だして笑ったw バシきたこれw 



  37. Hamster Avenger

    тема ахуенная

    Алексей Таращенко

    Не ахуенная, а охуительная

  38. военный строитель

    crying heart song..

  39. zebulongrasko

    Feel myself a bit uneasy watching them lonely naked men' pictures. 

    Robert Koch

    then give yourself the bullet :D


    lyrics very slow...

  41. G G


  42. Jenny Stjärnfeldt

    Accept is heaven.

  43. виталий осос

    классный клип с песней!

  44. Michalek Zabiják Neřeknu


  45. Astierdosain

    The clip is very gay jajajajaj

  46. SteeleHard

    Ban off Udo, leave to sing this dude!

  47. Svetozar Zahariev

    Nothing to say!Perfect vocal,text and cryin'guitar!

  48. Lisita Lisita


  49. badlandss10

    still a classic one...

  50. TheJohnnyRadio

    be remembered 25 years ago.....thanks

  51. ausara05

    like like like