Academy Is..., The - Automatic Eyes Lyrics

Staring at the mirror through your hair,
You can’t see everything that you did to me.
With your automatic eyes, five years disappeared.
Five years disappeared that night.

Do you want me to stay,
Do you want me to go?
Do you think I recognize
The look on your face when you think that
I know?
Blinded as the shades draw closed,
Time’s up for us
Would you want me to go,
If you knew what I know?
If you knew what I know.

Staring at the wall above the bed,
I can’t sleep with all the secrets that you keep.
With your automatic eyes,
Five years disappeared.
Five years disappeared that night.

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Academy Is..., The Automatic Eyes Comments
  1. Marco Antonio Zavala Moran

    2019 ¿alguien?


    Aquí man xd

  2. Morin Ramírez

    2019 XD 😋💓

    Alexander Pimentel

    Still better than the current bands haha

  3. Fergon Rey

    2018 y soy de mx

  4. Marco Vinicio Mejia

    Still listening in 2017... I miss them

  5. Sam B

    Wow.... this album is 10 next year.

  6. Ivan Duran

    2017... anyone???

    Maka Barro

    Here present!! :D

    Rodrigo Briano

    2018 jaja

  7. Scully

    This is my jam when I've ordered an ancient shaman for my new time machine, but my doctor says I got dangerously close to having sex


    i can relate


    Scully same

  8. Luis Olivas

    2016 :')

  9. king jinzak

    2016 :3

    X X

    Ivan Duran 24 here! Ah, so nostalgic.

    Ivan Duran

    I don't know what it is about this song.... I'm so old but I feel so young when listening to it... It's like coming back to high school

    X X

    Ivan Duran Same. It's hard to believe how old this song is. It feels like I was just listening to this song on my iPod Nano as if it was 2 years ago. Time needs to slow down!

    Ivan Duran

    I didn't even get to listen to this on nano... my younger sister did... but I feel part of the same generation tonight

    X X

    Ivan Duran Were you into the whole Emo/goth/scene style, as well? I know, I know, lol. Well, nothing wrong with gothic style. Scene was kind of...wild, lol.

  10. Carlos Avalos

    This song is so Relaxing.

  11. Dan Rodriguez

    2014 Anyone? :P

  12. melandthediamonds

    This band is so fucking amazing

  13. Rhianna Irwin

    First heard this on the fall out boy mixtape :3

  14. Randie Ashdohonk

    2013 anyone? Jk

    Rodrigo Briano

    2018 ralmente jajajaja

  15. MsSnakebite

    I still prefer the remix

  16. Amelia MacKenzie-Gray

    Damn WMG !! D: <

  17. Elin

    GAAAH, finally I found the original, and OF COURSE youtube disabled it .o0(was that right..?)

  18. meganclark94

    i love this song :)

  19. Sophie Hollands

    love this song.. I'm going to buy the album as soon as i get to a music shop lol :P