Academy Is..., The - About A Girl Lyrics

[Distant:] I'm not in love

One song about a girl
I can't breathe when I'm around her
I'll wait here everyday
In case she'll scratch the surface
She'll never notice

I'm not in love
This is not my heart
I'm not gonna waste these words
About a girl

Last night, I knew what to say
But you weren't there to hear it
These lines, so well rehearsed
Tongue tied and over-loaded
You'll never notice

I'm not in love
This is not my heart
I'm not gonna waste these words
About a girl
I'm not in love
This is not your song
I'm not gonna waste these words
About a girl

To be loved, to be loved
What more could you ask for?
To be loved, to be loved
Everyone wants
To be loved, to be loved
What more could you ask for?
To be loved, to be loved

I'm not in love
This is not my heart
I'm not gonna waste these words

I'm not in love
This is not my heart
I'm not gonna waste these words
About a girl

I'm not in love
(To be loved, to be loved, what more could you ask for?)
This is not your song
(To be loved, to be loved, everyone wants)
I'm not gonna waste these words
(To be loved, to be loved)
About a girl.

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Academy Is..., The About A Girl Comments
  1. ZainoN

    Some band started to make thier comeback/reunion(like mcr, angels and airwaves, go radio etc etc) lately hope the academy is... ride the wave as well hahah

  2. Alkids Babyshop

    ive seen him somewhere,, cobra starship, is it??


    he is in the snakes on a plane song

  3. L_ n

    were v-necks that low back in the day I don't remember?

  4. Elisa roos

    La chica del video fue mi primer crush 😍🤣

  5. Luis Santiago

    Wow...This video is supeeer nostalgic...

  6. Emerson Fleming

    I love this era of music where music was bad but it was still so dope

  7. Roberto Carlos Mata gtz

    COOL 2019

  8. Luis Guerrero

    We are too old :/

  9. enneiluJ18

    Freddy Mercury vibe 😊

  10. Mikey

    Why did we love skinny boys that looked like they hadn't showered in 3 days back then lmao

  11. Hoodxo Calum

    Luke Hemmings wishes

  12. Exploring Absolute Channel

    Not for a girl, but girls.

  13. Risu Kaiser

    Bro with that v-neck, this song should be called about a guy.

  14. Darren Palmer

    The V neck is epic

  15. gumdokim

    Idk why but I get happy every time I watch this vid besides, I'm getting "Sixteen Candles/Fast Times at Ridgemont High" vibes.

  16. Mariah Garcia

    l love this song and l am so sad that they never blow up beacuse they were amazing

  17. Osman López

    siempre pensé que vocalista era gay pero recién ahora en pleno 2019 me vengo a enterar que se distancio de la banda para pasar tiempo con su hija xd

  18. Axel Monroy

    Emo days calling me back

  19. Alister Augustine

    I miss this. I still remember using this song as my friendster background song. hahaha. so much relate to my crush that time.

  20. Kai

    Man, just at the right moment 💔. Means much to me so thank you

  21. Andrea Chico

    SO MANY MEMORIES! SO MANY FEELINGS!! He's so hot... still.

  22. Emma

    he looks like a mix of Dan Howell and Ryan Ross

  23. Octavio Gut

    this gives me so much nostalgia to when i was in highschool day dreaming about a girl that would never love me. ah good times

  24. MariSol Cast

    You know, it gives me 2000's nostalgy feeling. I wasn't even a fetus in the 2000's.


    me pregunto que habra sido de esa hermosa chica :( 11/2019

  26. Detti

    Man...I'm so glad those deep V-cut shirts for guys aren't fashionable anymore xD (at least I don't see them anymore)

  27. Silvina Rodriguez

    You can tell this song came out before they made skinny jeans for men 🤣

  28. Penelope Glamour

    Love the Sixteen Candles reference

  29. Lucy Collins

    NOVIEMBRE /2019

  30. Yaz Morales

    Memories, memories of my early youth 😌

  31. luqman rani

    I still confuse why that chick unzip her clothes

  32. Manic

    This song is 10 years old?! Man I feel old

  33. Hugo Couto Braga

    Le V neck.

  34. Maddy Y

    the lead singer is so fine wow

  35. Jonathan Sargent

    I love the Arizona flag hanging behind him.

  36. oscarandriel

    Apenas pasaron diez años de esto. No envejeció mal esta canción, a pesar de eso.

  37. Nayeli De la o

    My lo ve era el hasta que salió una foto de el besandose con el de.cobra starship

  38. Miranda WRLD

    My fucking heart I wanna go back

  39. yumicchi

    He's cute but... Who made him wear his forkin' tshirts?!

  40. mila costa

    Procurei essa música por muito tempo ♥️

  41. Rodrigo Medrano

    2019 bolivia like

  42. odd lotus130

    Remember when v necks were a thing? Lol

  43. Benn Darayta

    Even if I don't know these bands, they sound so nostalgic...maybe I heard them when I was a kid without even realizing it

  44. Santiago Hernández

    Casi 2020.
    Y sigue siendo un temazo papa!


    Liliana Argelia Peralta Perez

    Santiago Hernández true


    Así es

  45. squillies

    Feeling so nostalgic now. I loved watching TAI... tv and obsessing over these guys. Seems like forever ago

  46. Bryan Vargas

    Que nostalgia al escuchar esta perfeccion de musica 😥

  47. Marianna Robles

    ahhhh la nostalgiaaa



  48. mika mikan

    The singer remind me at Han Ga In

  49. Edison Tenecela

    “One song, about a girl ... “ yup he looks kinda gay, (still cool)

  50. Lety :v


  51. Pat. A.

    Jees the Greek flag on the background!!😍😍😍 2019 anyone??

  52. Mia Borges

    First things first...HOW AM I JUST NOW FINDING THIS BAND...and secondly, why does the lead singer look like Rodrick (from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid) if he had a successful band 😂😂

  53. Kubrick Wall

    When the vocalist's hairstyle was still acceptable and won't get any negative feedback from people

    Yo Momma

    Fuk yeah

  54. I am the Queen

    He looks so cute ^^

  55. I am the Queen

    Idk why this song’s makes me wanna cry .. Xd

  56. Zac Canon

    That girl look like from Brazzers. 🤫

  57. Jorge finix92

    What happend whit this band?

  58. Anapaula Urbina

    Omg he's perfect!

  59. Rocio Armenta Rodríguez

    i love this song, makes me feel young again <3

  60. Shein

    Слава Украине

  61. Eduardo Granados

    aun recuerdo como en algunas ocasiones me sentia identificado con esta cancion,en pleno 2019 octubre, me encanta

  62. Suzetth Vicente


  63. Caitlyn Appel

    Damn she likes him tooooooo!!!!!!!!! XD

  64. dumb muso rowan

    holy fuck I've had the chorus of this song stuck in my head for 4 years now (yeah i counted lol) and never thought to click on this video again. I've listened to sm of their music recently anD I NEVER REMEMBERED THIS??? HOW??

  65. Eupheria Productions

    It makes me miss those good old days, even if i wasnt born then :'(

  66. mel

    is he a human noodle?

  67. iloveyoupibe

    Damn taking me backkkkkkk

  68. Lucía Espinoza

    Sweets sounds of melancholy...

  69. Krankhaft Kult

    He could do so much better than her

  70. Adrian Angel Ramos Pacheco

    2019 septiembre, creo que ire por unas frias :v

  71. random stuff

    As a teacher, I would dress code the girl for showing her tummy and the guy for EXCESSIVE cleavage

  72. Emmanuel Wayne

    Damn, we're all getting old

  73. Tighty Whitey

    The deep V neck... I can’t 😂

  74. Blinker Florez

    Cuando Mtv era de putamadreeeee!!

  75. david silva

    2007 la primera vez que lo escuche ya pasaron 12 años wow

  76. Juan Garcia

    21 -sep-2019❤️

  77. JD Canon

    i wonder who is the director of this video..

  78. Michael

    I love this song

  79. faith

    the moment when u realise SHES been daydreaming about being with him too! AAA

  80. ginger rrr


  81. Seiya Kaine

    2019 and still here. oh the memories. yes its coming back to me

    JJ Warren

    Same. Me too. 🙂🎧🎶💕

  82. Aditya Pratama

    I fucking miss when i was 17 😫


    Me too :l

  83. Linette Leon Zarate

    despues de tantos años y sigue siendo mi crush

  84. Isel Escalera

    Its missing The Academy is.... on 2019

  85. Morgan bailey

    His smile is adorable 😍😍😍

  86. 99 Red Balloons

    all the good things come to an end. high school nostalgia. those were the good ol days

  87. Mary Bernal

    long live pop punk

  88. Frankie M

    this was my shit 9th grade year

  89. Fabulous Killjoy

    He looks so stupid 😂 Nice song anyway

  90. Taka

    Such a good song....but the deep v...

  91. Josh flores

    2019 ❤️

  92. John Johnson

    Amazing song.

  93. Mercury

    too bad I discovered them just now but I'll enjoy their music to the fullest now that I know them

  94. Christine BF


  95. Yokoryland

    Escucho esta canción y vuelvo a los 13 años chateando por msn con el chico que me gustaba ❤
    !Que lindos recuerdos¡

  96. Audrey Zimmerman

    Guys like him were my middle school and high school crushes hahaha but they were mean so I would admire from a distance.

  97. Online World