Academy Is..., The - 40 Steps Lyrics

Soft light, total silence
So tired to take the table near the door
The table near the door
Set back under fire
Only as stable as I choose to show
If I choose to show
But where were you that night?
When I was...

Well, I feel that this an explosion
Nobody else could ever really know
I would follow you anywhere

You say you don't believe in science
You're always afraid of what you can't control
I would follow you anywhere
But where were you that night?
When I was...

When I was calling for the answer
That you probably shouldn't know
When it feels like flames surrounding me here
When you were calling with your questions
And all I needed was to know
When it feels like flames surrounding me here

Unkempt and over caffeinated
I walked the forty steps to the room
Back to the room

You say you don't believe in science
You're always ashamed of what you're willing to lose
I would follow you anywhere
But where were you that night?
When I was...

When I was calling for the answer
That you probably shouldn't know
When it feels like flames surrounding me here
When you were calling with your questions
And all I needed was to know
When it feels like flames surrounding me here

So this is it
So this is it
So this is the silence
So this is the silence we began
It's never quite
It's never quite over
It's never quite over in the silence

When I was calling for the answer
That you probably shouldn't know
When it feels like flames surrounding me here
When you were calling with your questions
And all I needed was to know
When it feels like flames surrounding me here

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Academy Is..., The 40 Steps Comments
  1. Lain Faltin

    This is the best TAI song… I wish they’d play some more shows together

  2. Gina Hey

    spotify put this on my "Release Radar" this week, I knew it wasn't new -- but damn I miss it!!

  3. Luis Lamf

    Reminds me when i was 12 and dumb, This is a Hard hit to my memories

  4. Dominique Riutort

    I miss them so much :(

  5. Sam B

    It's 12:59 AM and I'm sitting here crying over my favourite band in the entire world

  6. Amy Fudge

    My god this makes me sad. So many memories.

  7. Harley Freeman

    My fave TAI song ever. And this is the only place I can still find it....

  8. dani mercury

    fun fact: william once said this is his favorite tai song

  9. ashleyybabiee

    Ugh this video makes me so sad, I miss these days, I wish they were still together! Just saw them live in Dec for their 10 year anniversary tour, it was so epic! Only person missing was Chislett, but OMG Siska and Butcher looked so sexy LOL. I need a time machine!!

  10. Alexandra Anaya


  11. ashleyybabiee

    I miss TAI TV and this band being together I hate that they broke up😭😭😭

  12. Skips

    7 Years ago... I miss TAITV

    Melissa’s food -Hub

    Skips 9

    Diego Sanchez

    More like 10 years :D

  13. jenonthelurk

    I was at the show in Boston during this tour... Miss this band so much!! <3

  14. Eleanor_Belle

    My two favorites, TAI and MCR have disbanded. I can't listen to any of their songs without being sad :(

  15. Jazz Gabrielle

    It never really sunk in that TAI is technically gone.

  16. ally haley

    Not a day goes by where I don't miss this band. The Academy Is... Forever.

  17. Francisco Zamarripa

    they are just awsome

  18. Hannah Coleman

    By god I miss them!!! Never got to see them live tho D:

  19. VinoVerde

    Still jamming this. Too good not to.

  20. cwilson586

    probably my favorite song by them. which is weird because its a b-side.

  21. Yelena Lynne

    william's benefit show for the butcher today was great. totally started to cry when he played this on stageit. get well butcher. <3

  22. May Chow

    Still can't stop listening to this. Still my favourite song.

  23. Chelsea

    Gosh, I miss them. Life totally isn't the same without TAI.

  24. Perrine prudhomme

    i miss you guys

  25. Sweetmuffins0018

    @tumblenerd26 Last month. They made an announcement on their facebook.

  26. tumblenerd26

    when did they split?

  27. María M.

    I am going to miss you all so much.

  28. Mango

    This video kind of makes me want t start crying. It's such a beautifuly sad song, and coupled with an amazing video....

    I love you, TAI.



  30. Max Chutes

    WoW! Hell Yeah!!! Love The Academy Is...Been listening to a lot of TAI, Hey You!, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Sick Puppies, Blink-182, and The Used...

    Hey You! is still pretty new, but they're waaaaaay dope. Pop/Rock/Punk with a real cool edge. Plus they've got a pretty cute chick singer :-) ...check em out...

    search "hey you band taking over"

  31. Ash R

    @imthenervouswreckful i must admit, he is pretty good looking lol

  32. Shannon Butler

    siskys focus face.

  33. Jessica Stout

    :19 O.O *pervs over shirtless Chislett*

  34. CupcakeLovefication

    I started singing this song yesterday without even thinking about it. It has been stuck in my head for a week and I don't mind at all.

  35. ciicii538

    mikie carden is so hot in this video :) <3

  36. Just2Girls9709

    Ahh no words can describe how much i love this song, these guys, or this video. They are all BEYOND amazing <3 :)

  37. Mitchii96

    @MrTibonomefixe alright. but for me they are the best. :)

  38. Mitchii96

    oh my god! i adore these guys. this video is so.... what's the word? more than awesome. my favorite: 2:29 - 2:40 i love to watch how they play. the most talented band.

  39. Lindsay Henderson

    jack did an terrific job on this video.
    its my favorite video they've done.

  40. Adrian Arrivillaga

    I wish I would have been the one who caught the drum mallet Butcher through at the end.

  41. cacarazymary

    August 04, 2007

    and today is

    october 21st 2008


  42. cacarazymary

    you express my feeling!

  43. Clare Liddy

    it says in the discription, 'The Academy Is...'s tour video for '40 Steps' from the iTunes exclusive version of their album, Santi. '

  44. EmElle88

    lol, he does a little 2-step type thing in one of my videos that I try to copy, but alas... I love watching him do it more than me doing it anyway =P

  45. Hira Sikander

    yeahh he does

  46. Sarah Rothstein

    lmao...sisky looks mildly retarded

    i mean that in the best way possible

  47. koopinFOBnMCR


  48. Emily R

    at 2:39 william was like flying!!

  49. imbakonyourscreen

    nope, didnt make the cut... i have no idea why cause its better than any of the other songs

  50. R Nim

    "You say you don't believe in science. You're always afraid of what you can't control" I love those lyrics, so much. <3

  51. Jon N

    heh i dont think so

  52. ThugLady

    yea mike C

  53. Liz Lee

    I love this song soo much. seriously, one of my favorite songs off any of TAI's albums. even though it never really made it on to Santi. but nevermind that!

    anyway- this is sort of random, but does anyone in TAI smoke besides the Butcher? i've wondered that since I first saw this video (quite a while ago xD)

  54. Anna Watson

    I love this song!!!
    I need it so bad!!!
    but stupid itunes is being stupid and not letting me download it!!! I don't know why... but I'm going to keep trying!!!
    TAI is my absoute favorite band ever~!
    The new cd is amazing too^^

  55. Sellsbells


  56. Susie

    lyrical and musical perfection.

  57. Marielle Liese

    oh, okay thanks!!!

  58. Laura Bradley

    I could tell from the butt who it was:P I'm like "Oh! There's William's butt!" lol It is a yummy looking butt :P

  59. Mercia_Latte

    this video is free on there! same with the video same blood. i love this band. good thing they have podcast of there own yes!

  60. Krista Johnston

    This is the absolute best song from Santi. I listen to it nonstop. Amazing! Love The Academy Is...

    AND THEY'RE COMING HERE!!! OMFG!!! Nobody EVER comes to Montana!!! *screams*

  61. Marielle Liese

    i hope i get to see them at warped, do they get to play their whole album at warped? and are they playing just santi songs?

  62. Susie

    this video is amazing. i love all those boys so much. =D

  63. Susie

    that is william's buttt.and it sure is a yummy looking butt, too.

  64. Marielle Liese

    this is such a cute video, they are all smiling, i love it! also at 1:00 who's butt is that?

  65. Diana Argueta

    oh god i agree! my brother always makes fun of me thinking he's hott cuz his teeth aren't that great but ..... fuck i can't help it he's hott!

  66. Nicole

    hahah... he's boxing invisible fred!

  67. Eleanor_Belle

    heheheheh 3:35.
    William's little dance.

  68. Diana Argueta

    i soo can't wait till i see them june 29th :) i'm soo excited :) i wanna meet them. especially chizzy and william haha. chizz makes me laugh :)

  69. Erica Wang


  70. Diana Argueta

    come on you don't have to know all the band members to love a band. maybe she's a new fan! at least i know when i first started liking the academy is i didn't know who william was or butcher or anything haha.

  71. Diana Argueta

    hahaha i downloaded this song off myspace.

  72. Mercia_Latte

    they dont even have this song on itunes.. :(
    but they do have ta tv on podcast which is free. they have this video.

  73. carly provost

    i love 1:49 :) and was that william's butt? :D

  74. kirstenkarmic

    william beckett = <3333333

  75. Diana Argueta

    hehe chizz is soo freaking SEXY! actually i'm a ho i think william, sisky, and butcher are cute too though. haha i can't help it :)

  76. uhuhuhj

    this, to me, is such a beautiful song/video.

    it really is.

  77. rockitnow

    haha, well, but that's because of his (lack of) clothes ;) but yea, agreed XD

  78. rockitnow

    wow, I'm...stunned..i don't know, this vid is really good. Something's in it.

    and apart from this..does anyone besides me think that Chiz at 1:45-1:50 looks...SO DAMN SEXY!!!! O.O *dies*
    (and I thought i like Mike Carden...)

  79. Cagae


  80. Amy Cutts

    The first ep they did was just self titled, "The Academy". From the Carpet EP is a set of acoustic tracks that was put out in 2006 between Almost Here and Santi.

  81. Amy Fudge

    lol THANKYOU i was trying to work out how to say what this video felt like for me..thats exactly how it felt..sad...but then happy....

  82. Mercia_Latte

    its the video, just put it on a play list

  83. Mercia_Latte

    on itunes

  84. Mercia_Latte

    good luck!!!!!!

  85. Mercia_Latte

    they have this video on podcast for free, tati t.v if thats what its called

  86. naaaaaaasynot

    1:49 it's like heaven to me, i'm a neck's fan.
    i want to kiss that pretty neck!!

  87. Shanni Pinkerton

    I wish it was on the CD... :(

  88. Shanni Pinkerton

    I mean ,I was already obsessed with TAI, but now...

  89. Shanni Pinkerton

    Wow... that's a BEAUTIFUL song....
    (first time I heard it.)

  90. Kelly O

    I met Gabe Saporta while they were playing this song [:

  91. Mercia_Latte

    they dont have this sone on itunes i checked
    not cool man not cool :(

  92. Mercia_Latte

    omg you sleep with giants

  93. cryingblue

    0:41 to 0:45 is love.

  94. kolmenoitaa

    My god...hes looks taller than 6"3 xD
    My uncle is 6"3, too, but Will looks so....tall xP

  95. YolandaGirl

    I remember hearing this live. It sounded so beautiful I almost cried like a silly fan girl. T-T

  96. Aish32

    where can i get this?

  97. cololo

    they dont have it on itunes

  98. raininglyrics

    i love jack for all of his amazing work. and i love TAI for all their talent and music and passion. SIGH great band, great crew.