Aborted - Wrenched Carnal Ornaments Lyrics

Regurgitating digestive tract
Swallow my vomit flows red
Nemesis of morals
Ejaculate while slicing the dying whore

Paralyzed apoplectic unable to resist
Torture begins under a sepulchral garment of mist
Anal chainsaw penetration
Intestinal hemorrhage

Wrenched lacklusted guts
Dangling by a vein
Wrenched lacklusted guts
Triumph of gore

Dissecting the carcass intercranial torment
I wrench your stinking guts
Dressed in carnal ornaments
Licking the matter
Flowing from her abscess
Nauseating fragrance of convulsive
Body parts

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Aborted Wrenched Carnal Ornaments Comments
  1. MrHxCseb

    Wow... The "too lazy" was for myself. I was too lazy to search for the lyrics in my CD's ;) BTW i absolutely respect Aborted, otherwise i wouldn't have uploaded this fabulous song.

  2. MetalHammerUSA

    Everything I have heard from Aborted's The Purity of Perversion album was amazing. Aborted just fucking rules. This is in-your-face, brutal, kick your ass death metal at it's finest. Respect Aborted's work. They are absolutely fucking amazing.