Aborted - To Roast & Grind Lyrics

Serialistic - Thriving on my lust to kill
A half gnashed torso skulpted at my will
Blood is pumping as I retract the cleaver
Necrotic fungus, man has found its redeemer

Enter into the realm of gore
Parisitic I feed on you worms
Where love is cancer and apathy is bliss
I - am an artist of coital bile
Forcing my ways into flesh with desire
Incinerations of those who stand amidst
More bodies for me to roast and grind...

Voluptiosly I trampled, rendered to snot
Savagely I lacerate, grinding your fucking face

Aroused by the pile of chunks
I must satisfie my needs
The gasping wounds are grasping
Around my flesh impaling cock
Upon your cadaver I piss...

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Aborted To Roast & Grind Comments
  1. Chen Ben David

    YOY ZOY \m/

  2. grindshadow

    Does anybody know which movie the outro comes from?

  3. Jack Harper

    fuck yeah! \m/!

  4. Murderotica

    666 views! \m/

  5. Markus Marcinkiewicz

    thank you so much!!!